Cancer Sucks

Can you just stab Cancer in the butt with a fork?!!!

Maybe that is exactly what I did when I changed my food choices to organic plants! And since this is mainly a food blog, perhaps you may think I will only be sharing cancer fighting food information ideas on this page. Well in reality, quite quickly after my diagnosis of breast cancer, I found that in order to get your body healthy there are a number of other levels which you must tend to, in order to create healing. For example our emotions are involved when we first hear the word 'cancer' associated with ourselves. That moment may temporarily shatter our "story" of what we thought our life would be. Do not despair, not all is lost, as I have found that such a crisis can crack us open to be born again in new ways. To that end we must gather our emotional forces by concentrating on what is good in our lives. Therefore if you are a cancer patient who has received this highly emotional and unwanted diagnosis, I hope with all my heart that this page is of some service to you on your own mindful journey to reclaim your health. With my success at dealing with my own situation, I happily share with you the various information, links, videos, websites, and books, that I found extremely helpful on my path to greater health awareness. You are never alone. There are many helpers. I wish you a full and vibrant life!

Let me assure you that whatever methods you choose for your own cancer protocol there is no judgement from me. It is my personal passion to provide you with the knowledge that there are other options, and information that should also be considered right now. This is in addition to what our current medical system tells patients. I certainly do not have all the answers, and I cannot legally claim that there are cures. Just know that many of these ideas, when they are combined together, do create a far better experience.

I am aware that we each may be coming from a different place and situation in 'Cancer World.' Let's not base our life decisions on fear, or fear of the unknown outcome. Instead lets fully focus on healing our bodies. We all are capable of healing our body, mind and Spirit. Let's use our power to affect the direction we ultimately take when confronted with a cancer diagnosis. The system will come down on you hard and fast, be sure you remain in control. Do not give up your personal power. Ask the proper questions, and have a meaningful dialog with all the various cancer health care professionals. There are a number of so called cancer diagnosis such as DCIS and thyroid issues that are no longer considered cancers. We would not wish for anyone to be a victim of any doctor, specialist, surgeon, or the vast cancer machine. This is the time we need to have the ultimate control over something that seems to be totally out of our control, and we do that by research. We become our own advocate of healing and health! Get this list of 20 Questions For Your Oncologist from Chris Beats Cancer first and read his transcript.

The video clip below from the film "Crazy Sexy Cancer" best expresses the range of emotions you will be going through on this rocky passage of life. I felt them all. This is Kris Carr being real with the bitch that cancer is... I highly suggest you purchase this movie or get it from the library to view it in it's entirety. For now watch...

There may be ideas on this page that you agree with, and things that you do not. Just take them into your consideration, find what is best for your body, and listen to your inner voice. We can blindly accept what is thrown at us from medical institutions, or we can learn many ways to help ourselves. You may want to consider a combination of traditional and alternative methods for your own cancer protocol. Then put together a multifaceted plan that FEELS right for you. Recognize when huge corporations are involved, (and believe me they are now) you simply must do your research on what you can do for yourself. Don't be rushed by the industry, well meaning friends (who have only heard the propaganda of a billion-trillion dollar industry), or even by family. It is YOU that must FEEL comfortable with YOUR decision. It's your body and mind that will be going through the results of whatever paths you choose to employ during this time, not them. It is your life. Also be aware that in the past couple of years, even since I had my cancer diagnosis, some things that were treated as cancer in the past are now considered NOT cancer any longer. Please read this article and do your research about what you may or may not have as your medical issue. Turns out I was a victim of the 'business of cancer' machine along with millions of other women. Not too thrilled to find this out years later.

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Where to start? Be kind and good to yourself through all areas of this journey. You are not at fault. You are now given the opportunity to make conscious and courageous changes towards making you feel good, vibrant, and healthy. Come from a kind place in all things, as you change your thoughts, your story, and the information you thought you knew. Love for yourself and health awareness is your new mantra. Breath in love for you. Meditate on that and get calm, so you can think, and make important decisions clearly.

Next we need to remove what is not working. The toxins that have been lurking in all areas of our lives must be removed immediately. People toxins from unhealthy relationships, and stress toxins from work or lifestyle choices. We may also need to address emotional issues lingering from the past that may be eating away at us, so to speak. We cannot have any negative distractions. In the face of cancer these must now be cleaned away, so we can handle the decisions we must face. Forgive all the people and events in your life, and let go of all the resentments. This is to help yourself heal.

Listen to soothing music, and get calm. We may choose from peaceful silence, sitting meditation, walking alone in nature, sitting outside in the sunshine, EFT tapping, Byron Katie techniques, listening to Spiritual teachers, watching our grandchildren, or listening to calming new age style music in order to change our current shocked state of mind. Whatever methods work for you must be summoned. Stress needs to be reduced, as being stressed-out can cause cancer from the toxins and cortisol that stress releases into the body. Stress is a danger Will Robinson! 

We want to be able to quickly transition from an overwhelming medical frenzy, to the stillness that brings personal direction, or the answers we need during sudden confusion. Meditation and quieting the noise of the mind is sometimes called "the peace that pas­seth all under­stand­ing." Once you get your mind calm, you can then better real­ize what your real need is at this very crucial time. You may also consider professional counseling for help with the emotional issues. This is a time in life when it is okay to be all about you. 

This is not a time to crawl into a hole, you must work on yourself now, in order to be there for yourself and others in the future. You have to be proactive about all the subjects on this page. Working on new perspectives and outlooks concerning what we are going through is paramount. Lets look around for what we can be grateful for in our life. For me, my husband, children, and the faces of my gorgeous grandchildren brought me great joy. Bring out the love inside of you, and use that energy to heal your psyche and body. Keep your music in you. Love and express yourself. If you can, continue to participate in activities you enjoy.

