Like to do your own research? Here is a plethora of links to keep you happy! I love using that word!

Clean Food Info

Local Harvest Website 
Find where you can buy local organic produce.
Food Route
Networking for buying local foods.
Website about healthy eating choices.
Track your own nutritional information 
 Monitor your own diet, get nutritional charts and info,
 about each meal that you enter into database.
Check out the huge difference in vitamins and nutrients! Less cholesterol and fat too!
Spork Online
Cooking classes for making vegan food
Eat Wild 
Grass Fed Food Facts
Fair Trade Chocolate Company List
Grades companies known for chocolate products.
Vegan Lunch Box
Packing Healthy lunches for those on the go!
The Dirty Dozen
Worst pesticide laden foods!
Foods You Need To Buy Organic 
What's On My Food?  
Easy to use database of what pesticides are used on produce.
PAN Pesticide Database 
 In-depth Info about pesticides.
Clean Eating Magazine website
Healthy Eating Guidelines. Plus Health Healing and Happiness conference.

What is Organic?

The Daily Green Blog - Full of valuable articles about food, health, environment.
Cooking Up A Story  - A Show about food and sustainable living
Sproutman website - All things for sprouted products including wheat-grass info  
Wild Fermentation - website of Sandor Katz, fermenting since 1993 
List of Whole Foods and Nutrition info from Perfect Formula Diet

Farming and Food Production Practices

Organic Consumers Association - Excellent website that has a variety of articles about our country's dangerous food. Check out the sidebar listing.
The Center For Food Safety - Working to protect human health and environment by trying to curb dangerous food practices and encouraging organic sustainable farming practices.
Save The Farm website - Information about the film 'Save The Farm' and other things. 
Food And Water Watch - Food & Water Watch works to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainably produced.
Food Democracy Now - Grassroots movement to support farmers, a health food system, and the earth. Visit them to see what legislation they are working on for your benefit.
Michael Pollan - Writer, author and speaker on Food Issues 
Vote Hemp - Hemp is a food not a drug. It's delicious and has many valuable uses. Help American farmers to be able to grow hemp. That way we do not have to import this nutritious super-food.
Amusing Video About The Poison Company That Controls Your Food Supply

Grass Fed Farming/Corporate Factory Farms/
Seed Control/Gov Revolving Doors

Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms - Author of Holy Cows And Hog Heaven: The Food Buyer's Guide To Farm Friendly Food, and author of Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories From the Local Food Front, and he is seen in 'Food, Inc.' There are many You Tube videos featuring Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm so check them out for yourself.
Kamut Wheat Article - Ancient Grain full of nutrients that is easier for gluten-intolerant people to digest. Read more about the certification of the Kamut name and how it means organic and GMO free here.  They also have recipes for the many forms of Kamut products (pasta, flakes and flour).
9 Things You Never Heard About Americas Food  
The Truth About Food with Dr. Michael Greger
Appetite For Profit - Michele Simon is a public health lawyer who has been researching and writing about the food industry and food politics since 1996.  She specializes in legal strategies to counter corporate tactics that harm the public’s health. A very good blog with many current food related topics.
Farmed And Dangerous - Website about fish farming practices.
Fresh Blog - about food and health issues 
Food News, Recipes and Action From 'Food Inc'
Navdanya's Diary  
Navdanya - Protecting biodiversity and the seeds of the world for farmers. Education to the crimes of Monsanto corporation against the world's food supply.
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition 
Pink Slime And Lobbyists Buy Industry Influence In Government
Giant Corporations Buy Out Natural Food Companies 
GMOs In Your Kashi Cereals  
Dow Wants Approval For Agent Orange Corn 
Nestle SA - The worlds largest food group buys out Pfizer Nutrition - Are these companies really interested in real nutrition? This is about mass amounts of baby formula being sold to China. Nestle is one of the biggest sellers of the worlds water.
Pork Industry trying to Outlaw Heritage Breeds
A way for them to get rid of the small farmers selling nutrient dense foods
USDA Watch - Monsanto Insiders making decisions about our food.
Pesticide Action Network - Advancing alternatives to pesticides worldwide.
Store Bought Honey Is Not Honey - Made in China and India, with antibiotics and heavy metals. Pollen is filtered out, and that is what makes honey, well... honey! List here of national brands you can check. Buy local.
The Worst article about Food I Ever Read - The only concern here is cost, as in cheap being good, then blame the advent of industrialized food on children. What a cop out!

