Food Substitutions

This page is to help give you alternative foods ideas, to replace and use instead of the old Standard American Diet (SAD) foods, along with tips about better foods. Move yourself through 'Good/Better/Best' by substituting food choices for what you are currently eating that is unhealthy. There really are some great tasting alternatives! When changing the way we eat, it is easier to just take it one step at a time. Add one new item a week, and subtract one old item a week. That way you get used to a few new things at a time and remember the new information you have learned. It is my hope that some of these food ideas may help you transition to where you would like to be. Eventually you may eliminate certain items all together. The ultimate goal is eating mostly fruits, vegetables, and dark leafy greens. Then leave most of those damaging processed foods behind.

Everyday Foods

Instead of Processed Foods and Fast Foods:  
Eat whole simple organic foods. The organic produce section of your market is your new friend. Try things you never even heard of and make your new food choices an adventure in eating! It is also best to make foods at home. If you have to eat out then go to a known vegan or whole foods restaurant that prides themselves on sourcing local organic farm produce. Grow your own foods or join a CSA to facilitate your new way of eating. Bring your healthy foods to work for lunch. Do not eat out for convenience, unless you know where they source their foods. Processed foods are fake, have no nutritional value and can be quite toxic to your body. Frozen organic foods are a good option after buying fresh organic produce.

Instead of store bought Meat products:  
Add more organic beans (Red, Black, Brown, White, Lentil, and Garbanzo etc.) and put them into tons of everyday dishes. Quinoa is a protein that is very versatile and quite filling. Worried about protein? Don't forget that dark leafy greens contain protein too.

If you choose to have meat and dairy items in your diet choose local farm raised animals that have been grass fed and pasture raised, and that are hormone and antibiotic free. Read the health benefits from NOT eating the products from factory farmed feedlot animals, and choosing the local grass and weed finished products instead. You do not want meat that has been eating GMO grains instead of natures pasture plants either. The meats from animals are more nutritious when they consume grass in a pasture along with various other plants. Bison meat an excellent choice since it is a leaner red meat. Dr. Joel Fuhrman recommends that you eat only 6 oz of meat a week. Just think of meat as a condiment and flavor enhancer to your various meals instead of a giant slab or portion on your plate. 

You can also eat Wild Alaskan salmon or sardines on occasion. Although be aware of the dangers of radiation and mercury in fish, as well as GMO salmon from fish farms. Another reason to cut back on both meat and dairy products is to reduce bad fats that clog your arteries, and the acidosis that causes diseaseRealize if you get a cancer diagnosis you may NEED to cut out meat and dairy products all together as I have done, because of the serious detrimental effects they have on the body.

Instead of the hormone filled milk that is sold at the store: 
Almond Milk, Hemp Milk, or Coconut Milk - Be aware of product brands containing carrageenan. There is a controversy right now whether this ingredient is safe or causes inflammation. You can purchase these nut milks in the dairy case, or in box containers that have longer shelf life. After opening those type of packages store them in the fridge for 7 days. We have used the almond and hemp milks in our whole grain cereals and do not notice any difference in taste. I also give my granddaughter chocolate milk I make from almond milk and organic chocolate syrup. Oh yes! She always wants more! The internet has many recipes for making your own almond or hemp milk as well, where you can control all of the ingredients. Soak the nuts overnight and the next day you make enough milk for a few days.

Instead of eggs:
You can use 3 tablespoons of applesauce in baking recipes. Here is a link to the Post Punk Kitchen Blog where they explain how to replace eggs in recipes. I would omit the soy version. Personally  I have gone from two eggs everyday to an egg yolk every couple of months, to no eggs for breakfast. When you get a serious cancer diagnosis you have to get serious! I didn't expect rigid strictness from myself in the beginning, but I have found over time I lost my taste for the harmful foods anyway. For my part I am trying to source my husbands eggs from organic pastured grass and weed foraging chickens, to avoid the GMO grain fed chicken, and because they have far more nutrition. True grass finished pastured local eggs do have the biggest orange yolks!

Instead of Convenience Drinks: 
Soda, diet soda, energy drinks, and processed fruit juices, are highly sweetened, full of corn syrup, chemicals, and empty calories. There is approximately 14 tsp of sugar in each can of soda! Drink spring water, seltzer, or homemade juices and green smoothies. Instead of coffee start each day with lukewarm lemon water.

Instead of Store bought Vegetables and Fruits:
The ultimate way to control the purity of food is to grow your own, or buy directly from your local CSA and farmers market, where you have researched the farming practices used. In food stores buy organic and look at the label to see which country it comes from. It is best to buy from the USA where you can be sure of the organic standards. Also buy frozen organic over processed and canned organic. If you can make and grow your own fresh organic foods that is the best.