Have a clear vision of wellness for yourself. See it. Talk about it. Believe it. FEEL it. Be it. Take care of you, and create a healing environment for your life. Surround yourself with the music you love and enjoy. Use your best china, get yourself beautiful flowers, and watch funny movies. Smile. Cry. Laugh. Breathe. Feel your feelings, including the pain and the fear if you need to, but do not sit with the fear too long. At the point when your mind wanders to something upsetting, ask "if it is a fact, or a feeling?" Be in the moment. Self healing happens in the moment of 'now,' and only 'now' exists. How you view this moment in your mind is very important. If you see yourself as having a great life, living a long life, and enjoying your grandchildren, you will do better than someone who sees cancer as an ending. Accept the help, prayers, and love from friends and family during your difficult times. Keep shining! Remember you are Spirit having a human experience. You are a miracle. You deserve all good things.

Give a listen to this beautiful and thoughtful song sung by Jason Mraz about both the light and the darkness being an integral part of our lives.

In order for our bodies to heal, the first thing our body needs is to be free to do the work it can do naturally, so we must remove the chemical toxins which are found in processed foods. If our goal is perfect health we must feed our bodies dense sources of nutrients, so it can heal itself from the inside out. These will come from organic living plant foods. All foods must be organic, toxin free, and mostly eaten raw (uncooked). Lightly steamed, or in soups, is okay too. Eat lots of salads, green smoothies, and fresh made green vegetable juices. My doctor Joel Fuhrman MD recommends you eat cruciferous vegetables in abundance everyday along with berries, onions, leeks, cooked mushrooms, and a good mushroom supplement like the Fungi Perfecti brand. 

The following list is the foods that have been found to have the strongest effect on cancer so be sure to add them in abundance to your meals. You can read Dr. Joel Fuhrman's thoughts on the ability to prevent cancer here. With famous celebrities touting getting preventative mastectomies as an expensive way to prevent cancer, you must also read Dr. Joel Fuhrman's post about the nutrient dense lifestyle that includes daily G-Bombs being the best prevention here as he discusses the important topic genetics vs. lifestyle.

Garlic, Onions, Leeks, Scallions, Shallots 
Cloves, All spice, Peppermint, Lemon Balm,
Parsley, Turmeric, Cinnamon
Oregano, Marjoram, Rosemary
Holy Basil
Cruciferous Vegetables
Red Raspberries
Aloe Vera 
Red Beets Raw
Broccoli Sprouts
Sweet Potatoes (cooked)
Oranges, lemons, Grapefruits
Black Cherry Juice
White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea
Chili Peppers
Mushrooms (Cooked)

Which means to eat lots of these cancer fighting foods:
Greens, Beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and pomegranates, seeds and nuts!
Learn about the power of fresh ground flax seeds. Put 1-2 tbs. into your smoothies.

Go to this page and click on the link at the top of each food list to learn which fruit, vegetable, nut, drink is the very best in each category for your health!


Generally you should always eat a healthy variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. If you are a young person reading this and do not have cancer, then this is the time to arm yourself from getting cancer. Your cells are dividing over a longer period of time into the future, and if you do nothing now, the chances are you will get some form of cancer when you are older. Those of us that are older must fight hard and fast to change the make up of our bodies to stop the growth of cancer. Below is an excellent video from a young man who cured his stage three colon cancer with surgery and nutrition. Like myself he refused to do chemo and radiation therapies. Ten years later he has two children and is a very healthy person with no cancer. Chris has a very down to Earth explanation about why superior nutrition is the first thing you should try when experiencing any illness.

The vegetables that alkalize your body are so important, because cancer does not like to live in an alkalized body. Cancer loves an acid based sugary body. So making the change to eating your greens is very important for prevention and keeping cancer away. We do not want to feed cancer, they love glucose! You have to get rid of the red meat, dairy, cheese, white rice, refined flours, refined sugars, fried foods, high fat foods, soy products, and processed foods, because they are acid causing and cancer cells love them all. So alkalize. Alkalize. Alkalize. Don't stress out about all this information and give yourself more inflammation either. Take one thing at a time. Cut back on the acid causing foods. Watch some of the food documentaries that I list on my Inspiration page like 'Food Inc,' 'Forks Over Knives,' and 'Hungry for Change'. Many are now on Netflix.

The other kinds of foods that are great are the anti-oxidants like colorful berries. These are anti-inflammatory, and they can help rid you of the free-radicals. Inflammation is the root cause of so many different diseases and cancers. Cancer begins in the cell. Cellular changes are brought about by the toxins from our environment, processed industrialized food stuffs, chemicals from common household products, antiperspirants, cosmetics, laundry detergents, plastics, chemicals in our work environments, stress, estrogen and hormone factors, alcohol, smoke, malnutrition, dehydration, free radicals, heavy metals, and the aging process. Antioxidants turn these free radicals and their precursors (the toxins) into harmless chemicals. Your antioxidants are vitamins C, D, A, E, and selenium. They are in abundance in berries which you can purchase fresh or frozen.

Sheryl Crow has a list of foods and supplements that help reduce the estrogen issues which cause cancer. Read Sheryl Crows Ultimate Breast Cancer Prevention information here. Joe Cross has an article on foods to eat to help reduce your risk for ovarian cancer here.

Drink your salad everyday! You can get all those servings you need of your fruits and vegetables within juice! Just remember that all foods must be Organic and Toxin free. Make a variety of fresh juices at home that include a few of these ingredients each time. See my juicing page for instructions and my recipe page for ideas. 

