Thursday, June 19, 2014

Asian Hoisin Quinoa With Persimmon Salad

It's whats for dinner! I wanted to share a simple tasty sauce that I have been making lately. A really big hit in our house for all manner of vegetables and greens! You will need a couple of store bought products to keep on hand in your fridge. More about those below.

To set the scene at our castle: I am usually creating promo graphics for my husband's business when he comes in from work at night. Then it's 'oops' got to go make the dinner! So in those moments the quickest meal made of our fresh ingredients with a bit of pizzazz are the lifesavers in the kitchen. "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes honey!" So I scurry out to the kitchen and look over the organic greens in the refrigerator. Sometimes I plan the night before... and well sometimes I am just as they say.. "In the moment!" Then I get to chopping!!! Actually if I need help chopping or with anything at all, my wonderful husband always offers to help... or even do the dishes! Lately he has been making the green juice while I prepare the meal. How awesome is that!? He truly is the King!

Back to this quick Asian meal solution! If you luvvvvvvvvvv Asian take out flavor then this sauce combo is wowza! You need these three organic products in your fridge arsenal. Premier Japan Hoisin from Edwards and Sons, Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Aminos, and DeNigris Balsamic Vinegar Glaze. Love this magic trio! 

All of our ingredients are organic and you can use any saute greens and veggies you have on hand. This is one of those dishes where we don't really measure anything. Just chop the veggies, water saute, shake, and drizzle. Chop, saute, shake, and drizzle.... chop, saute, shake, and drizzle...

Asian Hoisin Quinoa

1 cup rainbow quinoa
any greens chopped - we used kale
any vegetables of choice chopped  - we used the following
sliced onions
sliced mushrooms
sliced carrots
sliced almonds
Hoisin sauce
Raw Coconut Aminos
Balsamic Vinegar Glaze
spring water

Optional: fruit, cashews, raisins

Chop all veggies while your quinoa is cooking. Our standard rainbow quinoa measurement is one cup quinoa to two cups of water in small saucepan for ten minutes. When the water is gone and you see those quinoa ringlets it's done. Just remove from heat and fluff.

In a saute pan place vegetables and small amount of water. Lightly saute and cover. Stir and add more water as needed. Veg should be cooked in a few minutes. Do not over cook. We like to keep our greens and vegetables full of goodness and flavor. Plus this is a quick dinner throw down.

Add in sliced almonds, raisins, or raw cashews at this point. Then shake and drizzle in the Hoisin, coconut aminos, and balsamic vinegar. Stir and taste. You can add a bit more water, or any of the 3 bottled liquids to your taste preferences. Create as much sauce you need to glaze vegetables and quinoa. So so good! If you are a "hottie" and require some heat added to this dish just go for it! Don't let my 'mild taste-buds' hold you back!

Now scoop a portion of quinoa on your plate from the sauce pan. Top Quinoa with your delicious vegetable and sauce mixture.

Tada! Easy quick Asian style meal in about fifteen minutes! Since we have salad everyday in addition to our entree, I like adding a new item every week from the exotic fruit section of the store. Fabulous food fun! Persimmons made a colorful addition to our usual dinner salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, avocados, onions, nuts, and seeds below. They are the orange and golden chunks. You can read more about persimmons on this post

I hope your can purchase these 3 items in the organic section of your food market and then have this versatile sweet tangy sauce on your meals real soon! I will post some Amazon links below if you cannot get them in your store. This Asian sauce also works well on gluten free pad thai noodles. Heck it would probably be good on that salad up there too! Although I did put the balsamic vinegar glaze on my salad. Yummmmm!

Now doesn't that look mouthwatering? Super tasty my friends! Okay honey... dinner is served in the living room tonight, and we are ready to watch Downton Abbey. Be happy, be healthy, be peace! Chop, saute, shake, and drizzle cha cha cha....

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