Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Consider Trying Bison Burgers

For those folks in transition that still enjoy eating meat, a healthier alternative to beef is Bison. Also known as American Buffalo, grass fed Bison is leaner, so the total fat, cholesterol and calories are lower than a beef burger. You can view a chart of the nutritional differences between meats here, where you can see Bison has higher iron and B-12 values than other meats, with the exception of salmon. When I was still eating meat earlier this summer, I found Bison to be quite tasty. It's true, although I did not plan on it, I have naturally transitioned into a vegan at this point. My hubby still eats some meat, and I like to allow everyone to change their food patterns at their own pace. That is why I am posting this alternative to the red meat you may usually may eat, as I like to support you no matter where you may be at this time with your own food choices.

For us there happens to be a Bison farm in operation not too far from where we live, as you can see in the photo below it's a really gorgeous farm to drive by. Unfortunately they never opened a store at this location. We would have to travel quite a distance to get to their other Bison farm, where they have a store set up to sell the Bison Meat. 

Since that is inconvenient, we purchased this pound of a different brand of ground bison meat at the natural food market. If you do not have a Bison farm nearby in your area, other options are that you may find Bison meat at natural markets, large farmers markets, Whole Foods, and online

Because Bison meat is leaner, you want to cook it lower and slower than beef. Take your time, no need to rush. I did not add anything to the burger meat below. I handled the meat lightly when making the patties, and then gave to Ben to grill.

For our burgers we added some fresh avocado, onion. lettuce, and heirloom tomato. Although I prefer no roll myself, the roll of choice was from Ezekial's frozen sprouted breads. Dinner was served with ears of fresh sustainably farmed non-GMO corn! Yum! I also made a relish of chopped raw corn kernels, onion, cucumbers and tomatoes from the CSA, drizzled with a light balsamic vinaigrette. A light and tasty weekend meal! Since working with Bison meat may be new to many people I found some helpful videos for you to view below.

The video above shows the basics of grilling and handling ground bison. The video below shows a slightly different version using a marinade in the ground Bison for extra moisture. I think you will see this is a very easy meat to work with on the grill or in the kitchen. Be brave and try new things. This makes food an adventure! Even if I'll be having a portobello mushroom burger myself. Just sayin'. Things changed for me.


Bison comes in all the other meat cuts you know such as steaks, roasts, and sausages. If you see Bison offered at your local restaurant, give it a try. It's a far better alternative to eating other meats, and I think you will really like the change of pace.

Looks like a cute family. Just so you know, Bison can run up to 40 miles per hour, so don't be climbing over the fence.


  1. Hiya! It's interesting what you're doing ... tho I did chuckle at the hat the bison hamburger chef is wearing.

  2. Thanks Bill! I am so happy you dropped by! The hat is quite a head turner! haha!