Scary before and after pix below! Time for a new way of being since my medical problems were getting out of hand! Pharmaceuticals, doctors, hospitals, and hardly breathing was just not cutting it. The breakthrough needed was watching a few food documentaries. No more processed foods as real food is the power that runs the body! Food allows the body to do what it knows... heal and fight incoming toxins. Look at the changes I achieved just by changing the 'quality of food' I ate. Decide for yourself if this 'organic whole food' 'farm to table' thing is something you should be considering for yourself and your loved ones.

What I Have Experienced!

I reversed my Diabetes and lowered my A1C to normal.
I have normal blood pressure - No longer need my two blood pressure medications.
I now have perfect cholesterol.
I no longer have daily IBS symptoms.
I no longer have crawly legs that keep me up at night.
I can remember things, and got rid of the fuzzy thinking!
I have lost 76 pounds so far!
I now have a perfect BMI
I have great energy and do normal everyday tasks.
In two years - One short cold, instead of every virus that came into our home.
People say I look younger and I glow. Oh my!
My new healthy lifestyle helped me to heal faster and better after my breast cancer surgery. 
Plus real organic food and green juice helps towards cancer prevention.
I do not get migraine headaches. Yeah!
I still have hot flashes every hour. Oh well, I just tell myself I am detoxifying!

When we began this journey, we knew nothing about what we had been really eating! Now we know that processed fake foodstuffs, in comparison to organic whole fresh foods, will affect each little cell in our body in dramatically different ways! We have come to realize that "we really are what we eat."

Even though I changed my eating lifestyle to get healthy again, as a bonus I lost a massive amount of weight!  Who doesn't like to wear smaller sizes? Whoooo hoooo! I happen to have Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, which is a disease of metabolism that causes you to gain weight. Losing 76 pounds is a miracle in itself! Being fat sucks and feels awful! Having had a cancer diagnosis, this way of eating I believe saves my life! Do you realize I even eat more than I ever did in my life too? Gotta love that! Hey! It tastes much better too! Awesome! Want to learn my easy secrets... for free? They are all here on the page tabs above! Check them out!

The Painting Queen's Food Adventure!

Hanging out with hubby Summer 2017
In the day to day life of Crystal, I am a wife to my supportive soul mate Ben, who is an incredible professional musician. I am a mother of two awesome adults, a grandmother to two lovable children, a designer, and an artist. A Spirit having a human experience! I also have a blog called 'The Painting Queen' about my other interests. 'Painting Queen' is a name I had been called for many years, as I used to have a mural and faux art painting business. 

 A trompe l'oeil stove top mural I painted.
Painting on scaffolds and ladders is very physical work. I stopped doing mural artwork when I became extremely ill and constantly fatigued. Sadly for me the weight kept piling on, and disease took over my body. Unable to walk across the room without losing my breath, my life became a world of medical madness. After years of lab tests, doctor visits, and debilitating sickness, I found the answer to getting healthy on my own! Now that I am well again, I am trying to incorporate art back into my life. A new beginning. 

The secret to a healthier life, like Dorothy's ruby slippers, has been there all the time! It's eating a Rainbow of goodness in fresh organic produce! Think about it... isn't that what people used to eat all the time in decades past? 
A frog prince from one of my mural projects.
I reclaimed my good health by eating nutrient dense organic whole foods instead of dead processed foods. A wider variety of foods than I ate before. Transitioning to a plant-strong diet along with removing processed food toxins including GMO's, MSG, sugar, salt, chemicals, fat, and oils, helps you to feel better than ever! Isn't that what you want for you and your family? Give yourself the gift of health, by transitioning to higher quality live foods. Join me in chopping... chopping... chopping...

The Physical Results Tell The Tale!