Smoothies are wonderful for leafy greens and fiber, but juicing the fresh fruits and veggies below delivers the immediate punch to your cells your body needs at this time. Juicing your greens quickly helps to alkalize your body. Your body needs this now.

Granny Smith apples
Broccoli Stalks and sprouts
Red Cabbage
Romain Lettuce
Red Beets
Fresh Ginger

I have been told that dark cherry juice is a great cancer fighting drink, so I buy organic concentrate and mix that with spring water to make my own batch. The food graphic lists shown here that I got from 'Knowledge Of Today' are free to share. Save and copy the one below to put on your fridge. It is a list of Alkalizing foods, most are best eaten raw and uncooked. Click on graphics to view larger, or to print just right click and in the menu choose view image and then click 'save as.'

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Along with the stress toxins from relationships and work, food toxins from pesticides, GMO's, and chemicals, we also need to now immediately remove environmental, and personal care product carcinogens. You need to reduce the influence of chemicals and plastics from all areas now, if you want to lessen the carcinogens in your life.


To learn more about the effects of the toxins in our world, go to my Inspiration page and look under the documentary films section about Toxins. Below is a list of wonderful resources to check the safety levels of products you use everyday. Check my links page section on 'Toxins' as well as information concerning the dangers of fluoride in our water

The Healthy Persons Guide To Personal Care Products
Skin Deep Database For Products
Environmental Working Group For All Household Products
Environmental Chemicals and Cancer
The Dirty Dozen Cosmetic Chemicals To Avoid  
The Toxins That Surround Us 
The Non Toxic Revolution / Keep A Breast Foundation 
Campaign For Safe Cosmetics 
Graphic Showing Products You Should Be Concerned About
Healthier Hair Coloring Options

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I believe we have to get our mind, body, and Spirit balanced when we receive a diagnosis of cancer. We need to come back to the source of all things, which is our true source, and nurture our Spiritual needs. Even if we know we are One, and Love is who we are, we may become completely out of sorts by a diagnosis of cancer. This is the time to reconnect with "who we really are." A Spirit having a human experience. 

Whatever your spiritual or religious background, it is okay to ask for help from our Source at this time. Knowing the true limitlessness of our Spirit, helps to create the attitude of peace and happiness within. That is key to realizing our own powerful light of healing love, and to create a calm environment for our body to heal. We cannot get bogged down, or stuck in things that may cause us unnecessary distraction. We need to come back to our center-point. We cannot waste time, we need to use all the things that work for us! Surround yourself with healing light while you lie in bed, and think healing thoughts before you sleep. Act as if you already received the gift of perfect health and thank the Universe in advance. Gratitude, Unconditional love, Forgiveness. All of these things will make anything possible and create a paradigm shift in your emotional body. Below is a soothing message from the people who created the film called, "The Cure Is..." about the importance of cultivating love within yourself and your world.

During my own experience I made a decision to be open, and just let what would flow through from my true expanding self appear. Spiritually I did not know why this cancer diagnosis happened, but it did, so I dealt with it, the best that I knew how. When I first heard the diagnosis I would repeat to myself "I am healthy," "I am perfect health," "I am perfect," and I would go on from that inner knowing. I totally believe those words! A personal crisis can create much needed change  in our lives as well, and through this metamorphosis you can be born anew. This is the subject of the artwork above I created for the "Acknowledge Our Spirit" section of this page. I also suggest you read this poem called 'Unbound' by Nancy Levin which addresses the courage to face our fears, and all the emotions it brings up in us.

I went on a quest to find the knowledge of miracles and reality. In this way I continued my life journey, deeper into the joyful awareness of the self that is Spirit. This time it was through the guise of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Below is a video of Anita Moorjani whose near death experience is a miracle. We all are capable of miracles, know that. You are a living miracle.

In considering how I feel about this diagnosis of Cancer, I return to my spiritual teachings, and look for the lesson in each event. Studying spiritual ideas since the mid eighties, I have encountered many wonderful teachers, gurus, guides, and helpers along the way. Miracles happen everyday, and that is the mindset I live. To prove my point here is an article in The Baltimore Sun about a miracle that happened to someone we personally know. Miracles, music, Spirit, and belief, all play their role in recovery. Use everything you can to make yourself well. Your mind can create your world. The real you is timeless and beyond birth and death. Hope it helps you to know we are greater than our so called problems...even cancer.

Does Cancer Push Us To Become Our True Fearless Self? Is the purpose of having a cancer experience in this world to ignite us to be even more? We'll have to see what happens within each of our individual experiences. We may not completely loose the fear that slapped us in the face. Yet two years later, I am so far from the frightened shock that overwhelmed me when I first faced the diagnosis, that it mostly seems gone from my life. Some have described me as thinking 'outside the box.' Perhaps that's true. I climbed out of the processed food box, the TV box, and the institutional systems box. I face the illusions of the world and see beyond them, so that they cannot have their corporate planned effect because they mean nothing to me. Many cancer patients are fighters, and it may reflect from each person in a different way. For me, I am not a person that buys into corrupt industrialized institutions. I question authority. I used this passion to investigate every food and Big Pharma documentary I could find. This knowledge made me strong in the face of those who would bully me into accepting protocols I was not comfortable doing, and did not believe. They still send me notices making claims about their dangerous procedures that have been proven false.

