Thursday, October 17, 2013

Got Questions? New Get Started / FAQ Page For Transition To Organic Plants Is Up! Plus The Top Ten Food Protocol Basics!

Food assumptions too? Heck yeah! Most people do. That is how we were trained by media and advertising to think about our industrialized food stuffs! Hopefully I got your answers right here on my reworked  'Get Started/FAQ Page!' After nearly two years on the healthy food path I have come to know the frequently asked questions most people have about the nutrient dense, plant strong, lifestyle. Since the old 'Get Started' page was not organized very well it was time for a big change! I needed to update how I handle all the questions you may naturally have, and get you on the road to wellness easily. How to do it? The simple TOP TEN Protocol Basics that the Queen follows everyday. The TOP 16 things to do while on transition to a healthier way of eating called the 'OVERVIEW.' ...and FAQ'S baby! Freakin' FAQ's!!!

Trying to get you to think about everyday food in a new way, and give you the answers to what you may mistakenly assume about organic foods, was the much needed FAQ part. Hopefully I do answer what you may be thinking. If not, please let me know what good questions to add. This huge labor of love has taken two months to complete! My hubby helped to code the page so that the questions can be clicked on, and then you will be taken directly down to my answer or opinion on each subject. He's cool like that. For some unknown reason the links do not work on mobile devices, and those of you who read web pages on phones will have to scroll down. This is more than you can read with a phone sized mobile device anyway, and you may consider using a laptop or desktop to get the knowledge effortlessly. 

Making food choices through the 'Good/Better/Best' paradigm will be a simple way to assimilate an easier change in eating. In my passionate quest to help you understand the importance of everyday food choices upon your health, I have included a section with Dr. Fuhrman's recommendations, plus assorted related topic videos from other health researchers. I hope you will consider doing what is healthier for you and your family. Changing your food lifestyle now will save you money and grief in the long run. Don't wait till you are as sick as I was when I started! The body clock is ticking for dealing with the constant incoming toxins of processed and conventional foods.

After redoing my 'About Page' I really felt the pull to finish The Queen's Table Get Started/FAQ Page. This required design and illustration to break up the body copy of the page, plus it was a lot of information to cover. So I hope you actually go visit the the brand new page and read over the topics! It is there to guide you. Feel free to share with anyone you know that may benefit from the knowledge. 

Now I have to get back to doing some website work for my hubby's biz over the next few months. Then afterwards I will continue to take each of my blog pages, and update the look as well as the information. A few smaller pages have already been reworked for style. I'll still be doing my regular QT blog and facebook posts. As always please continue to do research about what you are really eating, and do not rely solely on me. I am a seeker on my own journey, and this way has worked for me and others. You must always do what is best for your body, mind, and Spirit. I believe in your personal power. Get out there and Get Started! Rock your food sovereignty and health! "Let food be thy medicine." - Hippocrates

Speaking of why you want to learn about the food you eat everyday, here is a new song talking about what is going on within the food that is not organic. Give it a listen, and then get yourself over to my Get Started/FAQ Page to change your life and get away from the corporate controlled food madness!

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