Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's That? Dragon Fruit

This exotic Pitaya fruit which is grown in South America and many Asian countries is definitely the most gorgeous fruit I have ever seen for sale at our local grocery store. My eye always goes straight to this glowing beauty. A member of the night blooming cactus family, this shocking hot pink fruit always stands out when sitting in the fruit bins at Wegmans. Although the insides of Dragon Fruit can come in magenta, and yellow as well, I think the crisp white color dotted with the tiny black specs of the Dragon Fruit seeds are visually impressive against the pink outer rim. What a fantastic display, and lovely presentation a few of these Dragon Fruits would make on your party buffet table! Imagine a couple of these halved and sitting around the edible fruit tree (click for my previous post). Wow! Talk about turning people on to eating more fruit! Once people taste how delicious these cubes of fruit are, it will disappear from the table in no time. There are no thorns on this cactus either! Be prepared to fall in love with Dragon Fruit!

Nutritionally Dragon Fruit like most fruit contains valuable fiber to help with your digestion. Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, Vitamin, A, calcium, phosphorous, are also readily available in the Dragon Fruit flesh. Since you eat the seeds that are evenly scattered in the flesh you are also getting protein and healthy fats. Additionally lycopene is in the red flesh variety of this cactus fruit. The delightful delish Dragon Fruit is also high in antioxidants making it a fighter of free radicals in cancer defense. Dragon Fruit is said to be a great choice for diabetics as it can aid in lowering the insulin response. Are you ready to try a Dragon Fruit yourself? You can read here how to choose a Dragon Fruit at the store. Dragon Fruit can be added to your smoothies and juices, with some coconut water and banana. Unless you have access to many of these tempting fruits, to me the Dragon Fruit seems too beautiful to just mush up in a drink. I like to take advantage of this showy species and enjoy the splendid attractiveness and tantalize the eye as well as the taste buds!

Preparing a Dragon Fruit to eat is very simple. You could just slice into long quarters and eat the interior flesh as you would an orange or watermelon, but I prefer the method of creating cubes shown above. After all with such a unique built in bowl, why not make use of that colorful attractive fruit platter. Oh I just love being fancy when it is so simple!

Slice open the fruit lengthwise with a knife revealing the delicious inner flesh. 

Carefully scoop with a large spoon a semicircular chunk of the soft interior flesh 
from out of the thick leathery skin. Much like half of a big melon ball.

Flip out the speckled flesh onto a cutting board and slice into cube shapes. 

Trim off any of the pink inedible outer skin that you may have cut by mistake. 

Return the cubes to The Dragon fruit bowls. Impressive! 
Use a fork or toothpicks to eat. You can cover and refrigerate.

Mmmm a delicate watery mouthwatering mix of soft sweet pear, melon, and kiwi in taste.
Plus hearing the word "Dragon" reminds me of "Game Of Thrones." Awesome! 
What a spectacular and cool dish this would be for a "Game Of Thrones" viewing party! 
Enjoy and Rock The Dragon!

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