The other reality for that works for me is that I know that I am a Spirit residing in a human body, and I need to do everything in my power to reclaim that body's health. So the pillars of health for me are: Spirit, relationships, food, exercise, knowledge, play, creativity, music, service, and expressing my passion for life. Not necessarily in that order. I feel we need to make a commitment to ourselves that we will become a new better version of our selves. Time for a shift in attitude. Learn new things, and do new things, even at a time like this. The only certainty about life is change, and we will need to embrace it. From the dark void of the word cancer we can find ourselves again in the light of birthing new ways of being and living. I came to have a passion for new knowledge and healthy food. I wrote about the feeling one has when they are faced with unknown outcomes of medical issues here, and the kind of attitude one must have to get through such difficult times. It is a part one of a 3 part series explaining how I emotionally dealt with my other medical problems before my cancer diagnosis.

To be there for others, we have to be there for our self first. So I do feel a new (anew) opening to a stronger sense of self, and not being attached to what any person may think about any thing I think or feel about any given subject. Even more so than I have in the past. Look out world! I suppose this is the result of  Crazy Sexy Cancer! Which is a saying from Kris Carr's movie and cancer story (she has cancer tumors and lesions on her liver and brain), which means you are still your crazy sexy self, no matter what tag others may put upon you. "Crazy is attitude, Sexy is power, and Cancer is the teacher." I love Kris Carr's attitude! I get her. I can agree with the choices she has made in favor of healthy food, instead of living for the expected ideas of the corporate medical world. These kind of attitudes are a direct reflection of souls being who they really are, regardless of what comes at them from this world. Check out Kris Carr's candid talk below.

No matter what "they in the medical community" say... I am healthy! My purpose is to be healthy, so I can be the creator and experiencer of many wonders in this life. I like to have fun and be happy. The other attitude to consider is the one other people around you will have. Many will give you the "Cancer Face." I did not like seeing that face, because that was not how I felt about having a cancer diagnosis. It was not the end of my life. It was a new beginning. I do not live for cancer... I live for me.


Fran Drescher the actress famous for her role as "The Nanny" created the 'Cancer Schmancer Movement' and she has a series of videos on her You Tube Channel that are worth watching. You can start with this one above, talking about what she feels you need to do after a cancer diagnosis. In five minutes Frans sums up just about every main point I have listed on this page! And you know Fran has always had the gift of attitude! She knows where to focus! You can do this! You are worth experiencing!

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Do you wonder where this 'Cancer' thing comes from? And why does the industry 'insist' on certain protocols? These are questions that I had, and felt I needed to research. The answers I found most certainly affected my own decisions about my cancer protocol.


"The vast majority, perhaps 80% - 90%, of all cancers, cardiovascular and other forms of degenerative illness can be prevented, at least to a very old age, simply by adopting a plant-based diet. ...No chemical carcinogen is nearly so important in causing human cancer as animal protein." - T.  Colin Campbell, PhD-Director of the The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health.  

Did you know cancer used to be a rare event? Now one out of three women will hear those words "we found cancer..." Think on that. We now know that only 5 - 10% of all cancers are genetic, the rest are all coming from the toxins in our world, of which animal protein is actually the biggest threat. Cancer can sit in the body 10 - 20 years waiting for the trigger to turn it on. For women, estrogen can be a big part of that as well. Like me it can come from estrogen therapy drugs. The free radicals are out there! Have you noticed the increase in the amount of people you know that have or get cancer these days? Even with all the blah blah blah from Big Pharma and Cancer organizations about finding a cure, the rate has continued to go up. In the face of the rushing train, that is the current 'for huge profit' medical system, I feel we must be our own advocates in wellness. Make the time to do your health research if you are serious about making sense of it all. Doctors do not have all of the answers, they are only trained in patented pharmaceuticals protocols. You will need to be able to talk to doctors with authority and knowledge in order to take back your control. If you are not comfortable with what they have to say, get another opinion from a different doctor.

Below is a video called "Cancer: The Forbidden Cures" that anyone with any type of cancer should consider watching in its entirety. This is a montage of a number of documentaries I have watched. It presents the full story of the holocaust that is going on against the American people perpetrated by the elite rich who have set the systems into place for billions in profits every year. Greed is the killer when there are proven cures ignored by paid off ruling bodies over the medical world. Do you really think corporations are your friends? Please save this video for anyone that may get cancer in the future, so they can make an informed decision about their life. With everyone knowing someone close to them that gets cancer, this is something to save to an mp3 player or memory stick for when that day happens. Knowledge is your power. (UPDATE! 2015 Video has already been removed. If you can find it it.)

The industry that has proliferated behind the word cancer infuriates me. Taking advantage of people in a vulnerable state is one of the lowest things people or corporations can do to another human being. Time and time again I feel I was abused and mistreated due to the build up of 'cancer centers' which are truly only chemical and radiation pushers that know nothing about cancer. Knowing that there is a huge chance my DCIS cancer actually needed no surgery, and that others like me have gone through the mental anguish of the "cancer business' just so corporations can make huge profits is sickening. Learn what you can do for yourself. Move down this page and go on your own journey following links to find what feels right for you. Research everything first, before you let others insist you should be doing the medical things in your life according to an industrial model. Consider a mix of alternative along with the scientific. There are many things to investigate. Always beware of Big Pharma's influence behind any industry protocol. Find a health practitioner that you feel comfortable working with on these important issues. This is your life. Research, research, research. Visit the links below for more alternative information about our corporate medical systems and the pharmaceutical industry.
Knowledge Of Today: Cancer Industry and Cures
Burzynski, the Movie 

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Anita Moorjani 
Oasis Of Hope
Bernie Siegal, M.D.
Cancer Schmancer 
Anti-Cancer Way Of Life 
The Annie Appleseed Project
The Cancer Cure Foundation 
Treating Cancer Alternatively


(Many of these videos are available streaming on Netflix or other sites.
Please go to my Inspiration Page for a full listing of videos 
covering all important subjects including environmental toxins)

Below are articles and medical personnel of interest. Dr. Joel Fuhrman is who I personally go to for most of my food and health information. I have actually become a patient in his practice, and follow his G-bomb and nutritarian protocol for cancer patients. Gerson therapy has gotten quite well known for it's success rate, and strict food regimen. Unfortunately it is an expensive route to go. Plus the juicer they use called the Norwalk is $2400.00. They talk of an alternative combo of two other juicers that would cost you $600.00 that may equal the Norwalk. So I will use the juicer I have, and what knowledge God provides, and certainly juice, juice, juice.

