Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Fat Sick And Nearly Dead" Is Now Free To View Online!

UPDATE: April 2013! This may be temporary, but Joe has posted the entire movie on You Tube this month. You can view it here for FREE.

UPDATE 2013! "Join the Reboot" has just launched a revision to their website in the United States, it is called Reboot With Joe. It features the movie "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" to watch for free on Hulu! Go there right now if you have never watched this film! It will inspire you!!! This is the one that truly moved me to action! After you are finished watching the film you can join the 'Reboot Community' to get information about juicing for your health!!!! This is so wonderful! Please take advantage of this opportunity!!! You will love this documentary! Get your friends to watch too! This is Joe Cross's gift to the people! "Thanks Joe for making it so easy to inspire others to help themselves!"

If you know others who would benefit by viewing this film you can buy a copy of Fat Sick & Nearly Dead to share with those you love! I did this for my family and friends! Sometimes it is much more comfortable watching on the big screen of your living room TV than on a computer. 

Me Just One Year After Watching FS&ND!

Read my story on how changing my lifestyle to one of juicing fresh organic vegetables and eating veggies and fruits changed my life here. After one year I have lost 65 pounds without trying to lose weight! My intention was to get healthy and try to reverse diabetes which I did! This post includes my medical lab report numbers which prove the many improvements that will occur! Let your body heal you from the inside out!

Also don't forget to go to my Inspiration Page where I list many other documentaries that will empower you to thrive in a more healthy radiant body! Learn why you should choose real food, and not processed dead food, to be a vibrant healthy person. The bonus is that when you change the quality of what you eat, you will just naturally lose weight too. The knowledge about your food is your power! There are so many helpful films free on the internet and Netflix. You can do this!!!! We are here to help you with the jam packed information page tabs at the top of this blog. Go to the various green tabs above for info on substitutions for the foods you have a habit of eating now, what foods to avoid, and how to get started on changing your conditioning when it comes to going food shopping! When you choose healthy foods there is no calorie counting, and no membership fees.  Join me on this journey to feeling great! You can also use this list of documentaries to purchase DVD's to own.

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