Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Two Good Books With Similar Titles: "Eat This and Live" and "Eat To Live"

First up, is a book I picked up recently at a women's center library. I will definitely buy this one. Even if it's just to keep in the bathroom so 'visitors' will read it's easy to follow advice! It's called "Eat This and Live! - How to make simple food choices," written by Dr. Don Colbert. It is laid out like a colorful magazine article with bright graphics and photos. Each page is overflowing with information! Dr. Colbert covers all the key areas of concern with food and the health connection.   

He does this with concise quick blurbs explaining why you should make these changes and have concern about what you make your everyday food. The vast information is really quite well done for such a tiny book! Plus it's size makes it an easy pick up anytime and read book. You can read this information over and over till it sticks! So just place this one on the kitchen table to read with your morning smoothie. or in the bathroom area for anyone else. This way "they" will get the info themselves, and go "hmmmm," maybe what my crazy food evangelist friend is always talking about, really is true! haha! (I will also tell you that there are a couple of pages in the book about what the Bible says about food. So for those whom that would not be of interest, it really is only a two or three pages, and not invasive to the rest of the food information in the book.) "Eat This And Live" is simple, bright, and quick on the info! A winner for sure! So anyone just beginning to realize that food may have something to do with their overall health should get a copy. You can always get it from the library too. When you have tools like this book around the house, you can assimilate all the topics gradually, and eventually you will become an expert when it comes time to do your weekly grocery shopping! Below is a quick video to show you how this small, but powerful book looks.

The next book is by Dr. Joel Fuhrman who has been featured in most food documentaries. His book is called, "Eat To Live." When you are serious about getting healthy, this is one of the many books you should get for yourself! I recommend this book to everyone who asks what they should do. It is an in depth read, and covers all the reasons you should be eating certain foods and avoiding others. The thing about eating healthy is that you naturally lose weight, and that is the bonus of this book! Many celebrities go to Dr. Fuhrman for advice and a plan, but you can do it by just buying his book. It's wonderful that he puts the helpful sane information out there in forms where it is easily accessible to the public. His website also has other educational options, and is a good resource in itself. If you are on a budget, there is the new revised edition of the number one bestseller, "Eat To Live" in paperback, and that is just the remedy. Don't forget that in this digital age the library is still a great resource. By the way Dr. Fuhrman also did a PBS Special about nutrition, parts of which can be found online. You can go check that out for yourself, and get lost in other good nutrition videos Dr. Fuhrman has made too.
Both of these books will give you a one two punch at achieving the 'transition to changing' your knowledge of food and how it impacts your health. After all, we eat "tons" of food during our lifetime, so don't you think that has some effect on us? Below is a cheesy "E" channel video about Alanis Morissette's body improvements, and weight loss. Alanis reported they were due to following the advice in "Eat To Live." I thought it was a good example of someone who may be familiar to you (besides me) who has been making  the healthy changes to their life.

While researching Dr Fuhrman on the internet, I had to laugh at some of the people who would call his claims to change disease by eating healthy foods, "quackery." They are sadly "ill informed," or perhaps part of the industry that wants people to believe you cannot change your body, and you must eat their pills and chemicals to maintain your life "with disease." They keep you just 'well enough,' so you are alive enough, to keep taking the prescriptions. They would like you to believe in pills and procedures in order to support the industries that have built up around sickness. Just think about it. If we all got well, what would they do? So it behooves them to keep you misinformed and ill. They do not cure anything at all, they maintain you. That particular outlook on the body, my friends is the work of real quackery and snake oil salesmen. Follow the money trail in all things of this world. The proper foods and your own body, can cure many things, and certainly improve most others. I for one can testify to reversing my diabetes, lowering my cholesterol, lowering my blood pressure, having a big weight loss, while improving my overall well being, just by changing the food I eat! The body is quite capable of healing itself, thank you very much!

I prefer to gather advice from many different people, and the continuing thread for all the people or doctors I do respect, is they support good nutrition through eating clean non-toxic food, which happen to be mostly vegetables and fruits. There always seems to be differences of opinion on salts, supplements, and good fats etc. In my opinion everybody can make minor changes to the real whole foods lifestyle to suit their own body type. Just be sure to follow the major influence of lots of fresh raw veggies, juicing organic veggies, buying clean local produce, no toxic processed industrialized food stuffs, no fast foods, and if you are not vegan - local pastured grass fed chicken, and meats. Soon enough your cupboards will be full of the "right foods" to enjoy!

Give yourself time to make the changes. Don't give up, eventually the knowledge will come to you, and you will be the expert. When it comes time for you to go grocery and produce shopping, don't forget to take along my free downloadable shopping list! (see page tab above called shopping list). We use this shopping list every week now, and we are zooming through the store! Actually we always hit up two stores. One is a natural organic foods co-op, and the other is Wegman's, which has a large organic selection. We bring our big freezer bag, and reusable shopping bags. Luckily our co-op has a juice bar with a small healthy cafe, and we make a fun time of having a custom juice and something to eat first. You never want to shop for food hungry! So don't forget to take along the organization of my shopping list, because once you learn where all the "new to you" items are in your market, you will be zooming too!

UPDATE: I eventually became what Dr. Joel Fuhrman calls a "Nutritarian" (which is a person interested and following a nutrient dense food lifestyle) and a also patient of Dr. Fuhrman Associates. You can join his website and read the 'Ask The Doctor' threads which are most helpful for your own Q&A about nutrition and overall great health.

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