Switching to non-toxic clean whole foods of mostly organic vegetables, fruits, green smoothies, green juices, nuts and seeds, has obviously changed my life! Due to improved health, I can happily take part in doing regular everyday activities, attend my husband's gigs, enjoy concerts, go to festivals, take a walk, and play with my much loved grandchildren. None of which were possible before changing my food choices, and spending most of my days in doctors' offices, and waiting rooms. Gone is the constant fatigue, while only sitting and staring into space. Gone are both of my high blood pressure meds. Gone is the diabetes meds. Gone are the doctors who tried to prescribe anti-depressants for no good reason, except to get kick-backs from pharmaceutical companies. Life got better in so many ways because of local organic real foods and plants! Now I actually enjoy being able to leave the house to go food shopping! I just love it when someone else makes my green juice at the natural foods co-op! Finding new restaurants that serve healthy food is a treat! Wonderful to feel like myself again! Enjoy the world as a vibrant healthy person! Get out of the industrialized food and medical system. Live!

The choice: Stay in a system that only treats symptoms so you will need their pills and
medications for the rest of your life. Or use the power of real organic whole food 

to heal the body, and start eating your way to greater well being!

If interested, you can read a quick account about my personal journey to start on this healthy path here that explains what happened and how we handled all the new information we were learning. All my new and current doctors keep telling me to keep on doing what I am doing! If you have thyroid or diabetes issues, a conscientious endocrinologist is important. I highly recommend you find doctors who understand superior nutrition's role in reversing disease, otherwise you may be misdiagnosed by pill pushers. Get lab work on your blood and be sure they test your vitamin D 25 OHD levels. Even my diagnosis of breast cancer has been positively influenced by my new healthy choices. Recovering quickly from my surgery, I now make sure to eat cancer fighting foods everyday, as I am healthy and cancer-free! Go to my Cancer Prevention Page for a truckload of helpful information about that important topic! One out of three people in our society will get a cancer diagnosis! Make sure it is not you. Cancer cells are lurkers waiting quietly till they get the 'trigger' to turn on. You need to know all your other options when you get a cancer diagnosis, before you are pressured to make any life changing decisions. Cancer is big business and the medical world puts profits first.

Before: Eating regular processed GMO corporate foods. After: Eating organic plants and green juicing.

Getting a diagnosis of cancer makes what I do to my body especially important. After a year of improving my food choices, when I reached being close to what some may call 'vegan,'  Joel Fuhrman M.D. recommended that I stop consuming all meat, dairy, oils, salt, and sugars. I had naturally transitioned to that point on my own, and it was no problem dropping those food items that fertilize cancer. Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment, and a plant based diet creates a healthy alkaline environment for the body. Toxins from modern foods, dairy, and meat create an acid environment. Sodium from salt gets in the way of enzymes that help immunity and that darn cancer loves sodium, bad fats, oils ... and sugar. Think about it... what environment do you want for your body? If you have any cancers lurking in your body those cells could be triggered by choices of processed foods, meat, dairy, oils, salt, and sugars. 

Back when we ate fake food from the supermarket ignorant of the long term effects.

Many people cannot handle the thought of big food changes, so cutting back on those undesirable foods would certainly be an awesome improvement. Everyone's body has it's own needs and each person must base their decision on their own blood tests, research, and guidance of a health professional of choice. One thing I do know is that eating mostly unprocessed nutrient dense organic real whole foods, eating mostly dark greens, fruits, and vegetables, went a long way in improving my overall wellness. You can see from my list above that I improved more than one medical issue in my own life. 'Food choice' used as a a way to help prevent cancer and degenerative disease is something I wish I knew about years ago! Take the time to read the FREE information on my blog pages above. 

When I see heavy people talking about getting surgeries, or purchasing a so called magic pill, I think about how that's only a temporary band-aid, and we need to get to the source of our illness. I know all too well the sick bloating results of eating just a normal amount of everyday toxic processed food. Carrying around excess weight with severe illness is not an easy life! We each inherit individual gene markers or weakness, that may react to modern industrial toxins in food or personal care products with different results. Please consider having compassion for heavy people as the modern food system is rigged against us, and more often than not, obesity is the result! The happy news is this condition can be improved by eating organic plants! We have been hoodwinked by the industrialized food system throughout our lives, right along with our parents generation. How could we know any different unless someone finally explains it to us? 