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Celery And Breast Cancer
Raw Broccoli and Cabbage Can Prevent and Reverse Cancer
Joel Fuhrman M.D. Disease Proof Breast Cancer Page
Fruit and Vegetable Fiber Help Protect Against Cancer
Rebounding Improves Lymphatic Health 
Meditation Can Help With Cancer Treatment 
Turkey Tail Mushroom For Cancer Treatment
The EWG Nine Things You Can Do To Help Prevent Cancer
Indole 3 Carbinol  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Indole 3 Carbinol - Linus Pauling Institute 
Indole 3 Carbinol Web MD 
Rainforest Herbs That Fight Cancer
Environmental Chemicals and Cancer
The Dirty Dozen Cosmetic Chemicals To Avoid  
The Toxins That Surround Us
Beware Of "Pinkwashing"
Think Before You Pink
Susan G Komen Oversells Mammograms
Why Does My Cancer Have A Logo?

When I found Robert Morse ND I immediately fell in love with him and his knowledge. Cellular regeneration is the level of healing that is addressed. We need to understand the important part our lymph system plays in our overall health. This along with getting an acid based body to become more alkaline with proper diet choices is the key to regenerating the body. We need to detox the junk out of our body from years of ignorance. Robert Morse ND is a man of integrity trying to help. Listen to his videos! One of the things he recommends is to eat a diet of raw uncooked fruits and vegetables, including melons and dark grapes. He is a master of herbs, and you can buy his products at his website. He has been forced to change the structure of his store and company name from 'God's Herb's to "a club." Still it only cost's ten dollars to join and have access to the herbal tinctures. He also provides training to those who want a holistic viewpoint.

Watch both parts of the video above called 'Killing with Chemo.' Also watch 'The Raw Truth' below to be informed of the much needed information that you will not hear from a standard doctor, or the cancer machine about how powerful the food you eat is for healing the cells in the body. How can you make an informed decsion about your own cancer protocol with out ALL of the facts on how our bodies work and heal?

Two fluids in your body: blood and lymph. Understanding the role of the fluid of your body called the lymph is very important! This needs to be worked on when you have cancer or any disease. If you are seriously ill watch the video below then watch more of his excellent YouTube videos here. The Vimeo channel is here. Luckily for us he shares much of his wisdom and knowledge for free.

Dan - The Life Regenerator Videos 

One of my favorite video resources Is Dan 'The Life Regenerator.' I have purchased most of Dan's food and health DVD's. I just need more time to watch them all! If you are diagnosed with cancer YOU have time to try to heal yourself. Do not be rushed by the medical money system. Get yourself a few DVDs, (digital downloads in the near future) from his website and learn how to detox your body safely, before you allow radiation or chemical poisons to be pushed on you. I would recommend that you start with 'Detox Mastery' as you probably have so many toxins in you do not want to release too quickly. 

As soon as I found Dan's You Tube channel while researching healthier foods and healing I was hooked. He is passionate about healing the body, mind, and Spirit together. That is the approach that resonates to me. DTM has been studying and living the raw food lifestyle for over 12 years, and has created 1,344 You Tube video talks as of this post. One of his comments about getting cancer or any sickness is to think of it as a blessing, or a gift. Why? Because the disease is a message that begs you to look at yourself, to look at something you might change, whether that be for your physical, emotional, or Spiritual well being. He views this as a time where you could choose to re-evaluate where you are in life, and perhaps consider that it may be time to address some personal issues for growth that would bring you peace. Along with sharing recipes and advice, Dan promotes love and gratitude as the basis of your life. I have provided links below to some older videos from over the past few years in which he addresses cancer. He adds new videos all of the time so there are probably more on the subject. You will see That Dan has grown and evolved as a person over the past couple of years. He has become more spiritual, sweeter, no longer upset by the haters out there on You Tube, and more focused on serving others with his knowledge. Isn't that what we all should be doing? Improving ourselves to be the best version of ourselves that we can be? Ya gotta Love DTM as his heart is in the right place!

Create Radiant Health (Lou and Dan)
Dan and Lou Series - Please follow all 4 vids plus the recipe vids too 
Lou Corona and Dan Veggie Shopping
Mini Trampoline Exercises For The Lymph
Cancer Sucks - Choose Life and Cultivate Health 
"If I had Cancer" By Dan - follow both parts

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Yoga stretches calm the mind while giving your body a gentle workout. This is a good way to slowly build your strength and flexibility during and after your cancer experience. Purchase some yoga DVDs to workout a home or sign up for a local beginner class.

Then when we can handle it, exercise in the form of rebounding, will help us move our lymphatic system which helps to clean toxins from the body. I learned about rebounding from Dan the Man, the Life Regenerator. Here is a video of standard workouts, in case you have never heard of such a thing!Jump jump jump! Woo hoo! Good nutrition combined with exercise, is a good preventive action against the recurrence of cancer. I keep my small rebounder in the living room and pop on it to bounce for a few minutes twice a day. Some people like to do this bouncing or simple low jumping more often.

