Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blue Berry, Red Berry, Black Berry, Green Pea Sprouts N' Dandelion Smoothie

Sounds a little like the old Dr. Suess title! A question for those cats sitting on the fence about beginning your transition to a plant based lifestyle... how does this very berry berry smoothie look? Does it look scary? Does it look hard to do? Now doesn't it look delish? Well it is! You cannot even see all the greens and super foods hiding in there! Oh they are in there, ready to help your body do it's work of healing you. Yes, you could be eating meals like this for breakfast everyday! Green smoothies disguised as dessert! It really is a dream come true! This is not green eggs and ham! This baby is filled with all manner of berries, live sprouts, and even dandelion leaves. They are some of the healthiest foods that you could can add to your life! So do it! Get out your blender and make this super healthy smoothie and smile! It's easy. Your body and your taste buds will thank you!

Berry, Berry, Pea Sprout, and Dandelion Smoothie

1 cup Coconut Water
1 tsp Chia seeds 
1 Tbs Sliced almonds
1 tbs Hemp seeds
1 tbs Golden Flax Powder
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Turmeric
handful Pea sprouts
Small handful Dandelion Leaves
1/2 avocado peeled
1 Banana
Red Raspberries

Add the coconut water to blender. Then put in the chia seeds, almonds, hemp seeds, spices, and fresh flax powder. Top that with pea sprouts and dandelion leaves (from the market).( You can substitute any leafy green such as Romain, spinach or Kale.) 

Blend, add banana (frozen or fresh), 1/2 avocado, and large handful of your berries, frozen or fresh. Blend again and pour! Drink up those minerals, vitamins A, C, K, phytochemicals, lutein, enzymes, proteins, healthy fats, and flavonoids! So easy and quick. Take it from a morning zombie, "You can do this everyday!" Put your smoothie into a travel cup and enjoy your breakfast on the run, knowing you are supplying your body with something really healthy. Oh the places you will go!

Forget those fattening zero nutrition fast foods, greasy foods, donuts, bagels, or that old 'no breakfast at all' routine. Eat a healthy smoothie instead! So says the Queen in the Hat!

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