Thursday, October 24, 2013

Keep Calm And Juice On T-Shirt Is A Best Seller In The Queen's Table Shop!

By far the most popular t-shirt in The Queen's Table Shop is the 'Keep Calm and Juice On' design! People all over the country have purchased this top seller! Well as you know everyone should keep calm most of the time... and then remember to drink their fresh made green juice! Ha! In my Shop you can get some really cool tops, plus spread the word about your healthy green lifestyle choices! So join the fun others are having all over America! Keep Calm and Juice On! You know you want to!

Did you realize that I create the designs for the products in The Queens Table Shop? True, I am prejudiced about these product designs, as they are mine. Artists like to burn the late night coconut oil and make things! We just can't help it! So I will be sharing designs from the QT shop with you from time to time on the blog, because I love designing, buying, and wearing these high quality tops. I have had some of these Zazzle tops that I designed for my hubby's bands for years. After multiple washings they still look good. So I can highly recommend the quality of the material and the printing.

It is important to note when you choose the color and style of your 'Keep Calm And Juice On' top that this design can be purchased in either white or black lettering. If you prefer dark colors then choose the white lettering version. Want a light colored top? Then just choose the black lettered version of the popular 'Keep Calm' design. I did my best to use a similar lettering font and a crown that emulated the original WWII British poster. Oh, did the Queen mention a crown?

There are a variety of styles just in the t-shirts and fabrics that you can choose for the design to be placed upon. You can have this or any design added to men's, ladies, children, or infant styles. Of course I have many other designs in the Shop too, and I invite you to have a look around. I'm always open to suggestions for other designs you might want to see. It is simple to order online with the secure Zazzle interface, and pick your exact design, style, and size. Go to The Queen's Table Shop today so you can 'Keep Calm and Order On' the best t-shirts and tops! The Queen thanks you! The King thanks you! And your Green Fairy God Mother thanks you! You will be supporting the work of this blog with your purchase! FYI, I only make a few dollars per shirt, although every little bit helps with this healthy food blog project.

To learn the origin of 'The Keep Calm' design craze just check out the video below about the London WWII 'Keep Calm and Carry On' propaganda poster that started it all!

Keep Calm and Carry On from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

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