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Some may find my thoughts in this section controversial, because I am not one of those people who relates to the "Stick a pink ribbon on it" mentality! No, I am not into the "business" of cancer. I am into the freedom to be me at all times, and I do not like being made a cute cancer sales commodity for the very industries that cause, or make profits from one out of three women getting this disturbing disease. It upsets me when others take advantage of someones vulnerability, or disease, for greed, and then pretend they are the most giving caring saviors on top of that deed. Nasty business.

I don't think cancer needs any "awareness!" Everyone knows people with cancer in our modern society as a result of our industrialized everything. The money does not go for a cure or even help to those suffering. "Awareness" is a meaningless term to trick you into giving them your money.

I am all for people sharing their love, compassion, and concern for their friends and loved ones during a time of life threatening illness. I am all for the attitude of caring and enthusiasm that many people who work for the "pink" industries have for women. I am upset with those who use that emotion for greed. It is the people at the very top of these organizations that know the big plan and the big picture. Those are the ones who have created these front groups to push the agenda of pink propaganda in order to get profits from those who care about their loved ones and friends. They are very much aware that the friends and family of those who have been diagnosed with cancer, currently going through cancer, or have died from cancer, will do anything to help. They "use them" to raise money for the corporation. Plus it is under the guise that they are giving the money to research, to find a cure, or so that other women in the distant future not need to go through this! And why does the cancer industry industry focus so much on women? 

I am all for people rallying together in support of helping their friend or loved one during a time of crisis. I just don't take kindly to those emotions being used for corporate greed. There are many corporate players in this, and they will use the true believers who want to do something good. Let me give you an example to compare the difference of what can be done instead. A musician in the community was diagnosed with cancer, and does not have medical insurance. Most local full time musicians do not have insurance as you can imagine this is not a big money making business. It is soul work from the heart. A big fundraiser was organized with bands playing for free, and valuable music items donated for auction. All the money raised by these methods was given directly to the cancer patient. This person by the way was a male. There were no pretty blue ribbon stickers on everything, no powder blue lights washing the walls with blue corporate symbols, no blue pens touting an easy entrance into the corporate system, no blue words on tee shirts patting them selves on the back, and no blue ribbon merchandise. All the money the large group of friends, compassionate people, and loved ones raised, was not given to a business fronting as a charity that gives all their money to research. It was given directly to the person going through the cancer diagnosis to help them. All went to the one patient that was going through something scary and painful right at that moment. It was not given to a multi- billion dollar group that 'says" it's for a cure and then supports those industries that profit from people continuing to have cancer. Can you see through the emotional tactics yet?

I feel we should give support and energy to breast cancer groups that actually do something about spreading information we can use, like "Save A Breast Foundation/ Non Toxic Revolution!" This group let's lets people know that chemicals and plastics are the main cause of cancer in our world, and that we all need to start eliminating them from our lives ASAP. I also support giving your money to local groups that give items and services directly to the person going through cancer, like a local women's group. Recently I was given a lovely relaxing massage, and yoga classes courtesy of a local group called "The Red Devils." This generous group would be a great organization to donate your charity money to instead of that annoying pink ribbon prize stuff. A local business women's group made me a beautiful quilt, which is very much valued by me for their kind actions, and that remains in my heart. I am not against doctors, nurses, and hospitals either. Those who care enough to help others are blessed people. After having to go through the cancer system, most people with whom I have dealt, are truly kind to you. I know they are caring people just trying to help me the best way they know how. I am grateful for their goodness. They don't realize the history and back door politics involved with this trillion dollar industry that is all around them.

You may observe the entrenched medical system from a different perspective than I have come to experience. While battling serious disease for a few years before my own breast cancer was found, I had watched just about every food, water, chemical toxin, and big pharma documentary that exists. Learning valuable information about our food, environmental toxins, and the history of the AMA and big pharma, was my original focus. So I already knew the sham of the cancer industry and foundation groups. I personally have experienced great success with changing the foods, household products, and personal care products in our home by implementing all the knowledge I learned. Plus having my own bad situations within the medical and pharmaceutical world over the time when my body was shutting down, I naturally do not believe everything that comes down the pretty pink cancer pipeline. Had I not spent months researching so many institutions that ended up affecting my knowledge of the causes of cancer and those who profit from them, I may have gone down the usual pink ribbon road and done everything "they" told me to do without question. Instead I ended up at an organic farm, and got a second opinion from a world famous doctor. Some may feel that is radical. That is how this Queen rolls with her "crazy sexy cancer" attitude.

Anyway I was also quite happy to find the "Pink Ribbons Inc" movie that reflected my own observations about these so called trusted institutions, foundations, and fundraisers. Although they only got into the nitty gritty near the end of the movie, and even so only scratched the surface of the truth behind the institutions. Still it is a start. You may find this unsettling or surprising, as this is a different viewpoint other than what we have been sold over the years. Considering my natural aversion to the 'Stick A Pink Ribbon On It' marketing of the Breast Cancer Club, for me the message of this film rings true! After I was told I had cancer I was given a t-shirt, with you guessed it ...a pink ribbon on it! Later a cloth bag with the pink ribbon logo was given to me...and a pen with "Free Mammograms"...and a button...a mint with 'Commit-mint for life' written on it, and numerous pamphlets. I suppose that pink ribbon logo merch is supposed to make me feel better about the situation. Perhaps I am suppose to wear the symbol like a badge of honor. I immediately did not like it, it made me cringe. I gave them to Goodwill.

