Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Green Polka Dot Box

There is another option for those people too busy to shop for their healthy food, natural personal care, and green household products in person. If you prefer to do your shopping mostly online, now there is 'Green Polka Dot Box.' This buying club includes a yearly membership fee, which start at $50.00. They do have a one month trial program, in which you can try out this online service, and see if it's right for you. Once you sign up, the products of your choice are delivered to your door at a discounted price, and will include a delivery fee if purchases are under a certain dollar amount. If you decide to use 'The Green Polka Dot Box' you can feel good knowing that they only stock Non-GMO food products. Unfortunately they only deliver their fresh organic produce on the western half of the United States. All the other products are available nationwide. If this is something that suits your busy lifestyle, you can read more about this new service at the 'Green Polka Dot Box' website.

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