Instead of processed highly refined white flour:
Try Bob's gluten-free all purpose flour, garbanzo bean flour, amaranth flour, sorghum flour, almond flour, coconut flour, flax etc. Here is a link to a great gluten-free flour mixture. Also all whole grain flours are better than the old plain refined white flour. Modern wheat is not like the ancient grain wheat at all. Try using Kamut wheat products. This link shows other grains and information on each. Here's an article on replacement ideas.

Instead of white rice:
Use Brown Rice and Organic Wild Rice Mixtures. 
Try using organic Quinoa, a wonderful seed that can be added to a variety of dishes.  Looks and acts like cous cous and rice in recipes, but is gluten free. One of the super foods because of the protein value. Dishes made are usually hot pilaf types and cold salads. Patties are fantastic! Watch this video to learn about this super food that takes only minutes to prepare. Buckwheat Groats also known as Kasha can be used in a variety of ways. Use Hulled Barley, not pearled, in soups. Contains the fiber layer and must be soaked the night before using. Most of these can be found in bulk departments of your natural food stores.

Instead of sweets: 
Eat Fair Trade Very Dark Chocolate. My husband eats 60% and I love 80-90% dark! We also love this brand Alter Eco with Quinoa. 
Nice article on dark chocolate here on why 'good' chocolate is 'good' for you! Check your chocolate source with this Fair Trade Chocolate Company Scorecard
Eat some fruit as it is naturally sweet. Sprinkle Ceylon cinnamon over apple slices. Tastes like apple crisp, and the cinnamon helps lower cholesterol and blood insulin! Use 1/2 to 1 tsp. of Cinnamon. Add small amount of dates in recipes when cooking. 

Instead of salt:

Common table salt is one of the biggest causes of strokes and heart attacks, so please try to reduce the amount of regular table salt you use in your diet. Use unrefined gray looking Celtic Sea Salt, or Himalayan Pink Salt - which contains 84 nutrients instead of the usual no nutrient regular table salt. The use of any salt should be minimal. Hashimotos hyperthyroid people should have have a bit of Celtic or Redmond salt each day along with some seaweed products. Remember all processed foods come with added sodium and you have been eating too much bad salt throughout your life. Substitute some Dulse flakes, flavored vinegar, or spices for flavor. Eventually your taste buds will be come more sensitive to the natural sodium in vegetables. When in restaurants you will notice how many of them over salt everything to mask the fact that their food sucks. Plus you do not really know what kind of salt they are using. Seaweed is a great alternative to get your iodine.
Instead of artificial sweeteners and sugar:

Artificial sweeteners are dangerous chemicals, and this includes Splenda. Remove them from your life, end of story. Try coconut palm sugar, molasses, lucuma powder, yakon, maple syrup, date sugar, honey, or stevia. Do not use those 'sugar & stevia' combos either, as they use GMO sugar beets in regular sugar. Always use any sweetener in moderation. It would be best not to use any at all. I actually rarely use any of these. You can follow this link to a video talking about alternative sweeteners. Once you detox from sweeteners and sugar, fruit is your go-to in life for sweetness. Do not use agave nectar or liquid! It has 80% more fructose than high fructose corn syrup! YIKES!
Instead of fried potatoes: 
Eat Sweet potatoes. Go easy on adding any sweetener on sweet potatoes, as this food is naturally sweet. Try mashed cauliflower, or Roasted root vegetables like carrots beets, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, with some celery, onion, and spices. 
Occasionally eat baked, mashed, or roasted with spices "organic" regular potatoes. It is very important that your potatoes are grown organically!  Warning Will Robinson! The fungicides used on supermarket potatoes leach into the potato flesh. Even the farmers who grow these regular potatoes will not eat them! Gross.

Instead of Vegetable or Canola Oil: 
Oils are not good for you. You can braise your foods by adding a bit of water to your pan instead. Easier clean up! No oil stickiness all over your kitchen and walls either! Try using a teensy bit of Coconut or olive oil when you need to saute with an oil. Use oils like sesame and flax sparingly on your cold dishes, and do not cook with them. Never use regular vegetable or canola oil as they can be GMO's.

