Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Party Edible Fruit Christmas Tree

This post has turned out to be one of my most popular 'Queens Table' blog posts! So I can assure you that this gorgeous colorful fruit tree is sure to be a hit at your next holiday gathering! Everybody is going to be impressed! I have now added new photos with how to transport your tree in a car too. Go ahead and create this beauty for your holiday party, or any time of the year that you want to make a big statement with good food! I originally got the idea from Fully Raw Kristina in the video below. 

You just have to purchase a wide variety of produce that is also very interchangeable in your own personal design for the tree. Be sure most of it is organic!

You will need: 1 pineapple, 1 pear, strawberries, blackberries, grapes, raspberries or cherries, kiwis, starfruit, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and sweet peppers sliced lengthwise. Plus a box of toothpicks and a strong plate.

This treat is perfect for your holiday table and your happy belly! It's so great to find new inspiration to help us change our old patterns of eating. As we know the holidays can be such difficult times for people to make the best choices. Especially when food is so associated with time honored memories. For our own good health, and that of our family and friends, we now must have alternatives to the empty calories of the holidays past. This fruit tree idea would be a treat everyone could enjoy! Plus it looks fabulous! 

I learned something new by watching this video, and I just love learning new information that I can use! It's that you can eat the skin of kiwis! I did not know that! Still... I would only eat the skin if it was an organic kiwi after washing it well. Don't want to be ingesting any pesticides. Talking about healthy skin... just look how beautiful Kristina's skin is... that is the fully raw glow. Amazing. You could also watch the video that follows this one to learn what Kristina eats everyday to look so beautiful and full of energy. You may be surprised that such a tiny gal can eat so much produce!

Instead of the pineapple star that Kristina creates for her holiday tree, you could get a starfruit and slice that for the star on top of the tree. Then place the other slices on the plate around your fruit tree creation. I hope you enjoy watching how to make a beautiful holiday centerpiece that is super healthy too!

I have made this edible holiday tree centerpiece for our Christmas Day Buffet table. Look how fat my cherry tomatoes were! This tasty tree really was beautiful, and was quite the hit with everyone! I highly recommend making this yummy creation for yourself, or to take to a party! I also sat a small dish next to the tree for the guests to put the toothpicks in after grabbing a bite of fruit. As you can see, I did use the starfruit on mine, and it looked perfect.

When my three and half year old granddaughter came into the house, instead of looking for the gift tree in the living room, or running up to her playroom, she jumped up on a chair and marveled at Grandma's fruit tree on the table. "Oh, look Grandma has a little tree!" she exclaimed leaning across the table pointing at the centerpiece. So cool.

She was so excited to learn that she was allowed to pick from the tree, that she reached out and took a big juicy cherry tomato for herself! Now after seeing and enjoying this tree, other people request that I make this colorful edible fruit tree for their events, gatherings, and holiday parties too! The photo below is from a large family Thanksgiving at an old fishing cabin where everyone brings a dish.

My granddaughter was in attendance and even a year later you can see that she is right there ready to pick the fruit from the tree again! Gotta love that!

To transport your fantastic fruit tower in a car, just line a large bucket with foil, and place the tree and plate inside. I actually use a five gallon bucket with a sturdy handle and cover. To remove: lift the plate upwards while a friend pulls the bucket away. Your tree has arrived safely and intact!

By the way... I have to say that bringing your food to a party in a bucket 
is quite the conversation starter too!

Enjoy the wonderful holiday moments, and eat something good for you! 
Be happy. Be healthy. Be peace.

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  1. Love the updated pics! Will have to share this post! I like the idea, to bring it to a party as well :)