Wednesday, September 25, 2013

76 Pound Weight Loss Before and After Photos On My New "About Page"

Well there you go! Proof of my plant powered success and remarkable changes! This new 'before and after' photo starts off the The Queen''s Table reworked "About" page! This type of photo really gets people's attention, so I hope it is inspirational to those who need to get well. My plant-powered 76 pound weight loss makes a difference in my photos, and my life! What you cannot see is what happened inside of my body and in every cell! The weight loss occurred as a bonus to all the sickness and disease that I have reversed. This manifested simply by transitioning to an organic whole foods lifestyle and by removing toxic GMO filled processed foods from my life. I hope now more people begin to understand the power of real whole foods! They allow the body to heal itself! Green smoothies, and green juices are my delicious daily prevention. Eating a rainbow of goodness at every meal is exciting and filled with tasty delights!

Feels funny to say, "Read all about me!" Although we know every blog needs an 'about' page to let the readers know who is behind the articles. So if you want to know the story behind this snazzy gal's photo go to the new "About" page above! Feeling happy to be sure! I invite you to join us on this amazing food exploration. Learn what you can do for yourself, and your family, to improve your well being. All in all, I hope you use those pages at the top! Please send anyone to The Queen's Table blog who you feel might benefit from this life enhancing information. 

In addition, I have started redesigning each of the pages above the blog. After two years I feel the blog needs a face lift. I hope you like the tweaks I have made in the overall design too. In the beginning of this food blog venture I was just throwing the 'new to me' information up on each page. It was not organized as well as it could be. Actually the birth of this entire blog was a reaction to the attention I was getting at my husband's gigs. Many friends and fans wanted to know "what I was doing" to look so vibrant and quickly change my appearance. Basically I got tired of constantly going over my health food spiel, and I did not want to turn off folks with my story. So for those sincere and ready to make changes in themselves, I felt a blog would put it all in one easy reference place. In that way I could then send these 'inquiring minds' to my website, instead of talking about myself so much. Once people educate themselves about organic foods, processed foods, our food system, the medical system, Big Pharma and Big Ag, I figured they will 'get' what needs to be done in their lives too. Really I cannot help sharing my plant powered secrets, since healthy feels so good! I want everyone to enjoy their own victory dance! 

I just released a new version of the "Get Started" page organized into an FAQ! That page has taken nearly a month alone! Very excited about that helpful more effective and better organized information! Be sure to read the long list of my medical ailments that I improved upon, or got rid of fairly quickly, on my new "About page." There is a bit more personal information about me this time as well. At the end of the post I also included a 'testimonial' about how this blog could inspire others to make the changes needed in their food lifestyle. (So those of you who talked about sending me your testimonials, please do that now, and I will add them to the page.) Enough about me... go rock a green juice or smoothie, and shine on you crazy diamonds!


  1. It's not just the food, no, it's the person (you) that made the decision to change ... and that's usually the most difficult thing to do. Good for you!

    1. Thank you Bill! You are right, it does take a willingness to change. Health seemed like a way better option than my body shutting down.

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    1. Thank you Tamera! How is your progress? I think you are looking great too!