Instead of high gluten white semolina pasta: 
Use other forms of pasta or Spaghetti squash
Yes, I know most gluten-free pasta tastes awful. We found a brand that is better than most in creating a satisfying old style pasta alternative. Eden Kamut Quinoa Twisted Pair,  Eden Kamut Spirals and Eden Organic Soba Noodles. (Eden Soba noodles come in green box, that are a combination of wheat and buckwheat, sometimes found with the Asian foods). We also found that Tolerant organic black bean spaghetti holds its shape better than any other gluten free pasta. For making asian dishes we use Tinkyada Pasta Joy Brown Rice Pasta (Fettucini/Pad Thai style.) Load any of these with a great organic or homemade sauce and veggies. Old white flour spaghetti tastes like tasteless mush to us now.

Also try using Quinoa which is a super-food seed, as it accepts any flavored sauce you put on it! Looks like cous cous and cooks in 10 -15 minutes. Quinoa omes in a couple different colors which basically taste the same, and the light version is generally the cheapest to purchase.You can buy it in the bulk section of your natural food store, or purchase these packaged brands of Quinoa which may be found in your gluten-free section. Alter Eco which is fair trade Quinoa, also makes our favorite dark chocolate!. You may just see these boxes in your regular food store for Quinoa Ancient Grain products, which along with regular Quinoa also sells some quinoa pastas as well. 

Instead of regular boxed or packaged cereal:
Cook Steel Cut Oats. Buy in the bulk section.Takes longer to cook but very yummy. Buckwheat cereal is awesome either in the hot or cold versions! Quinoa flakes are a good hot ceral. Also be brave and try a
Chia based cereal. Hey, make a morning green smoothie! Just like having dessert for breakfast but soooo full of goodness for your body! Check my recipe tab above.
Instead of greasy Pizza:
Make Naan Bread Pizza and a small salad for dinner. Top Naan with any of the following: organic tomato sauce, pesto, pine nuts, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, dried tomatoes, and sometimes wild Alaskan salmon, or hormone free chicken pieces. Naan also comes in a delicious whole wheat! These pizzas are delish, and a far better alternative to oily, high carb, regular pizzas. Plus the portion sizes are smaller. You can cut them into pieces or serve as personal pan type pizzas. Instead of cheese on we now use a combination of nutritional yeast and hemp seeds! Serve with fresh made veggi juice and you are the rockin' the veggies!

Instead of regular pancakes:
Make Buckwheat pancakes (Did you know that buckwheat is not wheat?  It is a seed.) How about some delicious sweet potato pancakes? Google some recipes. Use Bob's Red Mill buckwheat flours. Hubby makes delicious blueberry or banana buckwheat pancakes with real organic maple syrup for me sometimes. Such a treat on those Sundays!

Instead of regular processed and gluten breads:
Get online recipes for making gluten-free bread products. 
Make Socca Bread from garbanzo bean flour. 
'Ezekiel' Brand sprouted grain breads and English muffins that are found in the freezer section of stores are a favorite at our home. Keep frozen or in refrigerator.
Health Nut Bread from Arnold - in most regular food stores if that is all you can get.
Whole grain rye bread. Its that dense tiny loaf with the super thin slices. 

Organic Marathon Bread from Wegman's stores bakery. Full of seeds!
Naan style regular and Whole wheat flat bread. Great for dips and pizza.


Instead of calorie rich, salted, and carb loaded snacks try:
Gogi Berries - a super food you only need about a teaspoon to snack on a day!
Hummus - you can also make this yourself from Garbanzo Beans (chick peas), ground sesame seeds, spices, and lemon juice. Our bulk department had a dried version where you only add some water and spices! Quick and easy! 
Guacamole - you can also make this yourself by just mashing up some avocado. Yum!
Almond butter - a small amount on whole grain bread with billberry preserves.
Carrot sticks, celery, Apple, Kiwi, banana, strawberries, blueberries and other fruits alone or together as a fruit salad. Dried unsweetened banana chips with some raisins.
Nuts and Seeds - a small handful of nuts and seeds are a heart healthy alternative to other empty calorie store bought snacks.These actually do a body good. Just don't over eat them, and stay away from the salted nuts.

Instead of ice cream:  
Freeze a ripe banana for 24 hours. Then mash in a bowl and sprinkle with nuts. You could squeeze some organic fair trade chocolate sauce on top.

For Crunch:
Hey! I believe you got to keep "crunch" in your life!  When buying chips or crackers we try to avoid the standard corn and wheat flour types which are GMO and have gluten.  We try to find organic chips and crackers that have other base ingredients and lots of whole grains. Still eat smaller portions of these! Use with organic salsa and not processed runny cheese. Here are some products we found so far:

Doctor Cracker Seedlander Crisps - Thick and seedy! Great for dips!

