Foods To Avoid

Foods or Products That I Avoid or Limit

My feeling is we have ingested so many toxins over the years, that our bodies are suffering from them all, in too many ways. Just eliminating the bulk of these items will do you good! This will give your body a chance to heal, and then your body will heal you from the inside out! Remember to do your own research, and don't just rely on me for information. Hopefully this list will get you started in rethinking what you ingest every day of your life.

You will find that we all have a large amount of harmful chemicals, toxins, petrol-chemicals, neurotoxins, and hormones, in our systems now, and many of them leach into our unborn babies too. These got into our bodies mostly from the food, water, and air, of our modern society. Remember you eat three or four times a day, every day, so it does matter what you put inside your vehicle! Fill yourself up with the good stuff, and not the toxic poisons of industrialized food stuffs. 

Animal protein proves to be one of the biggest contributors to getting cancer, causing inflammation in the body, and clogging our arteries. Dairy causes mucus and inflammation as well. An acidic sugary body is a great host for cancer cells, they love it! So it is best to move to an alkaline diet of eating mostly plants, and cut your meat and dairy intake way back. 

Dangerous toxins also come just from our interaction from plastics, including plastic water bottles, and food storage containers. There are food products like sodas which are like battery acid to the brain and body in their overall effects to our bodily systems. 

People ingest these poisons from dead processed foods everyday unknowingly compromising their good health. There is no weight loss pill that can erase years of toxic abuse and weight.You cannot magically continue to eat in this manner, and then call yourself healthy. The body has it's limits when spending all of it's efforts having to remove the toxins that are being shoved into it everyday. Do you really want to find out how old you will be when your systems start to fail from years of abuse? Learn from me, don't be like me. Lack of phyto-chemicals and nutrients is going to cause problems. I suffered a system failure in my fifties.

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival 
of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." 
~Albert Einstein~ Physicist, Nobel Prize 1921 
People who become the kind of vegetarian that still eats the standard American diet, but have only removed the meat or dairy products are still not eating in an optimized manner. Refined white flour, sugar products, fast foods, and processed foods, are not the whole real foods that create excellent health. A combination of plants, veggies, herbs, fruits, nuts, and seeds are the best source nutrition for the body. Eat the rainbow and eat much of it uncooked and simple. Plus add in a few supplements for your particular issues, for example, Vitamin D, B12, Krill oil or vegan dha-epa drops. Each persons supplement needs are different. A blood test should be done to find out what your individual needs may be.

Here are my thoughts on what I try to avoid or limit in my daily life:

Processed and Fast Foods:  
Eliminate these as much as possible from your life. This includes all convenience foods whether listed as natural or not. Read the ingredients. If the label is a long list of chemicals and additives... why eat it. In order to remove the toxins from our bodies caused by GMO's (which can possibly cause pre-cancers and leaky gut syndrome), pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics, we began eliminating processed packaged foods, store bought regular produce, and fast foods immediately. They were replaced with more sustainable whole foods, and organic choices. Begin eating mostly whole simple plant foods. Fast food and regular restaurants are full of the bad stuff, so avoid them as much as possible. Do you really know what is in that stuff? Choose your 'good' restaurants wisely, and be picky about the foods you order. You do not know what food suppliers they are using. It is better to make your food at home, or go to a known vegan or whole foods restaurant which prides themselves on sourcing local farm produce. Generally they will be called "farm to table." Regular foods are full of Soy and Corn GMO's mixed in with the long list of ingredients that contain multiple chemicals. Did you realize that pesticide ingredients are now found in human urine, and unborn fetuses? Our food supply is tainted with deadly toxins, and we must do the work to avoid them. Do your best to support the local farms and restaurants that choose organic. Protect your body.

Quick Amusing Video

The Top Ten Reasons To Avoid Processed Foods

Meats and Dairy:  
If you choose to have meat and dairy in your diet choose local grass fed and pastured animals. No comparison when it comes to nutrients! Have you watched the documentary 'Food Inc' yet? Do not believe the propaganda and lies from the industry that there is no difference between factory feedlots and pastured animals. When you choose a local farm for your local dairy and meats, just be sure to check their farming practices so you can avoid the nasty GMO's that are found in grain fed animals. You want happy animals that forage on grasses, weeds, and insects. Read article here. In the world of 'flesh food,' eating grass fed beef and bison seems to be the best choice. Due to modern contaminates eating fish, poultry, and pork, are actually less healthy than grass fed beef. See this article.

