Monday, February 25, 2013

Sweet Green Lemonade Juice

Fresh, sweet and green!  It's a bright glass of sunshine! Organic celery mixes well with any vegetable juice combination that you may create. This healthy fresh home made juice has celery as the star of the show for a change! Along with a whole lemon, cucumber, and two green apples, the taste of this green celery juice is light and sweet. Certainly a great substitute for your sweet drinks of the past. Celery juice is rich in B-complex vitamins, plus vitamin C, A, E, minerals, and helps maintains electrolyte balance. Using some of the zest of the peel adds cancer fighting limonene to your juice too. This is a sweet beauty that makes your taste buds sing! "Oh yes!"

'The King' bought me that retro royal nubby glass that you see in the photo for Valentine's. I'm thinking that perhaps The Queen may need a few more of those appropriate glasses!

Sweet Green Lemonade Juice

8 stalks of celery
2 granny smith apples 
1 lemon peeled
lemon zest
1 cucumber 

All ingredients are organic, but if you buy regular supermarket cucumbers be sure to peel them. We peeled the lemon, and had zested just one fifth of the rind beforehand for the nutrients and added flavor. Add each ingredient to your juicer, then drink up! 
This recipe makes enough juice for two servings. Enjoy!

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