Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jicama Celery Cucumber Green Juice: A Light And Sweet Nutritious Libation

Treat yourself to a simple green juice with the added sweetness and body of jicama. This light Springtime green juice is a breath of fresh air, full of beneficial nutrients for your mind and body. Use your favorite glassware, and make everyday a special occasion to celebrate the healthier you! I love these seeded glass goblets... they make me feel like a Queen... if you know what I mean! So get out your beloved glassware, and rock your green juice today!

Purchase organic produce as much as possible, and remove the skin of items like cucumbers if they are not organic. Always peel the jicama regardless if it is organic or not, as the thick tough skin has low level toxins and must be discarded. It is actually the leaves, stems, and seed pods that are most toxic though, and the creamy flesh of the root is fine. Jicama is a wonderful addition to your produce basket especially if you are diabetic or sugar intolerant as it is very low glycemic for such a sweet tasting root.

Eaten raw or cooked, jicama is quite versatile and gives you the crisp snap and texture you may desire in many dishes. We often use the super crunchy water chestnut or apple like flavor of peeled and chopped jicama in salads. When jicama is added to your juice of choice it adds a wonderful mild earthy sweetness. You can read more about jicama in my post here.

Good organic whole food is a wonder and a blessing! Have you noticed that it just tastes better too? Without the dangers of pesticide and fungicide toxins, your veggies and fruits can provide you with clean healing goodness. Modern supermarket produce is generally grown on the poorest mineral depleted soils as well. If you buy from a local organic farmer who uses better soil practice you get even more nutrients. More reasons to buy organic and get those goodies inside of you!

Jicama Celery Cucumber Green Juice

1/3 - 1/2 jicama (depending on the size)
1 English cucumber peeled if not organic
4 stalks celery
1/2 lemon with some pith and peel left intact
1 - 2 organic only apples
1 inch peeled ginger root

 Chop and prepare veggies and fruit. Add to juicer. Pour into your glass and enjoy.

Have a bright inspiring day! Be happy! Be healthy! Be peace!

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