Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's The Reclaiming My Health Series!

The Epic Tale Of How This Blog Came Into Existence From The Void! The Tragedy! The Hope! The Juice! Yes, I finally completed all three parts of the internationally acclaimed "Reclaiming My Health Series." haha! I know you never heard of it! This is the twisted tale that has been posted on my sister blog called "The Painting Queen." It's the story of my personal evolution from chronic illness, to vibrant healthy me! This is the full on explanation of what it is like to have multiple diseases, combined with the weight gain from 'Hashimoto's hypothyroidism,'. and a bunch of other nifty junk. I can't even remember all of them, as that is not where I live anymore... let me see... Diabetes, high blood pressure, extreme menopause, IBS, RLS, low Vitamin D levels, no sleep for three years, pre-cancerous cells on my uterus, and a doctor turning me into a hyper-thyroid with heart palpitations.... If you or anyone you know has suffered from some of these things, they might get something out of this "story." Everyone is different...but the same too. If you know what I mean.

This series covers my three year journey from bodily system failures, to being revived by Juicing organic plants and eating organic clean vegetables! There are even before and after photos of me! Truly awful too! ha! So get the dirty low down of how I ended up birthing a food/health/social justice blog with the links below to all three parts of this "crazy-mega-mini-me-series!" As my hubby says, "It's all true!" Hopefully the tips, explanations of symptoms, and the proof that eating clean organic plants worked for me in many ways, will help others to reclaim their good health too! I still have extreme menopause, and that's another story. It's like a personal sauna every hour. It must be for some good reason?!!! Also as an artist, I will say that the digital artwork I created to begin each post of this health series, represents how I felt during that phase.

The Reclaiming My Health Series

"The Unknown" - How to mentally handle chronic illness.

Part Two:  
"Hashimoto's Is More Than A Cool Sounding Name" - Living with multiple medical issues, and dealing with being unable to do everyday tasks.

Part Three: 
"The Victory Garden For Reversing Chronic Illness" - 
A Cautionary Tale About 'Medical World,' and finding my answer in Juicing Organic Vegetables, while researching the not-so-nice industrialized food system.

Just a little sumthin' for inspiration!


  1. Jamie Oliver is amazing-love him!!
    And i can highly recommend to your readers your series--it's so inspiring!

  2. Tamera, thank you so much for your kind comment! Jaime just hits it!!!!