Then there are all the lovely pink products they roll out every October. When I see this stuff I feel like screaming, "think again you big corporate purveyors of pink ribbon merchandise. I am not impressed by you trying to make your big bucks off of others peoples suffering. Not cool. Not cool at all. And who I am, is not a pink ribbon." Who I really am is not cancer either. I don't want to be branded, or trivialized as one thing. Neither do I want to constantly focus on this event in my life. I am not your pink martyr.
Maybe purchasing pink merchandise makes everyone feel like they have done something good for a cause. Ultimately though whose cause is it really for? The manufacturers, the cancer industry, or those groups who donate less than 10% of the money they raised from the public?

There are many types of cancers that afflict people in our modern society, ever wonder why they singled out breast cancer? Everyone who suffers in life deserves compassion. Not just me. Why did Breast Cancer get its own month? My beloved father in law recently died from lung, brain, and adrenal cancer. Did they give him a ribbon? Was there a special club for those with his cancer? Imagine the system handing a blue ribbon symbol out to men? Can you see the ridiculousness of this thing? (Since I wrote that previous sentence some months ago, I have recently been in a Safeway supermarket littered with blue ribbons for prostrate cancer. Are you kidding me with this? My husband was not amused. I guess it's time to hit up the other half of the population for money opportunities.) Pain is not pretty in pink or blue. During this past October while in check out lines, I was constantly asked if I want to donate to breast cancer awareness, Susan G Komen, or Race for the Cure. I quietly said no thank you. No need to explain that as a person who has experienced a breast cancer diagnosis, and seen others wither away in it's grip and from the radiation and chemo treatments, that I am just not into what they are selling. Anyway, the cashier has done no research on the subject, and has no clue as to what is really going on. More money needs to be spent on the information that we really need, not just filling the coffers of the Susan G Komen corporation, and giving tax deductible status to the stores collecting the charity money during October. We need information we can really use along with a drastic change in our food and medical systems.

When I had a growth on my nose for months that looked like skin cancer photos on the internet, I had my oncologist look at it. I asked her what should I do? "We don't do cancer here," was her reply, "We do radiation." Oh... okay I see now. They just built a huge new "Cancer Center." That is where she works... that is the name.... although that is not what they do. Can you see what is happening? The new big 'Cancer Center' addition to the hospital is only full of radiation and chemo stations. That is a business paradigm, that is a radiation business. She advised me to go to a dermatologist. I never made it there since they did not take my insurance, and tried my own protocol of dabbing virgin coconut oil and maracuja oil daily on the scabby thing which started working within a week and the strange looking bombly thing was gone after six months. No surgery. Glad I waited and tried something else instead of having my nose disfigured from a cut and burn. It turned out to be worth trying for me.

Why does the pink ribbon bother me? I know it is just a symbol, and it is just a color...but to me it is also a lie. Really why do I need to be reminded that the toxic poisons carelessly thrown into our world in the past 50 years that have created cancer in many women's lives, is stupidly seen as only a pink symbol. I say we got the short end of the corporate stick. The very same Industrial tycoons that sell and use the toxins, invest in the disease business they caused, to make a buck off their victims. And yes those very same people who pretend to look for cures, also invest in the sickness too. It's crazy. You cannot pinkwash a horrible experience that someone is going through, and make it all pretty to hide industrial corporate greed. I find it disturbing and creepy. I surmise it's our consumer driven culture that's gone mad and is using disease to sell merchandise, along with their trillion dollar medical protocol. You are free to see what you wish, and maybe it means something different for you. But I ask you, where is the happy glittery symbol for the other diseases that cause pain and suffering? This is just weird. 

There are other ways to help people, than these corporations congratulating themselves for putting a logo on a product. Some of them "say" they are donating the money to "Cancer" organizations, but they only donate a small sliver of what they 'imply' they are donating. Then there are the corporations behind the famous Cancer organizations... for most of them cancer is an extremely profitable business, and they do not want a cure, as that would end their cancer gravy train. Follow the money trail behind any organization, or person involved in the business of cancer. Think of all the expensive equipment, machinery, procedures, drugs, chemicals, buildings, and personnel, involved in the huge cancer industry. No they won't tell you about the cures. They will only say it is just around the corner. I say... it's at you local organic veggie and fruit stand! I am so freaky and radical! How did we get to the point where nature is the strange thing, and chemicals are the norm?

In addition, I found these two blog posts that relate to my thoughts above about pinkwashing. Susan G Komen made a pink perfume to sell. About $50.00 per pink bottle, and they gave approx $1.31 to cancer research. Duh. Plus the original formula had carcinogens, till they were called on it. Really? Oh my, how caring and thoughtful of them! Read about them here at Part 1 and Part 2. And how do you like charity money going to the CEO instead of research anyway? Is that why all the friends and family of the cancer patients run in these (for profit) races? The whole thing makes me cringe! Yuk!!!

Thankfully I am not alone with these feelings. Dr. Joel Fuhrman agrees with my views! Check out:
Thoughts on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
October should be Breast Cancer Prevention Month!

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The real truth of why so many people get cancer is found in our industrialized food stuffs, personal care products, household products, and environmental toxins. How about all these pink groups making an effort to getting rid of the toxic crap in our life? As it currently stands it  seems to me that the multi-national corporate powers that rule over our food and health care systems will continue to feed us toxic processed dead food, and push toxic cleaning products, causing most of us to get ill, and then investing in the companies that make a profit from cancer. Slash, poison and burn. The chemical leftovers from the world war one poison gas industry. These companies in reality promote a sick sad world for profit. I will avoid as much of this as I can. And I do! Life is what 'you' make of it! Time to break the insane paradigm, drop the stories about this place, and see the illusions. We can do better! Do your own research, especially when they say to take drugs, get surgery, or radiation treatments. I don't think branding myself as cancer is healthy, even if I do it in pink. It was a singular event in my life only.


