Monday, May 28, 2012

The Queen's Table Has A Facebook Page

In order to serve you better...I created a new facebook page called "The Queens Table Blog" just for those tech savvy peeps who like to follow their blog friends on facebook. So now I also confess to adding the ubiquitous "Like" button on this blog too. It is located In the right hand column. I will probably be adding some other social networking buttons as well. What's happening to me? Did I drink some Kool-Aid? Anyway I think that's what the guy above is drinking. Hot steaming Kool-Aid.

Since we are talking about the silly business of blogging... Here is a quick suggestion to the new followers of 'The Queen's Table' blog. I have spent many hours researching the information that inspires a person to get healthy, and placed it on the pages above to make your change to a new way of eating, and purchasing of foods easy! I want you to succeed! You can do this! Please use the page tabs located at the top of this blog to find many valuable links, videos, websites, articles on food, health, and social justice topics. My best  recommendation is to go to the 'Inspiration' page and pick out a few documentaries to watch. Once you learn what is going on in the industrialized food world, you will never go back to the sad food choices of your past. You will know too much! That is a good thing!!! Then read "Get Started', 'Substitutions,' and the 'Avoid' pages. These will help you stay on track during your transition. You will love your new more flavorful food! Here's to happy organic eating, and juicing!

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