Caution: Cheese and milk from the supermarket contains fats, and oils, along with the hormones, antibiotics, rgbh growth factor. It just is not good for your body. Remember that animal protein is one of the biggest factors in getting cancer. So do your best to transition from eating these items often, and use only as a condiment. Dr. Fuhrman recommends no more than 6 ounces a week. Keep in mind meats and dairy cause the body to make acid, which causes inflammation and disease. You need greens to alkalize the body in order to let your body heal itself. Doctors and surgeons who see the milky blood of everyday meat eaters and what is clogging the arteries of their patients, really see first hand the result of eating a diet overloaded with meat and dairy products. Be aware that over eating these items is just too much for your body to handle. Make them more of a condiment in life, and choose the local pastured versions. Having said all of that you must watch the film COWSPIRACY and learn how the world has too much cattle and this is the major cause of all pollution on the Earth. Personally I do not eat beef, chicken, or pig products.

Unfortunately due to our industrialized world, most fish these days are filled with mercury, radiation, plastics, and assorted chemical toxins. Consider limiting your fish intake to once every two weeks or less, and perhaps only 'wild' salmon or sardines from Alaska. Do not eat farmed fish as they eat GMO grains. If you use fish oil supplements, consider vegan algae based supplements instead, or ones marked mercury free. This article talks in depth about the dangers we now face from fish, poultry, and pork.

Unhealthy regular table salt is in nearly everything these days, and is the biggest risk factor for stroke and heart disease. Lower your blood pressure by removing regular table salt from your diet. Celtic Sea salt, Redmond salt, and Himalayan Pink salt are a better alternative to table salt. Still they contain sodium, so use thoughtfully.

Soy Products:  
Why Limit Soy? I know half of all vegan recipes are full of tofu.... Most (90%) soy is a genetically modified food product (GMO). Be sure to buy organic soy products. Read my page tab above on what a GMO is and watch some documentaries. Soy is also the plant that the corn industry uses to clean up the pesticides from the soil before another crop planting. On that alone I would not want to eat this stuff the food industry has been pushing, because it is a big part of king corns crop rotation, and their subsidy program scam. About 80% of all soy and corn grain grown in the United States are used to fatten up cattle, pigs, chicken and fish, plus it is not those animals natural food. If you eat meats from the supermarket you will be ingesting this GMO stuff, by way of the food chain. I live out in the country with a farm out back, and witness the three mono-crop rotation of corn, soy, and wheat (or rye). 

For me, soy is bad for the thyroid because it blocks receptors. As a strong Goitrogenic, it is off my personal list of things to eat regularly by my endocrinologist's recommendation. Some doctors do not recommended soy for breast cancer patients because of it's hormonal properties. Besides being a GMO, the soy we get is not the fermented for over two years variety, that the people in Asia have been using for ages. Which is why they don't get the effects that we would from our fast food style soy products. 

That being said, the soy products that you could ingest safely are the fermented ones, and they are called called Miso, Natto, and Tempe. Non-GMO organic endaname and tofu, would be okay on occasion as well. For my eating lifestyle I lightly use soy sauce on rare occasions, I never drink Soy milk, and I rarely eat tofu and edamame. If I was going to eat anything made from soy I would be sure it was marked organic and containing no GMO's first. Do your own research, as some of this info is considered controversial, and do not listen to anything a government agency would say about soy. Remember Monsanto rules all government agencies that deal with food and agriculture. They have created a revolving door corporate government culture that is not in your best interest. Here is Dr, Fuhrman's take on the "soy" subject. Here is John Robbins article about the "soy' controversy. In addition this is a link to a page of other articles. In conclusion I would say, eat soy on occasion but only if it is organic and non-GMO.


