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Small Town America Says No To GMO's!

Small town, big city, or large country ... we all have something in common... we are saying "No!" the the take over of the Earth's natural foods by the biotech company Monsanto. This was evident when the citizens of the world came together on May 25th to show that they are fed up with the toxic GMO's that were sneaked into the food supply about 15 years ago. The rallies were held in 52 countries and 436 cities including the United States. My husband and I traveled to the center of a small nearby town, to partake, petition, and witness the goodness of everyday people standing up in public saying "enough!" 

Our heart was warmed by the wonderful local turnout last Saturday of participants carrying their message in person, along with the beeping of horns from passing cars giving solidarity to the 'No GMO,' or 'Label GMO's' message. This grass roots movement about the state of our modern food concerns us all, and is one of the most important issues of our time. So very exciting to see everyday citizens saying NO to GMO's!

The word is getting out about these toxic foods, and that is such a powerful thing! It is actually the best part of where we are in the GMO paradigm right now. We are growing in numbers! It is becoming understood by more and more people that organic whole foods allow the body to heal, and that we need to remove the dangerous processed corporate GMO foods from our lives that have been causing our sickness.

We witnessed concerned people of every age group holding thoughtfully written signs about this topic. There were moms with babies, school age children, dads, grandparents, single people, married people, families, and young adults in attendance. These people gathered on each corner in the center of town to bring attention to Monsanto's ongoing plan for our food, and spread the knowledge of the dangers we face from that company every day. 

This was not a one sided political rally, this was a diverse group of people that came together in peace for a basic right of life... food safety for all. What a concept... Did you ever think we would get to the point in this country where we have to go out to protest and rally about food safety? If we love our families, children, grandchildren, and ourselves, then that is exactly what we will do. Together... we are even stronger.

Ask yourself...Why do we even have to take to the streets with our family to demand that the food we eat be labeled properly? And why did the biotech industry feel it was necessary to sneak into the recent 'budget bill' their absolute protection from prosecution, if ever there results any harm coming from GMOs to anyone in the future? If genetically modified organisms are so gosh darn safe why would they even need to do that? If GMO's are so fantastic for us then go advertise that fact on the label, or put the words on the front of the product in big bold letters! "Now with tasty GMO's!"

All legislative bills and laws on any subject these days are written by the exact industry in question. You didn't really think congressman and senators were sitting up at night writing these things did you? Oh no, they are way too busy having lunch and making appointments with lobbyists to think about you. Unfortunately about 95% of our government representatives eagerly support whatever their corporate campaign sponsors tell them to do and say. They take their pre-written papers from their masters that are filled with new laws, bills, and amendments to 'the committee'. This is standard operating practice in America. There are companies and foundations that do this bill writing job for our representatives on a state and national level. Learn about the group called "Alec" here. If Monsanto felt it was worth spending 46 million to stop Prop 37 in California in order to spread their lies... imagine what Monsanto lobbyists have spent on our government representatives in the Congress, Senate and White House over the years.

We have a government of puppet-heads, and most of our citizens don't consider that the unseen puppet-masters even exist. Political parties are a big theatrical puppet dance meant to distract us. All of this pandering of our elected representatives to corporations and lobbyists does not bode well for us, the citizens, who are seen as the lowly unimportant taxpayers. That is until we bring our numbers together to vote these fakers out of office, because they are not good for us now, or 'our vision' of the future. So happy to see more people taking an active part in speaking out and taking positive action!

So let's take away the politicians' corporate gravy train. On this particular issue we know who the puppet masters are...Monsanto. Members of that company have been appointed to the very regulatory agencies that oversee the biotech industry time and again. Vote out the people in government who put this company in the power seats of the FDA and USDA. 

Vote with your dollars at the food market. Right now there is even discussion that Monsanto has made it legal to put GMO foods into organic products... so avoiding the food store altogether may be in the future. Till then we do the best we can and buy organic, get our foods from a local CSA, and grow your own food. We go to restaurants and markets that sell organic whole foods. We support organic farmers and farmers markets. We buy heirloom organic seeds. This is an issue we can do something about in many different ways, including coming together to rally and show we care enough to be the change we want to see! On this day the entire world came together to create change. That is an act of love.

