Monday, June 11, 2012

Baba Ghanoush Eggplant Hummus

Loving the homemade hummus! Once you make your own hummus you will not want that container from the store. It's the difference between store bought potato salad and your homemade potato salad recipe. I decided in an effort to cut back on the oil usually found in hummus, to make a version with no added oil. Yes there is some oil in the tahini, but we don't need to add another 1/4 cup to make this hearty appetizer.

Baba Ghanoush Eggplant Hummus

1 large can rinsed chickpeas, or 2 cups dried cooked garbanzo beans after soaking overnight
1-2 garlic cloves minced
1/2 lemon juice or 2-3 Tbs lemon juice
3 tbs water or organic low sodium vegetable broth
2 Tbs Tahini paste
1 tsp cumin 
Himalayan or sea salt to taste
2 tbs sesame seeds (you can roast if you wish)
1 1/4 cooked eggplant or flesh from 1 eggplant
2 tbs hemp seeds 
2 tsp curry powder
2 tsp garam masala 
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp Penzeys taco seasoning 
1 tsp Penzey's Sunny Paris 

I used dried garbanzo beans, soaking them over night in the refrigerator. Covering  beans with water in a large bowl, so it is about 2-3 inches higher than the garbanzo beans. When ready to make your hummus, pour out liquid from bowl, rinse, place beans in cooking pot and cover with fresh water an inch over beans. Cook beans for one hour. Let cool. If you are using canned garbanzo beans to save time, rinse them first. When picking out your organic or local eggplant from from the produce department be sure to feel the top stem. You want to feel a sharp prickling sensation from those top green areas. If they are smooth and brownish then the eggplant is not fresh.

While your beans are cooking, y
ou can roast your eggplant which is sliced in half at 400 degrees till soft, or for about 45 minutes. Just scoop out the insides when ready, and let cool. Or you can peel, chop and cube an eggplant, and then lightly sizzle in a frying pan with some organic low sodium vegetable broth until tender. If you do need to add oil to keep the eggplant pieces from sticking to your pan, use only a teeny tiny bit of olive oil. When finished set aside. Gather the rest of your ingredients. I have listed some estimated measuring amounts for the various spices. Honestly, I just add them as I go to my taste. So if you like more or less of something, just do your thing!

After your beans and eggplant are ready, place each ingredient listed into your food processor or good blender, and run for a minute or two until proper consistency. Taste for spices and salt. Add whatever you feel it needs, and pulse a few more times till mixed. If it seems too thick, I like adding a tablespoon of vegetable broth at a time, till it seems correct. Scrape out your hummus mixture into a glass container and sprinkle with paprika.

Now get out 'Doctor Crackers Seedlander Crisps' and dig in to your fantastic homemade appetizer! You can bring your hummus to a summer party, or just serve to your bad self with a few of your favorite organic multi-whole-grain chips. Even better would be to dip into the hummus with some carrot and celery sticks. We love adding some hummus to a wholesome veggie wrap too! So just be happy, and Indulge your afternoon snack fever!

Update: I have made this hummus without the tahini, added water, or vegetable broth. I used a water saute method (no oil) to cook the cubed eggplant for about 20 minutes. Cover and cook just until eggplant is translucent and remove from pan. Set aside in a bowl to cool, and drain off the water as you add to your hummus mixture. This type of cooked eggplant is very moist, and I found that it provides the liquid needed. If the hummus then comes out too moist, just add one tablespoon of hemp seeds and one tablespoon ground golden flax powder and pulse in food processor till desired consistency. Adjust spices as needed. Refrigerate in glass container, it will thicken more in the fridge. Yum!

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