Friday, May 18, 2012

Whats That? Blood Oranges!

I'm having a bit-o-fun celebrating the release of the old afternoon soap opera turned movie, "Dark Shadows." So here is a snack Barnabas Collins, (seen in my graphic below) and Edward Cullen might enjoy.  We purchased Blood Oranges a month or so ago, just to give them a try, as I had never eaten one. I felt they were not as flavorful as regular oranges, and rather creepy looking when cut open...Although "Someone" thought they were very sweet and delicious. Hmmm... who knew Barnabas was into plants too!
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To get in the proper mood one must listen to this short clip and look at photo above!

Dark Shadows Original Version As Seen After School Daily

The Campy New Tim Burton Version with Johnny Depp

This post is dedicated to my childhood friend 'Ginman'. May the seventies live on!

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