Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chia! Chia! A Healthy Breakfast Choice

Oh yes, it's the same 'chia-chia' you rubbed on that clay head, to grow some green chia hair, in the seventies and eighties! Silly humans! Alright I confess I had a chia head! Little did we realize back then that those tiny seeds we were playing with, are one of the most nutritious and beneficial foods on the planet! These little ancient seeds grown by the Aztecs, will do you a world of good! They contain more Omega 3 than flax, five times more calcium than milk, fantastic dietary fiber, they are an excellent source of iron and trace minerals, and they are low glycemic! Sounds like a power food to me!

You only need a few tablespoons of chia per bowl, then add fruit, nuts, gogi berries, spice, and almond milk. Let it sit for a few minutes to gel up, and then perhaps add a splash more almond milk. Use hot water to make a hot cereal mix if you prefer.

I purchased the cereal online kept them in the freezer till needed. Then I stored my opened chia bag in the refrigerator. You can see in the Chia Goodness cereal mix above that it also contains buckwheat (which is a fruit seed), hulled hemp seeds, celtic sea salt, and pumpkin seeds too.

Some people make their own cereal mix from chia seeds, and call it chia pudding. I use plain chia in all kinds of recipes including soups, sauces, and smoothies. Just add water to the seeds first to let them create their gelled magic. Going dairy free? You can use chia in place of an egg in baking recipes.

Having a chia breakfast one or two times a week, is part of my effort to cut back on eggs. I use almond, coconut, or hemp milk instead of cows milk. These milks taste great, and contain no dairy fat, antibiotics, or hormones! Plus remember, the chia alone contains five time the calcium of milk. No moo needed.

We stay stocked up on this gelatinous healthful seed! 

As with any cereal, you can add whatever you personally like onto your chia mix, as the chia itself imparts no flavor other than some nutty crunch. I love loading my chia breakfast with sliced apple and cinnamon. Which is doubly great for Diabetics, because cinnamon helps in lowering blood sugar, and chia is low glycemic, as it's fiber moves very slowly through your system. So go ahead and indulge in a quick, easy, healthy breakfast of Chia! Chia! Smile brightly and know you are doing something good for your body! Gee... I wish I still had that super smiley chia head!

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  1. This is the best thing ever you have for your breakfast !!! thank you for this healthy post !!