Friday, July 27, 2012

Berry Green Dandelion Super Smoothie!

During hot summer weather, a morning smoothie is a fantastic way to start your day! Thick, rich, and oh so delicious, this smoothie is loaded with goodness! And you might just want to eat it with a spoon! Thinking you must be having dessert, you will not even realize the nutrients you are getting! I can dig it! Filled with hemp seeds, chia, flax, and dandelion greens...all super foods. Hey! The rest of the ingredients are not too shabby either! Healthy and like dessert? That's just crazy! Try it for yourself!

Dandelion Berry Green Smoothie
4 large dandelion greens
3 Romain leaves large
6 oz coconut water
2 tsp flax powder 
2 tsp chia seeds 
2 tsp hemp seeds 
2 Bananas
6 frozen strawberries
handful of fresh blueberries
Michele's Cherry Chocolate Granola

Tear off the leafy part of your dandelion greens and drop into a good blender. Tear up Romain lettuce and add to the blender along with the coconut water. Blend and pulse till liquid. (I have been so happy to find out that my 25 plus year old Osterizer Blend-Matic 12 blender can handle greens! Obviously a product made before planned obsolescence.) 

Now add the chia, flax, and the hemp seeds. Let chia soak a bit, while you peel the bananas. (Some people place their peeled bananas in the freezer, before they make the smoothie to get them cold or frozen.) Time to add your berries, then pulse and blend. 

Pour and Serve! Adding some Michele's Cherry Chocolate Granola is optional, but this will add a nice crunch and breakfast feel to your smoothie. Yum! I hope you try this combination while blueberries are in season! Oh, and you do not taste the greens at all. So no worries newbies, this is a winner in the super taste department too!