On my other blog The Painting Queen, I wrote an Epic three part series that explains in depth, the symptoms of my different ailments, my experience with various disturbing doctors, and how I finally found my way to juicing organic plants, and starting this transitional food blog. It may be an informative read for those suffering from unending fatigue, crawly legs, RLS, IBS, thyroid issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and constant weight gain. I was misdiagnosed, overdosed to the point of heart trouble, and told by multiple over bearing doctors that I needed to be put on anti-depressants! I was never depressed, only frustrated with our medical system! You can throw in extreme menopause for some hot excitement, and my lack of sleep for ten years! For years it was the dull boring story of my constant medical world, and my inability to do anything. Now it is the happy truth of getting healthy in a very easy way while eating lots of yummy foods! We love to eat! This is a fun 'foodie' adventure!  

We moved to source food locally, by joining an organic food co-op, visiting farmers markets, and then supporting a local farmer by signing up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share. Organic fruits and vegetables came to be a blessing in our life. Within a few months the effects of superior nutrition began to make positive and noticeable changes to my body! I am here to tell you that it is possible to remove toxins and inflammation by alkalizing your body with consuming plants. Maintaining and prolonging disease by way of pharmaceuticals is not the optimum way to go. Big Pharma is in it for the wealth, and not your health. Huge corporations do not have your best interests at heart. Look at the millions food and beverage companies invest every time a state wants them to clearly label what is in our food. I cannot believe how many people believe the lie they promote that food will cost more if they have to change the label or ingredients, when they do that all the time anyway. Time to stop being the guinea pigs for chemical experiments and corporate profits.

I have been on my organic whole food path for over six years now. To paraphrase the founder of the Nutritarian lifestyle Joel Fuhrman M.D., we are eating to live! The main people who have influenced me during the beginning were Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Joe Cross, Kris Carr, Dr. Mark HymanDan McDonald, Robert Morse N.D.and John KohlerI can tell you that between my success, and how fantastic I feel now, it has made the early weeks of ignorant inconvenience very worth the effort of learning how to transition off the sad old food paradigm. If you are not hypo-thyroid then your body will change much faster than mine by switching to a mostly plant powered lifestyle. Do this before you end up like me with your body systems shutting down. In the meantime, while I was discovering what to eat, I saved all the links and information that I had used to figure it out. I share my secrets! I am making it easier for you than it was for me, so please take advantage of those free page tabs above this blog to get started, and inspire your own food changes. The help is there! I want you to succeed and to dance with joy at your well-being! 

Reclaiming your health will affect so many areas of your body, mind, and spirit. It was through the experience of extreme illness that I came to be on this healthy organic whole food path. The beautiful thing is it worked fantastically to restore me to be an active person, full of vital energy. The food I eat now allows my body to heal itself. I just give my body the tools (nutrient dense organic whole food) to do what the body naturally already knows to do! Food is thy medicine. It's that simple. The change for me came from the knowledge about the 'quality' of the food we were eating, not the 'quantity.' 

Click Here To Read My One Year Success and Lab Report!

I hope the information on 'The Queen's Table' blog will inspire you to create a healthier life through superior nutrition and lowering the toxins in your body from our modern civilization. Ultimately it is up to you to do your own research on any topic of concern you see on this blog. I can only inform you of what I have learned so far. Have fun and enjoy your Life! You are worth becoming a vivacious happy healthy you! I get very excited when I hear someone has started themselves on this path no matter their situation! 

The time is ripe for us to bring our light, and do our part to "be the change we want to see, in ourselves, and the world." That is why I continue to maintain this blog, to help others realize they do have the power inside of them to make huge changes within and without! Clean non-toxic organic foods and personal care products will improve lives. After all I have experienced I cannot keep this awareness to myself! I want everyone to have the opportunity to live their own lives fully while expressing their Spirit and vision. As an active grandmother I intend to be in the moment and savor the joy of playing with my grandchildren. I encourage you to eat organic plants and live too! Go to my 'Get Started/FAQ page' to begin your food and health freedom. Let's get the big picture together, and enjoy the healthier taste of life. We are choosing to live this new food lifestyle, because getting ourselves healthy makes most things in life so much better! Be happy... be healthy... be peace. So says the Queen!

