Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes Are A Gluten Free Decadent Delight!

Surprised to see such a sweet food on this blog? Well I wanted to show you that when you transition from processed foods to eating mostly organic whole fruits and vegetables there is still a little wiggle room on occasion. Oh my! Pancakes are one of those old style eating favorites, and if done correctly, I can still enjoy them a few times a year. I don't go crazy wishing and longing, when I know eventually I will have a plate of yummy pancakes one day. Buckwheat pancakes make that happen for me! Buckwheat is actually related to rhubarb and not wheat, so it is gluten free by nature. It is even high in protein and antioxidants! A good source of magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, calcium, and potassium, this buckwheat flour rocks! You can see that even though this breakfast looks mighty 'ooey and gooey,' there are still lots of goodies to be gotten by eating this delightful dish. Plus buckwheat is a good form of soluble fiber which is good for our glucose metabolism. Throw down some fresh fruit or berries, and we have a winner!

I choose to live my life like a Gypsy Queen in a fairy tale. I have Unicorn friends ... and a King! My King is the best in the whole wide world, and I think it is evident in the photo below that he is a sweetheart. On occasion my King pampers me and prepares my breakfast after a glorious Sunday morning slumber. So whether it be a healthy morning green smoothie, or the rare decadent treat of having buckwheat pancakes... it is fully appreciated. This is not a regular recipe post by me since this is something my husband does for me. I think most people can follow the directions on any of the brands named below.

Ben likes to make smaller pancakes... that way I can pile a few on my plate and feel totally indulgent!

We are fortunate to have real maple syrup in the refrigerator made by a family member to pour across our hot hearty blueberry buckwheat pancakes too. Nothing like the real thing! Such a delicate sweetness! You can of course top the pancake stack with more fruit, or a homemade whipped cream. We usually do not have anything beyond fruit, nuts, or maple syrup as a topping on pancakes. On this day we had some left over whipped topping called Truwhip ( 70% organic, gluten free, no high fructose corn syrup, and 2g sugar per serving) from the holidays in the freezer. Not something we would normally purchase, but it was better than the old whip we used to eat. The Hubby thought the combination of syrup and whip was way too sweet. Perhaps ... although this opportunity for pleasure is no time to be restrained ... as the Queen is going for voluptuous! Ha! Every three or four months I will savor this moment of the pancake gods .....buckwheat!

Yes, I also had seconds of this splendid morning treat. The lesson I wanted you to take from this post is your comfort food life is not over! I wanted you to see that there can be times when it's okay to draw outside the lines with your food, and still make healthier choices than your old ways. I do not do dairy, but in this case I allow myself to eat something made with a cage free organic egg. Hubby does use almond milk for the milk requirement. You can use a flax or chia egg as a dairy replacement instead of chicken egg. We try to do most recipes within the "good/better/best" paradigm. It's good to use the Truwhip. It's better to use buckwheat and real maple syrup. It's best to use lots of fresh or frozen berries. Don't eat pancakes everyday, but when you do... fully enjoy! Then go back to morning green smoothies!

Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

Follow directions on organic buckwheat flour package of choice or availability in your store. Add in fresh seasonal berries, or frozen blueberries. Use real maple syrup. Bob's Red Mill is usually the brand that hubby uses to make pancakes. He prefers the ease of the mixes, but he has also made the pancakes from scratch as well. Recipes are on the back of the packages.

Always grateful for my dear husband whose thoughtful care and concern for me have been a blessing in my life throughout my medical issues. He has also taken on our new food paradigm and supported the organic food all the way! Thanks hon! Now in our healthy healing mode we are looking forward to the next decadent foodie dream come true! Since... sometimes Ben makes me banana walnut buckwheat pancakes! Paradise! 

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