Think about this: A known war chemical company is making food products, and buying up all the seed companies in the world. They want us to believe they are helping the poor and starving people. When the biotech industry states everything is hunky-dory with GMO's, that they are completely safe, and that they are creating genetically modified food crops to save the you believe them? I doubt you believe the green little picture they like to paint of themselves. Personally I think the Earth was just fine before all the chemical companies messed with plants, water, air, people, and most living things.

The truth is that this story that they are "saving the poor starving people" is the number one lie that they trot out in their media propaganda every single time. Spot that red flag next time they are in the news, and then ask the farmers in India how that's working for isn't. Modern farmers need to use "more" pesticides not less, because this poison stuff does not work as stated. In addition this technology creates super-weeds. Terminator seed technology....real friendly to the indigenous people of the world and our local farmers, don't ya think. Then there is the extremely important issue of the pesticides killing the bees that pollinate our food supply! How much more wonderfulness can we take from this oh so green caring touchy-feely company?

As for me, I am not interested in eating plants with insecticides built right inside, and then sprayed with more insecticides on the outside while they are growing. A double whammy. Who wants to eat foods from those thoughtful people who created Agent Orange, DDT, PCB's and Aspartame? Sadly they actually are in most of the processed foods already on the supermarket shelves. Please buy organic and avoid 'the yuck' as the colorful young child's sign near the top of this post states.

The local paper gave a good amount of space to the rallies that were going to happen locally and around world, against GMO technology. The newspaper like many other media outlets also felt the need to copy and paste "the lie" too, along with a sanitized explanation of a genetically modified organism.  Most AP news outlets repeated the same talking points.

Check out the CNN video above, a mix of good commentary, and Monsanto propaganda. 

Hey, there is 'The Queen' out on the street on a beautiful sunny day collecting handouts and bumper stickers about GMO's. Imagine that! A "Shout Out" to those good compassionate folks who got the permits and organized the event! It should be noted that there was a police officer on all four corners, and everyone was friendly, happy, and able to express their right to rally in a peaceful manner. Just the way it should be in America.

Sadly the many people who do not even know what a GMO is at all, would probably believe the Monsanto lies, because they accept what ever is put in front of them called "news." In the CNN video above they cite a group called the 'European Food Safety Authority' (EFSA) as the ones finding the science behind the 'tumors in the rats fed GMO's' lacking. As per unusual, that very group, the EFSA, has ties with the biotech industry. (See this article here.) Do you see how this whole thing works for any corporation? They have front groups to try and hide the truth from the public. In this case the research is controlled by Monsanto, and they use only their own scientists and findings. Monsanto does not allow anyone else to do research on their patented seed products anyway. 

Whistle-blowers are condemned, fired, and then banned from the industry. Corporations control universities now, and thus can control the outcome of so called scientific findings of any topic of importance to the public. This is the current protocol in every area of concern to our world. Learn to see through the tactics and do your research. Watch the film trailer above for "Scientists Under Attack" and see how it is done in the biotech industry. Plus read this article by a former pro-GMO scientist who now speaks out against Genetically engineered food.

This is why it is important to keep spreading the information into public awareness every way you can. Talk to friends and family around mealtime. Talk about it on facebook, in tweets, on blogs, at school, in the workplace, and at the supermarket. 

Knowledge is the power. That is why this rally and others like it in the future are important. People notice and ask questions. Get GMO's into the conversation. Share the information, and the websites, so your friends and family can learn more about all the health and environmental issues related to this topic. Watch the informative video interview below talking about Monsanto's aggressive tactics, with the author of 'Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda Of GMO,' F William Engdahl.

I think people will be upset to learn that this has been happening to them without their knowledge and consent. I know I was! Write to food companies and food stores. Let them know what you are thinking.

I am grateful to all the organizers of this event both local and worldwide! Thank you! 

Learn More About GMO's

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Do not believe in the selling of fear, or victim-hood, or scarcity. Move forward with a vision of peace, love, and truth. Stay positive, and visualize the end result of the removal of GMO's from our world. See it, and feel it happening, in your mind, and your heart. Then take action and do what you can. We have the power of goodness and soul light with us. Bring your light to this issue and help your world. Be happy. Be healthy. Be peace. And like it says on the flag the man below brought to the rally...

"Don't Give Up The Ship!"

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