Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pesto Quinoa Sweet Potato Golden Beet Black Bean Veggie Bowl Of Comfort Food

That's a mouthful to say! It's got so much going on! This tasty colorful comfort food bowl full of vitamins and protein is very satisfying. Maybe I should add in some avocados and I would have all my favorite foods in one bowl! Mmmmmm. You can make this bountiful bowl with the root vegetables that you may have roasted on the previous day, like I did. Yes this bowl could be using up items that you may already have open in the fridge like those beans from your soup, salsa, or tacos. The leftover mushroom gravy quinoa with peppers and onions from the night before. Pesto you already made or have purchased in a container. Regardless of how you get the ingredients together it will be a bowl full of yum! Of course if you are using up leftovers that makes it super easy. Many other produce items can be substituted for what you have on hand. Get creative! If you have to start from scratch here is the rundown. This would make a great lunch meal for work too!

Pesto Quinoa Sweet Potato Golden Beet Black Bean 
Veggie Bowl

Sweet potatoes
Golden Beets 
Green peppers
Kale, spinach, or chard
Black beans
Mushroom gravy
Hemp seeds
optional: avocados!

Re warm your cut up and roasted sweet potatoes, beets, onions -  see recipe here.

Cook quinoa in pot for 10 minutes. 1 cup quinoa to 2 cups water covered. Bring to a boil then simmer like rice. Fluff when your quinoa has ringlets. 

Saute in water some chopped onion, chopped peppers, sliced mushrooms, chopped radicchio, plus a large handful of kale, spinach, or chard. Then add a box of organic mushroom gravy and lightly stir. Add in the cooked quinoa and 1/2 cup of black beans. Lightly stir again.

Place you quinoa veggie and gravy mixture in bowl. Scatter your root vegetables over the top, sprinkle hemp seeds, and add a big scoop of pesto!

Curl up with this bowl and enjoy! Be happy, be healthy, be peace!

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