Round-up Ready Glyphosate - Made to bind to minerals this pesticide has a negative effect on your gut and many other systems in your body. Kills beneficial bacteria. A long list of diseases are affected by having exposure to this chemical that has been poured across the Earth. So important to buy organic non-GMO produce and grains. Millions of pounds of this pesticide is used every year! Listen to the video talk below and learn what to do.

Fluoride  - Did you know Fluoride is a by product of industry? They wanted to make money by selling their leftovers, so they put it in our water supply and convinced people it was good for their teeth. Not good for thyroids, brains or anyone's health. Look on the back of your toothpaste tube, it contains a poison warning! Plus this is in rat poison. I would ask why would a country want to knowingly poison it's citizens too? 
I now use a fluoride free toothpaste. Check out the link on the title and this site.

MSG - (Mono-sodium glutamate) - This is a product that is used to get you to eat more of something. It is dangerous to the brain and nerve cells. MSG is not labeled when not in it's pure form, because manufactures know you are wise to them, so now they added MSG to the following ingredients - Glutamic acid or Glutamate, Textured Protein or Textured Vegetable Protein, Yeast Extract, Autolyzed Yeast, Hydrolyzed Protein. Read all labels as this stuff is in a lot of products, a few examples - canned soups, broths, soy sauces, Chef-Boy-ArDee products, canned meats and salad dressings. There are about 20 different names for MSG now, another reason to avoid those processed foods with a long list of ingredient names that you do not know.

Chlorine - is a goiterogenic material, and an endocrine disruptor. 

Bromide - Also an endocrine disruptor, this is found in bread products and other products in our homes.

BPAs in Plastics - We have just begun switching our food storage containers to glass. My bulk items are in glass mason jars. Make an effort to microwave only in glass or ceramic containers. Even microwaving itself has some people concerned, so I am trying not to even do that. BPA's are damaging to the thyroid and endocrine systems, can cause cancer, weight gain, and other bad effects on the body. You can read the Wikipedia outline about BPA. Use reusable grocery bags when shopping, instead of those one time use thin plastic bags.

Household Products - Many contain a vast amount of chemicals, so try to find the simple products with the least amount of ingredients. This change includes the products used for cleaning you and your home. Start with Dr. Bronner products that can be used for multi-purpose actions. Many stores are starting to sell more friendly products to humans, so keep a look out for these sections and investigate better safe choices. A relative has bought me some Melaleuca cleaning products, that work nicely. Read up on the powers of vinegar, baking soda and water!

Bad Water - Fluoride and Chlorine in public water, BPA in the plastic water coolers in offices and some smaller bottled waters. Rocket fuel, pesticides, and other nasty stuff is lurking in our water supply. It is a crazy situation we have in this industrialized world. We are going to be getting our water and our favorite bottled water tested. Our tap water smells of chlorine quite often, so I use bottled water to drink. I just wish bottled water came in glass bottles.Use a really good filter on your kitchen and bath water.

Processed White Flour Products:  
Ewww they stick to your insides like glue and grow your glutes! Probably a GMO anyway. Not as many nutrients as gluten-free flours. Big problem causing product for our bodies. The modern wheat causes a condition known as wheat belly. Going organic and gluten-free even if you are not diagnosed with Celiacs disease, can help with many intestinal problems and other leaky gut ailments. Plus gut health affects many diseases of the body including brain problems! Here are a few recipes that are gluten-free. Also eating white flour products is like eating pure processed sugar for your body, which causes inflammation. Go to my substitution and product pages above for ideas to use other grains.

Sugars and Sweeteners:
These are bad guys for sure. Sugar makes you fat and chemical sweeteners rot your brain. Use only in moderation or actually just forget about it... you will lose your taste and cravings for sweet things after two weeks anyway. Have an apple, or other piece of fruit. See my substitutions page for more info on what to use in place of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Do not use chemical sweetners like Splenda etc. Do not use Agave, as it is just like eating pure corn syrup. Use Stevia or a local honey. Supermarket honey and Agave are not what they claim, they are cut with other products. Here are different articles on consuming less sugar: Page here with 'Sugar Is A Drug,' and tips for Kicking the sugar habit. Plus even More Tips on kicking the sugar habit, and eating less sugar.

