Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Serve An Old Fashioned Meat And Potatoes Dinner For Meatless Monday's Using Portobello Mushrooms

This has to be one of the best 'transition meals' you could create, especially for a partner who is 'not that into' changing up their food patterns! Notice that it looks completely like the meals you and your grandparents grew up enjoying! For this amazing tasting dinner we are using the wonderful cancer fighting foods mushroom and onions. So goodness abounds in this fool the eye recreation of comfort food. Hubby was in heaven, and I liked traveling down food memory lane too!

This dinner quickly came together since I had a box of turkey gravy leftover from Thanksgiving. I had bought this gravy for guests, and now wanted to use it up from my pantry. You can purchase whatever organic flavor gravy you wish. And to keep this meal completely vegan, you can buy, or make your own organic vegan vegetable broth gravy. 

As this is a blog for those transitioning from many facets of the standard American Diet, this meal still fits perfectly into our 'take small steps and eventually make big changes' motto. Mushrooms sliced this large are a fantastic substitute for meat. Perfect for your meatless days! I can assure you that this meal will make the newbies to new healthier choices salivate just looking at the finished dinner plate! Give this easy meal a try!

Portobello Steak and Potato Dinner

1 Huge Portobello Mushroom
1-2 onions
10 organic French fingerling red pototaos
gravy of choice

 1 Tb golden flax powder
cracked pepper
steamed asparagus
tomato slices

In order to make this dish look like sliced meat you have to buy the biggest portobello mushroom that you can find in your organic produce department. Take a look at this beauty! I put the fork in the shot so you can have a reference point for the size.

Slice up your onions, and place them into a stainless steel frying pan. Add some spring water to saute your onions till translucent, then remove the cooked onions, and set aside. Now for that meaty mushroom. After washing and trimming off the stem, cut across the mushroom evenly to create those thick meaty slices.

Place the sliced mushroom carefully into frying pan with spring water. Cover and saute slowly. Clean, and cut the organic French fingerling potatoes, boiling and bringing to a high simmer for 20 minutes. (All potatoes you ever consume absolutely must be organic! The fungicides used on regular potatoes leech into the flesh. There is no way of getting away from ingesting them. Potato farmers will not eat their own regular potatoes! Oh think of all the french fries we ate in the past.)

Keep checking the water in your mushrooms, turning slices as needed. When they get darker, add the onions back into pan along with your gravy of choice. Mix in flax powder and pepper. You can add some sage at this point if using the turkey gravy mix.

Remove and drain your potatoes from water, then slice them into large pieces. Add your fingerling chunks to the mushroom onion gravy mixture to soak up the gravy for about five to ten minutes before serving. Lightly steam fresh or frozen asparagus.

Plate with colorful sliced tomato. French fingerling potatoes have a nutty buttery flavor, and waxy texture that will complement this old school mushroom meat, and gravy meal. You'll love this dinner, especially if you are now transitioning to preparing less meats! 
Not just for 'Meatless Monday,' your family will enjoy this dish any day!


  1. great idea. Sounds delicious!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and stopping by Manu! You make beautiful looking desserts! I wish I could eat them! All the best on your food journey!

      The Queen :-D