Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a Hormone

If you are feeling tired, sluggish, achy and your bones creak, you may need your Vitamin D levels checked with the appropriate blood test 25 OHD. I was unable to walk down steps and shuffled across parking lots to the store, until my vitamin D levels were brought back to normal. The average number you should be according to lab tests is between 30-60. Although the Vitamin D Council recommends you be between 60 and 80. I was a 12 when I was diagnosed. So I was very Vitamin D deficient.
Initially taking the large dose of vitamin D2 (50,000 IU) prescribed by my endocrinologist improved my life, and energy. I started by taking my gel capsule every week, and then I maintained by taking one capsule every two weeks. I raised my levels to a 36 which is in the 'new normal' range that has come out recently. The 'new normal' target range is 20-60. I tried backing down the large dose Vitamin D to once a month, but my levels came down to 21, so I went back to the every two week regime. Now I am switching to Dr. Fuhrman's D3 2000 within his women's daily multi-vitamin with an extra added D3 liquid drop of 1000. I am hoping this maintains my current 34 with out the former high dose chemical D2 I was on this past year. Dr Fuhrman does not like the chemical 50,000 D2. The vitamin D3 is supposed to convert quicker in the body anyway. As a cancer patient it is extremely important to have your D in normal ranges for cancer prevention protocols. So I am all about that now! Be sure to take your Vitamin D3 with a meal that includes fat (nuts, seeds, etc) since it is a fat-soluble nutrient.

Did you know that the "D" is not a vitamin it is a hormone that the body needs, and in natural circumstances is created from the sunshine. Having low levels of Vitamin D affects the thyroid and other organs in your body, besides the widely known bones. Also liver, Kidney, Heart and Intestine function are deteriorated, and it can make you more prone to getting cancer. If you are overweight the fat cells could be holding back the Vitamin D hormone in your body as well. You can never get too much sunshine Vitamin D. Wait 15 minutes before you put on your sunblock. We used to be people living outside in the sun, now we spend our time mostly indoors with our machines. Some people take a D3 1000 IU capsule a day, that is prescribed by their doctor and is easily available in most vitamin sections to give them the extra boost they need. So If you are tired, have trouble with joints, or are just feeling weird, and not yourself, please get tested. You are too young to feel so old! Check with your doctor and ask questions. Also eat cooked mushrooms!