Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quick N' Easy Hummus Dinner

Can we have hummus all day? I would! Let's make some for dinner! Just remember to soak 
your dried garbanzo beans the night before, or if you forgot then use canned garbanzos.

Whip up in the food processor, my Baba Ghanoush style hummus with eggplant. Go chop fresh tomato, cucumber, yellow peppers, dragon beans, onion and cashews. Really just chop up whatever variety of fresh veggies from your garden, 
CSA, or farmers market, that you have on hand. You know what you like!

Heat whole wheat Naan style flat bread in the toaster oven. We keep our 
Naan bread in the freezer, so we always have a few packs ready to make a meal. 

Spread the hummus thickly on the Naan flat bread.

Arrange your fresh raw veggies over the Naan. Looks like a pizza! Oh Yes! That works!

Now wasn't that easy? Just slice and serve!

Another variation on this hummus dinner theme is even easier! Cut the Naan bread into fourths, and place some hummus and mixed chopped veggies right on the dinner plate! There you go...all done. That way every one can just make their own little hummus roll-ups! Either way, hummus served simply with fresh chopped veggies on Naan flat bread, or even a pita, makes a surprisingly satisfying dinner. As always serve with a side of fresh made vegetable juice! Be healthy!

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