The Good Doctors

If you are confused about the number of people touting the latest 'foodie words' and then creating their own "miracle diet," I have gathered a short list of credible doctors... plus one. A man who started a nutrition and food revolution long before many others. Most of these people are science or research based. Many are nationally recognized doctors that are known for their commitment to superior health through plant based nutrition and lifestyle. There may be differences between them and therefore you can then chose what information feels right for you. Each has websites or blogs that are of great service to the general public. I am sure you can find at least one doctor with whom you can relate to, as your guide through the food world. Personally I like to learn from everyone on this list.

Articles And Videos About Health

Uprooting The Leading Causes Of Death - Talk by Michael Greger, M.D. A must watch video!
Nutrition Facts.Org - A database of health videos! 
Nutritional Wisdom - Dr. Joel Fuhrman Radio Broadcasts you can download!
Gluten Warning article  More American are sensitive to Gluten than previously thought.
Vegetarian Foods Powerful For Health By Physician's Committee For Responsible Medicine
Cancer And Nutrition Web Seminars from the Cancer Project
Dr Mark Hyman's TedTalk - about Functional Medicine which is getting to the root of the problem in the body, not just giving drugs, especially for chronic diseases.

Talking About Vitamins And Nutrition

Talking About The Plant Based Diet by Dr. Gabriel Cousins - an open letter to another Dr. with a differing opinion.
Cooking vs. Raw Vegetables By Dr Joel Fuhrman - another viewpoint. I like cooked veggies so I could never go completely raw. Plus as a hypothyroid some vegetables must be cooked to remove the goiterogenic qualities that are harmful to my thyroid. We all must do what feel right to us.
Healing Our World Magazines - PDF online from the Hippocrates Institute. Each magazine covers a different topic on health.
Foods that contain MSG are labeled: "umami", MSG, glutamate, free glutamic acid
Our Stolen Future - how common contaminates interrupt fetus development and endocrine development.
Cases Of Autism In Children Increase - New Center for disease control report April 2012.
Why Is Early Puberty The New Normal? - Now starting at 8 or 9 years old.
Wise Nutrition by the holistic kid. (Emily M.  Bartlett, L.Ac)
Did you know that the tobacco industry spends one million dollars an hour marketing cigarettes to teens?
Help For Anxiety And Depression - Handful raw unsalted cashews everyday is helpful too.
Sodium Photo Chart - The sodium you get from everyday processed and fast foods.
Dr John McDougall: Nutrition expert - His website's Health and Medical Information page containing a wide range topics in the form of short videos. 
Dr. Joel Fuhrman -  Online Library of articles food, disease, weight loss and health.
Going Green With A Bronner Mom - A wonderful blog about cleaning yourself and home with Dr. Bronner's products. With helpful tips for everything from skin care to gardening.
Renegade Health Website - Blog, videos, articles 
Nutritional Research Project -  Conducting clinical research
Healthways and Dr. Dean Ornish Programs
Smudging Kills Germs! - Yes that ancient ritual has real effects!
Vegan BINGO! - Common myths and questions.

The Many Dangers Of Fluoride

Toxins and Everyday Green Living
Skin Deep Database
Plug in your cosmetics and skin products to see what is in them.
Plastic Free Living Guide 
 95 ways to reduce plastic in your life
Good Guide 
Helps You choose products according to if its green, healthy and safe!
Less Toxic Stuff Blog
Mind The Store
Toxin info and the retailers who are involved. 
The Toxic 100
All because these scientists were upset that the FDA was giving positive reviews of faulty mammogram and colonoscopy machines that gave patients too much dangerous radiation. This type of activity is going on in all government agencies. Read this article to see what is really happening. (Be sure your cookies are enabled for NY Times website to read.)
Keep A Lookout For NAIS - WTO (World Trade Organization) wants to get rid of the small farmers and ranchers, so Big Ag can rule the worlds food. This is under the guise of protecting us from food terrorism (false flag terrorism used to get their control laws passed, as used in many other situations). They insist every animal must be chipped to know it's location. The cost would be too much for the small farmers, as well as small organic and pasture operations, and put them out of business. Big Ag would not have to follow the same rules. For example: all free range chickens on a pasture farm would need a chip in each chicken on the small farm, while a big factory farm that housed 1500 chickens in one tight building would only need one chip per chicken house. They would raid on the small farmers if just one bird went unaccounted for, which could result in fines and arrests. It has not passed yet, but they continue to rewrite the bill to get it back into the system.We must be vigilant and protect our clean food sources and never let NAIS pass. The powers that be, have been found to be responsible for outbreaks of disease in the past. Remember Mad Cow disease? They just happen to let some 'germs' out of the lab when they need something 'to point to' in order to gain control. Would they really do that? Oh they have...Learn More  here  No NAIS here The Truth About The Animal ID Program 

