Friday, April 12, 2013

Visit My Cancer Prevention Ideas Page For Help, Health, And Hope

Things have been hectic around the castle lately, and will continue that way for a few more weeks. Hubby has upcoming hernia surgery, and has really been feeling the negative effects from the problem. So I have been going to all his gigs to help move the equipment, and drive him around. I don't have much time to devote to creating posts right now. In my spare time I have been cleaning up and reorganizing my cancer prevention page. I put together this highly informative page for cancer patients and their loved ones. You can click on the bold link, or find it in the above page list just under the blog header.

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis myself last May, I know all too well some of the events and feelings that arise. Being on the other side of that diagnosis I would like to share the many ways that I create health for my own body, mind, and Spirit. I hope I can be of some service to those who may also face a very scary cancer moment in time. Maybe you just might find a few helpful ideas of how to live through this or any other crisis. There are videos, websites, and inspiring people included on this vast resource page for cancer patients. Please consider sending those who might benefit from this insight, to my 'Cancer Prevention Ideas' page now or in the future. There is no judgement on what ever anyone decides to do for their own cancer care. I just would like to make people aware of the many options that could be added to create a new mixed protocol of action. You do not need to agree with any of my opinions on any subject, just know these are the things I do to create a healthy, happier me.

Even if you do not have cancer at this time you should be proactive, and visit this page to learn how NOT to turn your cancer cells on. We live in a toxic world where carcinogens come at us from plastic products, chemicals that are everywhere, processed foods, medicine, medical treatments, the workplace, household products, personal care products, and other poisoned junk. Now add to that the hazards of the polluted air, land, and water. The modern world can be a cocktail for disaster when you combine all of these things together. In addition to these problems, our modern bodies are depleted of the vital nutrients from the intake of fake processed foods. This leaves us without the natural resources that build our vitality and health. Our industrial model tends to isolate and separate ingredients as if just that one thing is the magic pill. Compare that to the complexity of nature layering many nutrients and key ingredients together in one whole food, made for perfect digestion in our human bodies. Mother nature knows best.

We will also need to address areas of our life beyond medicine and food. Especially if we want to side step making radical cells, or heal our selves from cancer cells that we already have lurking in our bodies. The only way to make it happen is if we take responsibility for our life, and change our ways. After all, what we were doing before was obviously not working. These suggestions that I list help all manner of problems within the body. Remember you do not have to stay sick, and you can reverse much illness, and FEEL better. Look over the following list of the topics that I cover on the cancer page that will expand your knowledge of healing methods that are specifically helpful to cancer patients.

An Overview of the Cancer Prevention Page :

Get Calm
Eat Cancer Fighting Foods
Juicing For Anti-Cancer Properties 
Remove Toxins From Our Life 
Acknowledge Our Spirit
Cancer And The History Of Our Medical System
Articles And Alternatives 
Add Gentle Healing Exercise 
My Own Cancer Experience
My cancer prevention page has actions you could do that may help change your life, as it has mine. Create a new vision for your life in many areas of your being. Hey! As I write this note to you, a full rainbow has appeared out of the dreary rainy day. I take that as a good sign for your health awareness! Rock on!

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