Grow Food

Once you understand how important eating clean whole foods are to your nutrition and well being, you might consider starting your own garden. Then you can control everything! I often think how healthy the people of the last century must have been, when this was a normal activity for families. If you have a home garden then you are doing your family, friends, and the earth a big service! I put together this page about the subjects that relate to growing our food, for the beginner, and for those already on the garden path. Perhaps something may be of interest to you. Let's eat healthy food and thrive!

Excellent soil, honey bees, clean water, organic seeds, and good air quality... without them plants cannot survive. Modern pesticides have infected all of these areas, and could cause the collapse of life. What can we do? If we try to understand the process and the problems, we can act effectively. Buy organic, support farmers and CSA's, grow vegetable and flower gardens, and make compost into soil. Perhaps then we can 'Save the humans!'

Compost and Soil

"Dirt The Movie" - All things dirty. The ultimate natural resource on the planet.

Symphony Of The Soil - This is a new movie coming out soon. The website has many clips and short films to watch about soil issues.

Make some dirt!


The "Vanishing Of The Bees" film is an in-depth look at the honey bee, and what has been happening to this essential insect's population world wide. Europe has shown hope of recovery because it's regulatory agency has banned the use of systemic pesticides. But in the U.S., as always, the government lets the pesticide industry do all the testing, and nothing gets done. Profits before life. Learn what you can do. Netflix streaming.

Queen Of The Sun: What Are The Bees Telling Us?  
A documentary about beekeeping around the world, and the importance 
of the honey bees to food production.

Did you know that honey never spoils? They found honey in King Tutankhamen tomb
from 2000 years ago and it was still edible!
Pesticides Causing Colony Collapse

 The Loss Of The Monarch Butterfly
Pesticides and other conditions are causing the numbers of this butterfly
and others to drop in a huge way. Learn how you can grow milk weed
and other native plants to help the butterfly population thrive in your area.

The World

Making Space For Gardens Where You Live

I love finding unique or innovative ideas to create container gardens and raised bed gardens. Not everyone has a back yard with space for a large garden as some may live in the city or rent their home. These are a few ways to consider growing your food no matter your limited situation. If one of these ideas spark your imagination I am sure there will be others on the You Tube page side column on the subject too.

Wild Food And Foraging

I think it would be prudent to take a course with someone familiar with the wild edibles before you go eating anything you find. Something I certainly would love to attend is a walk in the wild, or the common backyard, with someone knowledgeable in this field.