You can become a follower of The Queen's Table Blog on Instagram where I share my daily choices in food. Or on facebook, and learn about healthy eating, losing weight and other food info in the news.

The Queen's Designs For Your Healthy Lifestyle

Since I am an artist and a designer, be sure to check out my 'The Queen's Table' Shop for fantastic products that I have designed for us. I have lots of cool tee shirts. In addition there are beautiful medical binders to keep your lab work organized, so you can track your progress on the road to wellness. Your doctors and nurses will love your mad organizational skills and awesome binder!

Spotlight On My King!

I simply must share the talents of my amazing husband Ben Sherman playing the same song he did on the night we met. It was during his playing of this song "The Cliffs Of Dover," that I said to myself, "Oh yes! You will be mine!"...and he is!!!! I Love my King! He supported my initiative to change the food in our home from day one! Plus he makes our green juice and smoothies on many evenings! As a guitar teacher he comes in contact with many people everyday. Many of them have colds and illness. This keeps him and me from getting ill by supporting our immune system and keeping it healthy. Now play that video! It's epic!

This video was featured on Eric Johnson the world class musician and writer of this song's facebook page!

Janeann before and after.
Follower Janeann is inspired to get healthy by eating real food after reading The Queen's Table Blog and loses 50 pounds at age 50 in five months! So cool! Check out the link above to learn about her story!

A Note From follower Carol....

"My father, is a diabetic (insulin dependent); he started following Dr.Joel Furhman's "eating for life" recipes and watching the DVDs. Dad met Crystal recently and she told him about her success with Dr.Furhman’s program; I am very happy to report that while following Dr.Furhman’s program and seeing living proof, which is Crystal, my father is now finding that he is NOT needing near as much insulin as he did months ago. I saw him yesterday for the first time in about 4 weeks – when I walked through the door I just stared at him, he was “glowing” - his face/skin looks amazing, the dryness and redness is gone, he looks 5 years younger and he just looks a LOT healthier!! It brought tears to my eyes (happiness). My father fell two weeks ago and fractured his hip (had to walk with a walker), he went to the doctor for a follow-up visit on Wednesday and walked in without his walker, the doctor was AMAZED!! He told my father that he is healing twice as fast as normal and dad attributes this acceleration to eating healthier and lots of prayers. My father is now very grateful to Crystal as she became his inspiration and true testimonial that changing your eating habits will extend your life and eliminate bad illnesses and diseases. I have been incorporating Nutriblast drinks (veggies, fruits, nuts and spices) into my eating routine along with other natural remedies for my asthma and I can say that my asthma is NOT nearly as bad as it was about 3 months ago. I too am going to try Dr.Furhman’s recipes and follow Crystal’s blog for pointers and recipes. 

Crystal, I want to thank you so much for your testimonial to my father because now he is a true believer in this program and is going to stay with this program! My mind is always open to a healthier lifestyle and to eliminate traditional medicines for my asthma or for any illness; my goal is to get rid of my asthma all together. As far as my father goes, he is not a "doubting Thomas" but when it comes to testimonials, he is a little skeptical, so when he met you and found out that you actually had been working with Dr. Furhman and hearing about your accomplishments, that was all that he needed to work harder and consistently on Dr.Fuhrman's diet/nutrition plan for his diabetes. Plus, I just can't get over his "glow," I am telling you, it is amazing, he really does look 5 years younger. He is now going through adjustments on the amounts of insulin that he needs (less of it). I suggested to him to keep a diary of what he eats, his readings and amounts of insulin required. Mom looks great also! Both of them are eating more healthier. I am SO thankful to have met you. God Bless you for sharing your knowledge!"  
- Carol