Ultimately do what is right for you, and your situation. I only know how it makes me feel to deal with this lying industry. Now I actually see the machine at work, up close and personal, I still feel the same way, even though I have have met some awesome people. I am not cancer, a cancer victim. or a cancer survivor. I am me, a Spirit having a human experience. Cancer is the result of a world bathed in chemicals and radiation. Those chemical and war poison gas companies that created the situation poisoned us, our world, and our children. Now they pump it directly into people. Those perpetrators of destruction continue to thrive by creating other businesses, front groups, organizations, charities and foundations, to profit from their ongoing stinking mess. If I am a survivor of anything it is from them. I will not be distracted from what they have done by the pink.

I had pre-cancer removed from my uterus during a surgery that is called a LEEP procedure. One year later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am blessed as my cancer has turned out to be the least amount I could have gotten. After two separate painful and unnerving core biopsies, followed by an MRI on a third area, only two of the three suspicious areas were of final concern. And of those two, one was pre-cancer, and the other was ductal cancer 0-1 level. Instead of the mastectomy they originally thought I would have, I got a double lumpectomy on one breast combining the two locations that are close to each other. Even with such a small amount of cancer I was pushed into a whirlwind of constant mammograms, which can cause cancer themselves. Think on that.

I delayed getting the MRI that the surgeon used to make his decision for over a month, so I could really work on ingesting my cancer fighting food and juices. I also got a wonderful package from a friend of safe non-toxic cleaning products from the Melaleuca company. I wanted that third area to be clean. I visualized wellness and health. I FEEL well, and I FEEL healthy. How you "feel" about something when you talk, think, or write about it is very important. This is how the Universe measures what is really "true to you" you create 'your experience' of the world. 

We were quite relieved to actually hear that the third area was good, and it would only be a lumpectomy. Although the long needles they use to mark the area of surgery are put into you while you are awake, so I nearly passed out from the trauma that morning. As a side note I thought the core biopsies were downright horrible to endure as well. Ben had a long day during my surgery, but I was in la-la-land at that point thank goodness. The nurses in the recovery room were wonderful to me. Post surgery I had clean margins and no cancer. Yes, everything is good. Although my boob is a bit wonky. Anyway, I have decided not to do the radiation, and I am still considering whether I will be taking the tamoxifen. I will get a second opinion on that 5 year med plan, because some people need it and others do not. I can tell you that some of the people in the system are upset at me. I am not feeding the machine. I am not getting the hospital, the doctors, and the radiology cancer building, their money... especially since I am not going everyday to get radiation for 6 weeks. Other people in the system respect my feelings and the personal research I have done on my condition.

Radiation treatment would have been a mega bill, so imagine the loss of money from me saying "no thank you." According to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, the average cancer patient generates $375,000 in profit for the medical industry: surgery, chemo, radiology, hospital stays, office visits, etc. etc. You get the picture. They all talk with each other in the hospital cancer loop, and they each tried to overwhelm me. The radiation specialist and  the surgeon each insisted that I "need" to do this radiation treatment, even though I am cancer free. After about twenty mammograms from all my recent procedures the surgeon is are pushing another mammogram on me in a few months, because they claim I "need to be watched." All this extreme pressure for something that is now known NOT to be cancer. My new Doctor who also does breast cancer research, said "No" to all these follow up bouts with mammogram radiation as well. He is recommending an MRI instead. Thankfully my Oncologist agrees.

The percentage points between the chance of getting cancer after radiation therapy, and my not getting the radiation therapy, was only 5-8% difference, as stated by the radiologist. Are you kidding me? He could not even look me in the face when he told me I needed the radiation. Noooo thank you mister. I will do what I can to be as healthy as possible, without using their cancer causing radiation treatments. I go with my gut, intuition, connection to Spirit, and research. My heart says "no" to them and their business concerns. And what is my surgeon doing spending most of my scar check-up time pushing radiation treatments three different times? Annoying to me. I can tell you that my scar according to both the surgeon and the oncologist healed amazingly well and very quickly. I attribute that to green juices, green smoothies, and my new healthier way of eating plants. I regenerate and heal.

I will give this thing no more power. Cancer is not who I am. My mission is to find links, helpful websites, and positive information about what we can do ourselves, especially for those who may be going through this emotional diagnosis, with a higher level of cancer than I had to face. A friend told me that Dr. Christine Northrop calls this information "Breast Health Awareness" and I like that term way better than constantly affirming the cancer word. So think "Health Awareness" instead!

Some ideas on how to shine from the inside out. We all know that Laughter is a great medicine, as is serving others, and helping the greater good. So FEEL good doing what ever you choose to do in life, as your feelings are what register effects in the Universe. Try this great advice from 500 years ago: Hippocrates stated, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food," and he also said "Walking is man's best medicine." You see It's the simple things, the basics, the real things, the natural things, that will bring us back to full vibrancy. Life is not as they promoted, "better living through chemistry."

Continue to keep learning and be open to new ideas. I will listen to what my heart and intuition tells me, and the very best to you, with what you decide is right for you at this time. I am happy to be of any service I can be, by providing information about alternative ideas with links concerning superior nutrition, and "health awareness." I thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts on this page, and share the path with me! You are not alone. You are never alone. Be healthy. Be happy. Be peace. Choose life.

The Queen

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