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Genetically Modified Foods 
Don't be fooled by corporate propaganda. We are not talking about old fashioned botany here folks. This is not about grafting two peach trees together to get a new peach variety. No, nothing like that at all. This is about putting pesticides directly into the plants, and also mixing completely different species together by DNA. You know something really natural like putting fish DNA into a tomato. Nothing to worry about right? Did you realize that GMO foods are registered at the EPA as a pesticide?!!!  Pesticide corn is what most people eat. Watch the video below that gives a basic overview of a GMO.

Just so you know, GMO's are lurking in most processed foods as corn and soy. They are also in canola, cottonseed, sugar beets, Hawaiian papaya, and some zucchini, squash and alfalfa. There is even the threat of GMO Salmon. The more documentaries I watch on the corporate takeover of our food, the more heartsick I am for the people of the entire world. That is why I had to give this topic it's own page. Did you know you have been eating GMO/Genetically Modified Foods for years? Do you recall anyone asking you if you would like to be ingesting these GMO foods? GMO's are in 80% of packaged foods! Do you enjoy being the guinea pig of a worldwide experiment by eating something that was never tested on animals or humans? Did you know it was just a handful of people who made this decision for you, and they have all worked for Monsanto in some capacity in the past. Would you really choose to be eating food created by Monsanto who has the following track record of safety for humans?

Saccharin - They said it was was not
Agent Orange - They said it was was not
DDT - They said it was was not
Aspartame - They said it was was not
PCB's - They said it was was not

They also create such wonderful products as:
Roundup Pesticide (and the patented GMO seeds that must be planted alongside their pesticide that kills everything. Quite a little set-up. Farmer's families around the world have a high incidence of cancer from working with this chemical. How fabulous is it for us to eat this stuff?)
Bovine Growth Hormone rGBH - Which is in your regular store bought milk, and a known cancer accelerator.

Watch This Amusing  Short Video About Who Controls 90% Of Food Production

Monsanto is responsible for countless toxic waste dumps around the world, including 56 'Superfund' toxic waste areas in the United States, and for carelessly leeching their dangerous chemicals into creeks, rivers and ground waters in the United States as well as worldwide.

They claim their GMO foods are safe for you, even though they have not been tested on people. You are the guinea pigs and you were never told they were added to your food supply years ago! They also spend millions every year blocking states that would prefer GMO's at least be labeled. They are misleading citizens to believe that their food will cost more if they change the label or ingredients. Plus they continue to buy our government representatives through their lobbyists. People from their industry are making the food laws in USDA, EPA, and FDA. War chemical companies are in charge of our food supply and are buying up the worlds seeds. Do you really believe GMO's are good for your family? Don't you think you have a right to know what you are eating? What are they hiding?

They don't even want you to know that GMO's are in your food. If GMO's were so wonderful why don't they allow GMO labeling on products that we eat in the United States. Incidentally Monsanto now wants Europe to reverse it's GMO labeling laws. (Following is from UK Guardian Article) "Among the documents obtained by Wikileaks include Monsanto asking the US government to maintain its strong pressure on the European Union legislation for the introduction of GMO foods. After moves in France to ban a Monsanto GM corn variety, the US embassy recommended that 'we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU'. 

In the United States alone Monsanto spent $8,831,120 lobbying in 2008. The US government employs quite a few prominent former Monsanto employees in key positions to make rulings over these important issues. Who's interest do you think is being served? It is the way of life in Washington D.C. that those who regulate any industry eventually work for that very industry. And so the revolving door of big money job payoffs continues to write our laws. Did you realize there are over 40 corporate lobbyists from different interests and corporations for every one representative the people elect? They are not working for us that is for sure. They feed us their industrialized toxic foods and never label it as what it actual is, because they can. So we sleep in planned ignorance by those controlling our lives.

Along with creating dangerous products, ruining farmers lives, making people sick, and poisoning the earth, Monsanto has purchased over 50 seed companies around the world. It is said they are doing this in order to control the world's seeds, and eventually they would like to even outlaw backyard gardening to keep us from circumventing their control of all foods. They have created suicide seeds so you cannot save the seeds from your garden or farm to replant. This assures that you must always buy the seed again from Monsanto.

Have you noticed how the quality of seeds and produce sold in stores has gone downhill over the years? We have lost a huge amount of biodiversity because of this corporation. Our people are getting very ill. We have to stop the madness!

It is easy to educate yourself about the products and practices of this company, including a few other dubious corporations, who control so much of our food crops worldwide. You may not want to become an activist, but you will be informed as to why you do not want to feed these Frankenfoods to yourself or your loved ones. Plus in order to change what is happening, we actually have to KNOW what is happening to us!

Watch GMO Films
Some can be seen on Netflix streaming, or found online at Top Documentary Films,
Daily Motion, Hulu, Veoh, YouTube, Google videos, or directly on the films own website.

