Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free Ebook About Eating and Health

Kevin Gianni Of "The Renegade Health Show" is offering for a limited time, a free E- Book. It's called "High Raw." It is a wonderful overview of getting healthy in every area of your life. Of course the e-book's main emphasis is on tips and information about getting started eating raw uncooked vegetables. Kevin believes in 75% raw uncooked veggies, 20% cooked veggies, and 5% fun! Now this does not mean that you must follow those exact numbers. Just adding more, and more, raw uncooked veggies, and fruits, to your life, will help you in your quest to be healthier. I do pretty well getting the rainbow of fruits and veggies into my diet these days, but with my thyroid issues, certain dark green veggies have to be cooked before I can eat them. Which is why I use some other greens like dandelion and parsley when juicing my raw veggies. I feel that if you are continuing to look for ways to improve your own vitality, the information in this e-book can only help, regardless of your personal preferences about food. Get the free e-book while you can! Go to this link for instructions on downloading "High Raw."

I also enjoy watching Kevin's You Tube videos from his "The Renegade Health Show," on a plethora of topics! He and his wife Annmarie have a friendly down to earth style of talking about food and lifestyle. On this You Tube Channel Kevin Gianni has interviews with many people involved in the whole food movement. So get the free E-book, and watch some videos all for free! So says the go for the greens Queen!

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