Food Programs: Community & Schools
Cafeteria Man - Documentary about Baltimore City Schools attempt to bring more nutritous food into the system.
The Lunch Box - Tools to help schools start serving healthy food to children! A very important site that might be of help for other institutions as well.
Salad Bars 2 Schools - Raising money and getting grants for school salad bars
The Edible SchoolYard - Resources for schools and communities to get children involved in understanding food through gardens and other programs.
Center For Ecoliteracy  - Education for Sustainability for students, parents, educators and communities. It's schooling that is "smart by nature."
Chef Ann Cooper - The renegade lunch lady! Transforming the school lunch program.
Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution - Working to change the way we eat!
SlowFood USA
- Slow Food USA is part of a global movement that believes everyone has the right to good, clean, and fair food.  With over 250,000 supporters, 25,000 members and 225 chapters nationwide, the organization advocates for food and farming policy that is good for the public, good for the planet, and good for farmers and workers
Live Real -
Uniting communities on the front lines of the broken food system
Just Food
- NYC organization for information about local sustainable food in that area.
City Harvest
- A partnership of groups coming together to provide Philadelphia Families in need, with fresh produce. Non-profit.
Share Food Program
- Serving PA, NJ, DE, MD Eastern shore, and metro NY. View video about program here. Open to anyone willing to volunteer time. Non-profit.
Chefs Collaborative
- Sustainable food group for chefs and those in the food industry.
Souper Natural Kitchen
- making soups and helping people in West Virginia
- International Non-profit group headquarter in Detroit plants food on unused spaces and gives to the needy
Growing Power
- Based in Milwaukee, Will Allen started this non-profit group that not only grows sustainable food for the community, they also teach the process. It has gone global in it's outreach to help people relearn how to grow their own food.

Hope you enjoy the healthful effect of laughter in the videos below!

 Websites Of Interest - A Mixed Bag 

Natural Health News - Check out the amazing amount of information.
Earthworks - National information and action group. "EARTHWORKS stands for clean water, healthy communities and corporate accountability.  We're working for solutions that protect both the Earth's resources as well as our communities."
EarthShip - creating self sustainable structures from recycled materials. Interview with a couple who built and Earthship here. Seminars start here.
Earth Justice - Because the Earth needs a good lawyer. Information on environmental issues from around the world.
Water Justice - Alternatives to the privatization of water.
Food And Water Watch - Healthy food, and publicly controlled water.
Food First - Causes of world hunger, poverty and ecological degradation.
Freegan - Getting out of the system.
Bag It Blog - lot's of articles about toxins in plastics and recycling issues
Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund - Issue of the Big Ag takeovers
Schoolsucks Pod-O-matic - Critical thinking talks on education, home schooling and un-schooling. To help us unlearn what we have been trained to think and why.
Corbett Report - Open news source about what is really going on 
Metanoia Films - View their compelling films online free
Treehugger - website full of topics and articles
Video Jug - Learn stuff about a bunch of stuff
The Big Fix - "Makers" are people who reuse and reconfigure used items. This website covers many other subjects as well.
Worst Pills - Information on prescribed drugs in the articles on this page. (The rest of the site requires a $15.00 yearly fee subscription)
Small Planet Institute - Forty years of experience in the food movement. Hope is not what we find in evidence, it is what we become in action.
Endocrine Disruptor Exchange  - Disseminating the scientific evidence on the health risks of low level toxins and chemicals that interfere with development and function.
Union Of Concerned Scientists - A-Z list of political interference in Science
Public Citizen - Consumer advocacy group for many issues
Congress Watch - Keeping an eye on government
Corporate Accountability International -  Challenging Corporations for over 30 years.
Occupy Design - Free graphics to use for Protesting the 1% takeover of our world.
Maryland PIRG - Standing Up To Powerful Interests
National Liberty Museum - In Philadelphia
Govtrack - Tracking the congress and legislation
Center For Public Integrity
- Non partisan non profit investigative news
Fact Check
- Non partisan Non profit consumer advocate for voters.
Vote Note
- Email updates on your senators and representatives voting patterns
Vote Smart
- Check on your senators and representatives
Take Part - Website that connects you with modern issues on many subject areas.