This is a new film released in August 2012 by Jeffrey Smith. At this time you must
buy this film for $19.95, but you also get three other films on the DVD.
World According To Monsanto
A wonderful in depth film where you can learn about the company policies, GMOs,
 Pesticides, plus the hormones and antibiotics in your milk.
A Farmers Story
Scientists Under Attack
Scientists speaking out about what they have been finding in their research
about GMO's has lead to their being personally attacked and fired from their jobs.
The Future Of Food

Fed Up! Watch the highlight trailer for this free film below right now!

Non GMO Project
Label GMO's -
Please check out people in the state of California effort to get
GMO's labeled. Read the FAQ page while you are there.
Label Genetically Engineered Food

Former Pro-GMO Scientist Now Speaks Out Against GMO's! 

End To GMO's In Europe - So they are moving the operation to North Carolina! 
BASF, the German chemical giant, is to pull out of genetically modified [GM] plant development in Europe 
and relocate it to the United States, where political and 
consumer resistance to GM crops is not so entrenched. Bayer, BASF’s German competitor, 
is working on GM cotton and rice in Ghent, Belgium – but not for European markets. 
The European public is well aware of the serious threats of GM food, yet the U.S. public,
 thanks to a controlled media, knows very little about this. 
For an excellent overview of the threats to health from GMO foods, click here 
For key articles from major media sources on these risks, click here.
The Ten Worst Lobbyists That Money Can Buy
The stuff just isn't working anyway.
It is always interesting to note the pattern of corporations paying a fine as just the 
cost of doing business for them.The amounts may seem big to us but their profits 
are not in millions, they are in billions. Fines are usually a slap on the hand. 
This one was fairly large compared to others I have encountered.
So here is the story about the above problem caused by Bayer company.
Star Link GMO Corn Scandal
Many articles to Google on this subject. This is just one about the mess 
of the American food system and it's ties to government agencies. 

What You Can Do Now:

Video above is a moms perspective of finding out what is allowed in the United States food supply, yet not allowed in European countries. It is an excellent short talk on understanding the business model of what has happened to our food the past decade without the public's knowledge. Now that we know...what will we do?

I don't think we want to be part of this huge experiment of using untested genetically modified foods on us. GMO's have probably already compromised the intestinal workings of most Americans. We may now have our own round-up ready genes in our guts, because it has been found that the BT gene does transfer to us.It has been found in pregnant mothers and the fetus. It erodes the lining of our intestinal walls and compromises our immune system. GMO's affect insulin levels, cholesterol levels and are probably responsible for the incredible increase in Autism, food allergies, and IBS problems.The GMO companies especially Monsanto will be spending hundreds of millions of dollar to convince you that GMOs are safe, and helpful at feeding the world. They don't even work as they claim. It's all a PR line for making money. GMOs are a threat to the worlds health and especially in the United States since our paid off politicians have been a buffer for the corporations. Major US companies have removed GMOs from their products in Europe, so then they could easily do that for the US public! GMOs are are also linked to being the cause of 'Bee Colony Collapse Disorder.' If the honey bees completely disappear then so go our fruits and vegetables! So how's that workin' for us????

Things you can do? You can demand that GMOs be labeled and start at your state level. You can join a local CSA, or go to an organic farmers market. and support your local organic farmer. Buy from a local organic co-op store instead of a "supermarket." If you grow your own food, make sure you buy non-GMO seeds. Buy organic foods. Read labels and see if the product is marked non-GMO. Write to big companies like Kraft to stop using GMOs. Two retailers, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have banned GMO from their store brands. Use the links below to learn about what foods are GMO's. Oh and you can spread the word of this GMO page on my blog, and get other people to follow the posts and pages of this blog. Remember the GMO crops are subsidized by the government, and are also the foods they feed most of the cattle and chickens and even fish that they feed us. The groups that represent each of these industries lobby Washington and pay off the politicians constantly.

Find the CSA's, farmers markets, and organic food near you!
This is a website full of information and videos to help you no longer feel like a victim. 
Jeffrey Smith author of Genetic Roulette  and Seeds Of Deception talks about 
what we can do in 'How to stop GMO foods.'
website with info, which includes how much money individual congressmen 
and senators get from Monsanto to do their bidding. Congress is contaminated! 
Then look how much they spend on lobbying groups!!!

Other Items: 

Along with the usual suspects like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Pespsico, Unilerer, P&G, Mars, ConAgra, and Kraft, I like to use the graphic below to learn who the FAKE organic companies are that paid money NOT to label what is in our foods, so I can boycott their products too! I can also see what companies supported GMO labeling of our food, and I make sure to support them with my purchases. Vote with your dollars every time you shop for the best organic food choices! Changes are happening! Corporations only thrive when they get our money.

Check out how many other brands the same Top Ten Corporations actually own. Just stop eating this corporate fake dead junk food. It is making you sick.

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