Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's That? Jicama!

What is that round rocky potato looking thing? It's called a Jicama, it's a taproot in the bean family, and it tastes like a giant sweet water chestnut. Jicama makes a crispy addition to salads, and yes you can even juice it! Surprisingly full of nutrition and minerals, this is a wonderful addition to your produce basket.

It's an excellent crunchy snack for diabetics, because it contains very low glucose. 
Jicama also has a lot of dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C and Vitamin A. Chock-full of anti-oxidants, it's helpful in removing free radicals from your body. Welcome this strange plant, and give it a loving place in your home, where it will last about a month in a cool dry place. Pick firm round medium sized Jicamas. Peel off the skin, cut into chunks or slices, and refrigerate any leftover pieces.

A very versatile vegetable, you can cut it up and place it raw in salads and slaw, or cook it in pilaf, stir-fry and soup dishes.

And yes you can put it in juices too! This is one beautiful root!

So keep a lookout for the Jicama, it's lurking right next to the Yucca root!
Below are videos about Jicama! You will learn how to make fries, rice and sushi.

Making Jicama fries with Brigitte Mars:

Creating jicama rice sushi with Dan The Man:

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