Thursday, May 15, 2014

Best Raw Superfoods And Snacks That Come In A Package! Recommendations From John Kohler At Natural Foods Expo West

Better healthy packaged snack foods???? Is this even possible? In the video below John Kohler showcases some of the least processed of the organic raw packaged foods that he spotted at the 'Natural Foods Expo West 2014.' Can you believe some of these food products could actually be good for you too!?! Many of you new to changing your eating lifestyle will appreciate that awesome news. 

We certainly promote eating whole foods over processed, and as always John also recommends eating whole organic live fruits and vegetables as the 'best' thing you can do for your health. When that is not possible, or you need a snack option on the road, he recommends that you look for packaged foods from the 'better' category. These products are especially useful for those people transitioning to a healthy whole foods lifestyle and currently used to purchasing packaged foods at the food market. In this video which I really recommend you watch, John chooses those food packages marked to be raw, organic, or freeze dried with the least amount of additives and processing. 

Concerned about cost? Most of these items are mainly snack foods, and not eaten that often. Price may not be that much of an issue compared to convenience. One of the main factors in having access to packaged shelf stable processed organic foods is to use them when we are busy, and do not enough time to prepare something fresh. For instance when we need to pack items for lunch, work, and in the car. It's good to have healthier options to grab than a waxy sugar bomb candy bar, a bag of chemicalized fake cheezy curls, or a bottle of toxic soda. Those items are not that cheap especially when you consider you are paying for no nutritional value whatsoever. That would be money for nothing as they sang in the original MTV days.

Some of the food items John shares are actually quite interesting and very useful. Imagine a fresh looking freeze-dried perfectly green avocado... all that is missing is the water! Crazy right? If you had one of those bags of avocados all you would have to do is just add water and instantly you can serve a bowl of guacamole! Craaaaazzzzyyyy! Now add a bit of water to fresh freeze-dried mango or blueberries and then add that fruit to your salad dressing. Mmmmm... that sounds crazy good to me. John Kohler also suggests we get the easy "Product Of Nature Micro-Greens Kits" for growing nutrient dense super-food baby greens in your home. Great idea for adding the freshest greens possible to your salads and smoothies! 

Since John Kohler from 'OKRaw', and 'Growing Your Greens' of 'You Tube' fame runs a juicer sales company called ",' he also does a short bit with a new juicer company too. A very busy and helpful guy, John is full of useful information! Check his links too!

I have done the investigative work finding these various food companies. I am providing links to the websites of the products that John speaks about at the Expo below. A few of these items are very new to the marketplace, and may be difficult to find in a store. I have put links to the same products I have found available through Amazon within this post as well. (I get a few cents if you purchase through my links.)  

Yes, eat your greens, veggies, and fruits, most of the time! When you do have a snack food, be sure to make that a "better" healthier choice too! After all we do not live on a tropical paradise with all our fruits and veggies within arm's reach. Realistically our pantry and kitchens will have convenience foods as well as fresh produce. Let's choose the packaged goods without chemicals, fats, sugars, salts, and without the high heat that has cooked any nutrients right out of the food. Keep processed and packaged foods simple and as real as possible. If you happen to see some of these healthier "better" snack options in your local natural food store don't be afraid to give them a try.

R.A.W. Real and Wonderful Snacks
Tender Grown Kale Chips
Home Grown Organic Freeze Dried Blueberries
Veggie Evolution Kale Chips (Old website here)
Nud Fud Raw Snacks
Pickled Planet
Cultures For Health Kefirs
Freeze Dried Avocado and Superfoods etc. SioSi and Yumma
Go Raw Foods
Product Of Nature Micro Greens Kits
Living Intentions Gone Nuts
Nature's All Foods Freeze Dried

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