Splenda and other chemical sweeteners  - Danger Will Robinson!  Oh my! Something developed from pesticides. Yummy. Really.... avoid these items as they are NOT what you have been told. These are the cause of many diseases!

Agave Syrup  - Many Agave nectar's are highly processed making them no different than high fructose corn syrup. Actually it can be 20% higher glucose! Yikes! If you must buy such a product be sure you buy a minimally processed raw Agave that has a low glycemic index like this brand. The bottle should have only one ingredient. As with any sweet product... Use in moderation or even better, not at all!

Soda and Convenience DrinksSoda, energy drinks, and processed fruit juices, are highly sweetened, full of GMO corn syrup and chemicals. Read about arsenic and fungicides found in store bought juices here. The diet products contain toxic aspartame. Convenience store aisles and refrigerated cases are full of these empty calorie highly sugared and caffeinated chemical bombs. The highly touted vitamin waters are a lie. Stay away from them all read this. To break your addiction to cola drinks, just drink chamomile tea for three days and no soda.

Caffeine - Best to use decaffeinated products. I drink decaffeinated green tea and herbal teas. There is still controversy on the merits of drinking coffee. Here is an article on why not to drink your morning Joe. You will have to decide for yourself.

Alcohol - An occasional glass of wine is fine as long as it's organic. Look out! Grapes are loaded with pesticides!!! Most other alcohol products are not going to be good for you. Sorry.

Oils of any kind are not good for ingesting into the body. So I rarely use any oil, and now water saute, lightly steam foods or eat my veggies raw... The best oil, if you must use some, is from 'Tropical Traditions Gold' it's hand made virgin coconut oil. This can be used on your skin and hair.

Canola OIl - Canola means 'Canada oil' and is made from the rapeseed plant. Rapeseed, also known now as canola is a big GMO. You can read this article and others on the internet, and decide for yourself.

Cheap Olive Oil - Read this article why you need to pay attention to labels. Also make sure it reads only Pure virgin Olive Oil in the ingredient list. That is it... olive oil should only have one ingredient. Pay the extra money for the organic olive oil in the dark bottle. I like the ones with the added pour spout, which helps lessen what you use.

Regular Potatoes - I rarely buy them, but if I do I will only purchase organic potatoes. The chemical fungicides they use on the potato crop leach into the meat of the potato. Even the farmers who grow them this way will not eat them! Think of all the toxic french fries we ate over the years! Say no to eating them in restaurants, unless you KNOW their potatoes are organic.

Regular Apples - Sorry to tell you that washing and soaking does not remove the pesticides from conventional apples. Some even leach through the skin. Each piece of fruit can have two dozen pesticides used upon it. Do you really want to eat that now?

Organic Foods From Other Countries - I try to read all the organic labels! I really prefer to get my organic produce from the US, and as local to me as possible. The US regulations for organic are stronger. The massive mono-crops of organic veggies grown in countries like Mexico, and down in South America, also cause problems for that country's citizens.These giant mono-crops can deplete the towns water supplies. Organic Products imported from Europe are better as they have stricter food codes than even the U.S.and they have banned GMO's! Go Europe! A couple of tomato food products I like are made in Italy. I do not like buying any foods that come from China.

 An Overview Of What Not To Eat
(This is Dr. Joel Fuhrman's List of what to seriously AVOID)

Full Fat Dairy - cheese, ice cream, whole milk, butter, 
as these are extremely high in saturated fats.
Trans fat foods - Margarine, shortening, fast foods, commercial baked foods.
Soft drinks, Junk foods, fried foods, potato chips, french fries, sweets like donuts.
Processed meats such as lunch-meats, bacon, hot dogs, and sausage.
Refined white sugar, refined white flour.
Highly salted foods.
Charcoal and Barbecued foods. (Carcinogens)


Dr. Fuhrman's Best and Worst Foods

Seven foods that you must buy organic.

DO NOT use multi-vitamins that contain FOLIC ACID

A New Look At Transitioning From Flesh Foods

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