Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dandelion Parsley Golden Beet Juice

Today's juice contains a healthy dose of dandelion greens and parsley. The unusual color of the golden beet keeps this juice from turning the usual red. Use a small beet for those not used to juicing beets. Your liver also has to get used to the powerful effect of detoxing that beets can provide. Build yourself up gradually. Don't overdo parsley either.

Since this is an earthy tasting treat, you can add an optional Granny Smith Apple to sweeten the flavor. The celery and cucumber keep it light, and the ginger gives a little zing. Lot's of goodness in this juice! Dandelions, parsley, ginger and beets all have qualities which are known to fight cancer. Raw is best.

Dandelion Parsley Golden Beet Juice

1 handful of Dandelion Greens
1 Small Handful of Parsley
4 stalks of celery
1 small Golden Beet peeled
1 Cucumber
1 inch Ginger peeled
1 Granny Smith Apple

Always remember to peel any produce that is not organic. Place each item into your juicer. This recipe makes two to three glasses of fresh green juice. Drink up!

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