Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunny Light Pineapple Carrot Jicama Celery Juice. An Organic Tropical Delight!

This tropical delight is a much healthier orange colored juice than I gave to my kids in those sunny plastic bottles back in the eighties! As a mom I cringe at my old ignorant ways! Now that I know better by doing extensive research, I want my grandchildren to reap the benefits of a nutrient dense organic plant lifestyle. They are super intelligent kids (of course) and I want them to grow even smarter and stronger! Children's bodies need non-toxic foods and beverages! No dumbing down for them! So many parents are unaware of the dangers to our wee ones' growing brains from the overload of chemicals and toxins in our modern food supply. We know the little darlings love sweet things, so let's give them the very best goodies by making sure the food and fruits are organic.

Today's organic juice recipe came to be created because I forgot about the organic pineapple sitting behind all the produce... Yikes! I needed to make some juice quickly, before it was unusable. As a rule I generally juice only the core of the pineapple for its cancer fighting properties, and use the rest of this large sweet fruit in other dishes. Since this pineapple was ripe, it was ready to go! Then I wondered how much juice one pineapple would generate!? Hmmm... So that was the first part of the juicy scenario.

The second part of the juice plan was to add some compatible veggie items, along with something that would cut the overt sweetness of this juice down. Ripe pineapple is extremely sweet, and I did not want that huge of a sugar load on my sugar sensitive body. A big hunk of jicama added creaminess. Celery and lemon together took the edge off the sweetness. Adding carrots into the mix did not take away from the pineapple flavor either. These ingredients worked well together, and since the juice overall was still sweet, I drank this juice only in the morning. Now if you find the juice to be too sweet for you, just add some spring or sparkling water for a lighter tropical spritzer, and pour over ice. Tastes yummy if you are young, or 'eh hem' an older kid!

Pineapple Carrot Jicama Celery Juice

1 ripe organic pineapple
3 carrots
Half of a jicama peeled
5-6 celery stalks
1/2 lemon
1 inch ginger peeled

Ceylon Cinnamon

All ingredients are organic. Cut or twist off the top of the pineapple. After cutting off the top and bottom areas of the pineapple, I then cut long chunks of pineapple that would fit into the wide opening of my Breville Juicer. You can leave the skin on if your pineapple is organic. Do not leave skin on if it is not organic, as the fungicides stick into all those crevices of conventional pineapples. Eww. I decided to leave skin half on, and half off. The juicer will take care of straining the skin out. Don't forget to juice the core! This is the most important part! 

WoW! This made a lot of juice! The pineapple juice alone filled the pitcher to the 850 mark! Doesn't it look cool before I mixed the juiced ingredients together! Psychedelic man! Then I gave the juice in the pitcher a stir and the orange carrot color became dominant as you can see in the photo below. 

After hubby and I each had a glass of sunny sweetness, I put the leftover juice into mason jars. Simply fill the jars to the top to keep out the oxygen damage, and cover tightly. Keep in the refrigerator and you're all ready for the next morning. This recipe will make a great deal of juice, so you will have to share, or save for later! Not a bad thing!

Since we do not often buy whole pineapples this was a very sweet treat. The celery, jicama and lemon not only helped to cut down on the sweetness, they gave us a wider variety of nutrients. Ginger gives this juice zesty cancer fighting goodness along with the pineapple core! Adding Ceylon Cinnamon helps with the insulin spike. Healing Turmeric is always a great addition to any juice or smoothie. This fresh made juice is a healthy sunny pleasure full of tropical delight! Enjoy!

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