Garden Of Eatin Sprouted Blue Chips - Perfect for salsa and guacamole. My fav!
Late July Brand Organic Sea Salt Multi Grain Chips - 18 whole grains - gluten free - taste like the flax chips found at Trader Joe's - Wegman's and Marshall's 
Mary's Original Gone Crackers - organic, wheat and gluten free, made from rice and seeds. You will love them! 

Edward & Sons Black Sesame Brown Rice Snaps - round crisps made with organic brown rice. Non GMO.
Lentil Crackers by Mediterranean Snacks - gluten free - very light and great for dips - we found them at Wegman's and Marshall's.
Real Dried veggies -  'Roots Market,' Wegman's and some natural food stores.

Superfood Additives
Chia seeds: 

Great for thickening sauces, and adding to soups, smoothies, and cold gazpacho. Chia stabilizes blood sugar, reduces blood glucose swings and supports the conditions of Hypoglycemia and Diabetes. Chia’s oil contains the highest-known percentage of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid. Chia contains 20% or more protein. Plus, chia is high in natural antioxidants, and as a gel it has electrolytes. You may be able to find a cold cereal made from Chia seeds in health food stores. Make sure they are organic! Ruth's Foods at Earthly Choice products sells chia cereal. Six reasons to eat Chia here.

Flax seed powder:

Grind the seeds with a coffee grinder to make your own, or buy the powder in a shaker form. Keep in refrigerator or freezer. Add to everything. Have 2 tablespoons a day.

Nutritional Yeast :

This is not the yeast used in bread making. Nutritional yeast is full of B-12. Found in jars and in bulk departments of health stores. Sprinkle on pizza and hot popcorn instead of cheese.

Maca Powder: 
Full of nutrients and B vitamins this ancient root powder from Peru even helps your hormones. Good for menopause. Add 1/2 tsp to your homemade juice. Read more here and here about the benefits of adding maca to your diet.

Dulse, Kelp  and Other Sea Vegetables:

Dulse are seaweed flakes that can be added to soups, salads, and other meals. Sea Vegetables are fantastic for your thyroid because of the iodine! I love seaweed salad! Here is a video showing one type of seaweed salad. Do not use the Nama Shoyu sauce.

Gogi Berries: 
Eat as a snack like you would raisins or add in cereals and hot tea! They are a complete protein with 18 amino acids, and have 500 times more vitamin C per ounce of oranges. My post on the best gogi here! Here is a link to many recipes that have Gogi Berries in them. Here is an overview.

Hemp Seeds:
The best are found in the refrigerator section of health food stores. Oh how I love the nutty flavor of hemp seeds! Sprinkle on salads, cereals, smoothies and onto other meals. Complete source of protein (36%) Hemp is also a rich and balanced source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 including the rare form of GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid). GLA has been shown to help maintain heart health, healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels and aid in hormonal balance.

UnHulled Sesame Seeds:  
Are a heart healthy fat rich in minerals. There is no difference in hulled vs. regular store bought sesame seeds until you come to the mineral content. Hulled sesame seeds contain 5 mg of calcium and 0.51 mg of iron, and the same size serving of unhulled sesame seeds contains 88 mg of calcium and 1.31 mg of iron.

Bee Pollen: 
Nutrient dense and has 5 to 7 times more protein than beef. Immune supporting, it is a great antidote for fighting off allergies, particularly sinusitis and hay fever. Sprinkle on salad, smoothies, and cereal (hot or cold)

More Good For You Foods

Avocado slices:  
Add onto sandwiches and salads. Fantastic in home made dressings. Along with the regular small dark Haas Avocados that are good for guacamole, try the very large Florida Slim-cados, as they stay solid on salads and sandwiches. Avocados are a good fat which is needed for your brain and nerve endings. Plus they are great for the thyroid! Yeah!

Fermented foods: 
The bacterium created is good for your digestive system. Think Kefir, Kimchee, and sauerkraut. Here is an article that gives more information and ideas.  

Super cheap everyday superfoods!

Substitutions for Green Bean Casserole! Watch and learn how easy it can be to put together tasty healthy alternatives to the old recipes you loved!

Read labels! Not all so called healthy foods are made in a healthful way. Vani from Food Babe is interviewed by Marie Forleo in the video below. Her story is similar to mine in that she cured herself with quality foods and wants to spread the good news!

Watch video below for a few pantry ideas. Make sure any soy or miso product is organic to avoid GMO's. Also avoid agave nectar products, as they are highly processed and can be more dangerous than high fructose corn syrup.

Websites and Other Stuff