Friday, February 7, 2014

White House Promotion, Propaganda, And Healthy Fast Food? It's All Natural!

Old fashioned deception, just as in the old photo above... can be obvious as well as silly. Something occurred in the media recently that brings attention to the 'tactic of deception' which is commonly used upon the public at large. Before we talk about the national news event, I'd like you to view the first video below. It is a fun parody of advertising companies that create propaganda for processed food producers. Making a number of great points, this video is key to watch before getting to the 'real life' videos lower down on this blog post, which concern a promotional event held by a government celebrity. First Lady Michelle Obama promotes fast food as the answer to our health problems. How "natural."

So... lets talk 'all natural' first. It's as meaningless as 'gluten-free' water. Transitioning off processed foods for a couple of years now, we like to explain that we are mostly all organic and GMO free. We don't say we are 'all natural.' That would be ludicrous. Reading labels and researching what we eat has resulted in much better health, losing weight, and even reversing disease. After learning what the mega-corporations have been up to the past century I don't believe everything I am told. Some American stories may die hard, but die they must, in order to live. Many know so little about what they put into their body. 

Being ill sucks! I know. My body has been a processed food victim. I, like other Americans, was ignorant to the cause of my pain. Now that I am aware I see the effects of processed foods upon others daily. The abundance of toxic, processed, no nutrient foods, that people eat all day, every day, is killing them. Like many of my generation the lure of the processed food paradigm is how we were trained from birth. It made an impression on our minds as children who generally do not question the television, or adults. There it begins... get the children hooked and you have customers for life. The result has been that obesity and disease have skyrocketed in our children, as well as ourselves. Cancer is rampant in the young and old. The greedy corporate owners sold us empty calories and toxic fake foods through advertising, psychology, and the belief that all we really are is "consumers." Addictive craving is purposely built into the paradigm, it's called fat, sugar, salt, MSG, and any food chemical that will work. See my post here about that mess. They hook you on fake food that is created in labs and call them "all natural."  Many hear or see the word natural, and assume that food must be better than the other brand. "Natural" means absolutely nothing except perhaps the food is even more dangerous to consume. Clever words such as "natural flavorings" cover hidden ingredients like chemicals and MSG. Watch the video below and enjoy!

I just LOVED that video! 200% natural! Absolute perfection! A good sense of humor can bring attention to important issues when done well. This one is a winner! Please share that video with your friends and family! The next subject is the 'Subway restaurant' promotion pushed by the White House. Pay attention to the words chosen in the clip of that national news event below. Moms are made out to be adults who cannot handle the preparation of road food, so let's give up on even trying to plan our healthy meal or snack options. Give in and go to a fast food restaurant instead, since your kids must be whining. Better yet... go the 'brand" we promote. Subway and Pepsico to the rescue!

Really, is that what it takes??? As someone who does try to promote a healthier food lifestyle I say instead: Consider buying fresh whole organic foods, grow your own pesticide free foods, eat at home, make your lunch for work, and bring your own healthy snacks for time in the car. Eating questionable foods on the road should be a last resort. Know your area. Find the organic, vegan, vegetarian, farm to table, sustainable, restaurant alternatives for when you have to eat on the run. Visit a Co-op, Farmers Market, or a Whole Foods type food market and make a salad when on vacation too. Fast food is not what comes to mind when I think of how to change our food paradigm to create healthy children and families. 

Fast food and packaged convenience foods are a major cause of our ills. Disease, obesity and cancer often result from that sad processed food world. It just does not work as the answer to promote more of the same. How do I know? Just by switching to organic whole foods, I and others have created huge changes towards better health including reversing diabetes. Shipping mass amounts of processed conventional food stuffs across our country, and the world, involves chemicals. Lots of toxic chemicals... and pesticides. Corporations have known for decades about the problems that this fake food creates for human health. Yet this unhealthy lifestyle is chosen to represent needed change. The rich celebrities we see endorsing fast food do not really eat there, they generally eat at the restaurants in town that cater to the wealthy. Here comes a first lady who supposedly represents healthier choices and concern for our children promoting fast food too.... Hallelujah! It's business as usual making huge amounts of money selling convenience food. If you reached out to a nation of children and adults to get them healthier, would you promote a questionable fast food brand that also sells junk snax and soda for another multi-national company

Michelle Obama, a major government celebrity, just joined the ranks of sports celebs in advertising which fast food franchise to spend your food money on. This is your healthy solution America! And Subway? Is that particular restaurant chain the best America can do when it comes to fast food? My memories of eating at Subway are the time spent in the bathroom the next day. The list is long concerning the problems with promoting this choice to reach children. The video below goes over a few of the concerns that people who know food ingredients have with Subway's menu. Personally I think this is a shrewd marketing ad campaign pretending to be a public service for Subway and Pepsico. My first thought was, who did this corporation give some big bucks to? Then I see they have an agreement to spend 41 million dollars promoting healthy foods? More ads for junk fake foods? Give me a break! Michelle Obama, I thought the organic garden campaign was a good idea, "move your body" was a good idea, but fast processed foods... not so much. Who is deceiving who? And why?

If for some reason I was going to pick a fast food restaurant out of what is available in the current marketplace it would have been Chipotle. At the very least they try to be a more farm to table sustainable operation in some areas of their food when possible. Simple whole food ingredients, some organic, some from local farms, along with telling you which of their products contain GMO's. Although not perfect, they are certainly more forward thinking than Subway, and a better role model for the future of large scale processed fast food. So why didn't Michelle Obama chose the "Chipotle" model of fast food? Could it be that Subway is the second biggest restaurant chain in the U.S. and they sell Pepsico products to boot? Money and political clout... Ta Da! Subway has been crowned the healthiest fast food in the land. Children and parents you now have nothing to worry about, for your healthy food problem is solved... Not!

Anyway, you got great words like "all natural," and hubby's favorites "premium" and "deluxe" to describe your processed food choices! Can I have a little "Mega" with that please? Isn't that all we really need to sustain our bodies? Conveniently located purveyors of questionable food made from questionable ingredients. 

Really? No thank you. Nothing good ever comes from not telling the truth. I am 'naturally' offended by this piece of deception from the First Lady. There is no benefit to children's health from promoting more corporate food lies. The Queen is not amused.

I know many moms who have no problem making organic whole food lunches and snacks to keep their children happy at home and on the road. I think we are smarter than this corporate promotional propaganda gobbledygook. Add your voice to a conversation that is needed in our country about our everyday food choices. I invite you to spread the word, as well as these videos, my friends. Promote organic, and support those restaurants and markets who sell organic products and whole foods. Be happy. Be healthy. Be peace.

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