Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OMG I Chatted With Dr. Joel Fuhrman!

I feel like a ditz today, although my husband said I sounded like a normal intelligent person last night. A mutual friend called yesterday evening, and passed his cell phone to Dr Joel Fuhrman so we could have a quick chat! OMG OMG OMG! I knew this phone call was a possibility if they both had time during a recent trip out west. I had a couple of questions in my head all ready to go. Did I ask those questions? No. Why? Honestly I became a freaking nervous wreck inside! When Dr. Joel Fuhrman asked me what I put in my fresh made juice I stammered out a few items, and forgot the simple everyday answers like celery and cucumber! My mind would go white...yes completely blank...then I would try to recover some bits and pieces of my brain matter to spew forth thoughts in some reasonable sentence. Really? Really! I'm the juice Queen for goodness sake! What's happening to me?!!!???

I have been in the presence of rock stars, I have worked for celebrities, and most of my clients when I was a mural and faux artist were doctors. I saw all of them as human and had no trouble speaking to any of them. What happened last night??? To me Dr. Joel Fuhrman is bigger than a rock star! He is the real definition of hero, because he changes the lives of people for the better everyday. He is serious about his work and his mission in life, believes in research and results, and brings the message to the people clearly in his books and DVD's. Some of you may know I was a documentary junkie when I started down my own healthy food journey, and Dr. Fuhrman is in nearly all the top food documentaries! When I watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead  for the first time I could not have imagined that I would one day be speaking to the actual doctor in that film! This is the doctor Sir Paul McCartney called to speak with and invited to come back stage at his big NYC concert. Hey, I am one degree of separation from the Beatles here! (Although that is not the first time.)

Wow! The Universe is a beautiful and surprising place, where we can manifest the most wondrous things! So here I was in awe of the man I was speaking with, because his work affects the lives of people around the world!!! Yes, I was suddenly gobsmacked! My mind was in overdrive trying to remember the simplest answers to his questions about my situation. Geez I actually almost forgot to tell him I had had a breast cancer diagnosis 6 months ago. All in all, I guess I did not want to sound like an idiot, or a patient that was not doing the correct protocol for my condition. 

I am grateful to my friend giving me the hook up. I am grateful for a busy man such as Dr. Fuhrman to take the time to have a conversation with me. In my new 'healthy food world' this event is a biggie, and perhaps only those of you who read this blog would really understand why I am so excited today! Dr. Fuhrman ended our conversation by saying perhaps we will meet in person when he comes to town! I told him I would bug the heck out of my friend to make that happen! I thanked him for all his work, and let him know how much I really appreciated his efforts. I surely do!

I have been a phone consultation patient at Dr. Fuhrman Medical Associates, and had a consultation with Dr. Benson in Princeton, N.J. after my cancer diagnosis. Dr. Fuhrman does not see patients in person any longer, because of his traveling schedule, research work, and book writing. For the patients of his practice, he does an 'Ask The Doctor' forum Q&A, where you can interact with him online for a few months. That is how I got my cancer protocol, by talking with Dr. Fuhrman via the forum. Although last night's chat was not an official doctor call, he let me know I was doing great, and reemphasized a few things I should be sure to do everyday. My husband promises me I did not sound like a complete fool and I did fine while speaking to him. So I will let you know when that future in-person event occurs between us for sure! 

I have learned my lesson and I will write down all my questions on paper beforehand, therefore having them ready to go in the future! I dedicate this exhilarating song called "Question 67 and 68" to Dr Joel Fuhrman who inspires the excellence in nutrition that reverses disease in the body. This song also speaks to making people happy! That is what happens after those long sad days of constant illness...you get the right information to change your life, and are so happy to feel fully alive again! 

Here is something cool that I must share with you! 'Chicago Transit Authority' played in my high school gym at the same time this footage below was shot of that group. The view of the band onstage is nearly the same as I remember it after I scrambled down off the bleachers, and took my place cross-legged on the floor directly in front of the stage. I was not messing around with that opportunity! I also remember bringing a thermos of lemonade to drink during the concert. Although that was not what many of those around me were doing! haha! Yes, this is another moment in time I am grateful to have experienced! The video below is silent before the song begins. It is not the "Outer Limits" controlling your sound!

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  1. WHOA!!!! I am sure you did great Mama! What an awesome opportunity!! :-D