Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mock The Tuna! For A Healthier Salad

Looks like tuna! Does not taste like chicken! This is a super yummy alternative to the old mercury and dairy filled tuna salad of yore. Oh yes, I admit I had tuna once a week, from a can, most of my life. I shudder to think about that fact! A happy childhood memory is of my father buying me a big tuna sub from a local deli whenever I had a school trip. (My mom did not do lunch.) We are talking the real deal Philly hoagie made on an Amoroso roll too. So good! I loved tuna sandwiches of any kind! Surprisingly I can still enjoy that memory while eating this rockin' mock tuna recipe! My husband absolutely loved this dish, and I think you will too. Summer is coming and this Vegan dish would be safe for outdoor parties since there is no mayo involved!

Mock Tuna Salad

1 can organic garbanzo beans
2-3 celery stalks chopped small
1/4 purple onion chopped small
1 carrot chopped small

1/2 cucumber peeled and chopped small
1/2 - 1 avocado
1tbs fresh chopped basil 
Tomato slices 
Romain lettuce
Naan wheat bread
1Tb organic mustard
1 cup soaked whole almonds (from night before)
1/2-1 lemon squeezed for juice (2-3 tbs)
1 tsp dulse
2 tsp rice vinegar
1/8 tsp garlic powder 
Optional spice: Sandwich sprinkle by Penzey

You will have to plan 1 day ahead to make this 'Mock Tuna,' since you must soak the whole almonds overnight. I think soaking almonds makes them sweeter. The next day you can gather the veggies, and chop the celery, purple onion, carrots and cucumber, into small pieces or cubes. 

In a food processor pulse garbanzo beans approximately 8 pulses, or till beans are broken and looking like tuna flakes. Place in a bowl your chopped celery, carrots, purple onions, cucumber and the avocado. Add the pulsed garbanzo beans to the bowl as well. Add the soaked nuts to the food processor adding lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, and dulse. Mix till a dry paste forms, and then you can add a few tablespoons of water if you feel it's needed. Now add this nut mix to the bean and vegetable items in your bowl, fold over till mixed well and it resembles tuna fish salad. Top with tomato and basil for more color and goodness!

Serve this simple "MOcK ThE TuNA" dish with whole wheat naan pieces, or in lettuce wraps. This can be used as an appetizer, a lunch treat, or part of a healthy dinner. I was inspired to make this recipe from visiting the excellent food blog 'Straight Up Food' and her No Tuna soft tortilla post.

Credits: Photos and Artwork by Crystal Visions Art, Elements from Tumblefish Studio


  1. Cool!! I wanna taste that!! Oh, and I love the artwork!

  2. Oooo! Sounds yummy! And I love your tuna Diva Goddess up there too!

    1. Thanks Marsha! Inspiration came from a Goddess and sister Queen!