Monday, April 16, 2012

Success! Reversing Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholestrol With Plants

Yea Baby! The plan is working! Eat Organic Plants! Juice organic vegetables! And heal yourself! Here is the proof from my most recent lab results and doctor visits. These numbers clearly show that changing what you put into your body has an impact on many key areas of health. By changing just the "quality" of the food you eat, it is possible to change unhealthy body conditions without pharmaceuticals. The super good part is that this food tastes so much better than the old way of eating! I love this food adventure! 

These changes are for a hypothyroid patient who was told on many occasions by doctors, that she would never lose the weight that the low metabolism disease had caused. Last June when this chronically diseased body's low metabolism weight gain had caused me to turn into a diabetic, I said, "enough!" What can I do?" I watched two important documentaries, "Simply Raw," and "Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead." Go to my "Inspiration To Begin page" and "Diabetic Tips" Pages to learn more about these films.

I found my answer to regaining my health and quality of life, in organic produce! Yum! I am so excited with these changes that are happening, especially my energy level! Now going into the next phase of my plan, I will add exercise, as I realize this addition will be an important improvement to my health as well. Now that I am lighter, I actually feel like I could start moving my body in new ways. So remember I did all these changes as a hypothyroid low metabolism body type with no exercise. It can be done! And most people can do it even quicker if they do not have thyroid issues. Did I mention I am never hungry!?! There are always good foods you can snack on!

Yesterday I ran around my house chasing my 3 year old granddaughter in a game of tag! A year ago I couldn't get up off the sofa, or walk across a room. This improvement is huge! Today during my endocrinologist appointment he told me I was a really good patient! That's because of all the personal interest I take in what is going on with my body, keeping my medical records binder, and of course my fantastic success with eating mostly plants! He said things are still going to improve with me! Whoo hoo! Give me a shiny star!

I began to change my diet to be mostly organic plants, and juicing vegetables in June 2011. Here are the results:

A1C (Reading of the sugar in your blood cells that stays there for 3 months) 
(Reference for Normal 4.4 - 6.4)
May 2011 - 6.7
Nov 2011 - 6.4
April 2012 - 6.1

Daily Blood Sugar:
(Reference for Normal - 70 - 99)
June - Aug  2011 -  Daily Readings ranged from 102 - 176 (average was 130)
Sept - Dec 2011 - Daily Readings ranged from  91 - 125 (average was 110)
April 2012 - Daily Readings Ranged from 74 - 96 (my average now is 86)

Cholesterol Changes:
(Reference for Normal with no chance of heart attack is 150)
April 2009 - 197
May 2011 - 170 
April 2012 - 165

Weight loss Changes:
Sept 2011 - 15 pounds gone
December 2011 - 25 pounds gone
April 2012 - 40 pounds gone

Medicine Changes:
June 2011 - Immediately dropped the diabetes medicine Metformin after two weeks, and said, "no way!" to taking pills to control something I knew I could change with better quality food. My doctor had given me 3 months to prove I could do it, and I did!
December 2011 - Dropped one of my two blood pressure medications. 

We are not done yet folks! So If you know anyone suffering with Diabetes, Obesity, and Thyroid problems please, please, please refer them to my blog, so they can learn how to help themselves and improve the quality of their lives! I want everyone to feel this good! And of course this change to eating tasty, healthy, locally sourced, organic non-toxic, foods is fantastic for anyone! It's okay to take your time to make these changes while you learn about new foods. Just start reading the pages at the top of my blog, for helpful hints and tips to make the transition to a new way of eating for you and your loved ones! Be good to yourself! You are worth it!

UPDATE: You can now read my 'one year after' blog post report here, on more of my fantastic personal health improvements from eating and juicing organic plants! The results are life changing!!!

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  1. Way to go Crystal!!! You are an inspiration!

  2. Thank you! I really, really want other people to learn how wonderful good clean tasty food can heal them from the inside!

  3. You are an amazing woman. What an incredible story. After reading your blog, I think I will try to eat better too.


  4. Awww thank you so much Cheri! Just knowing it might help someone else, especially you or your loved ones, touches my heart.