Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Even as the cold weather starts creeping into our area of the world, we are fortunate to still have access to organic tropical fruits. Don't limit eating these fantastic tropical fruits to just the summer months. Take advantage of the almighty goodness of these fruits, and add them to your daily life. Here is today's special mega-tropical fruit treat!

Happy Tropical Fruit Smoothie

1/3 fresh organic pineapple peeled
2 ripe bananas peeled
1 kiwi peeled
1 mango peeled (can be frozen)
small handful of pea sprouts
8 oz almond milk or coconut water
1/3 cup coconut flakes
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tb hemp seeds
1 tb chia seeds
1 tb flax powder

Place the liquid in the blender first, then add the super foods, hemp, chia, flax powder, and cinnamon. Add some sprouts and blend. Add pineapple and blend. Then add in the bananas, coconut flakes, and kiwi. Then add in the mango and blend again. You can substitute 4 leaves of Romain lettuce instead of sprouts, or use both. If I had a freesh shot of wheat grass I would add that in as well. I used almond milk, and that is why the smoothie is more creamy colored.

I hear some of you saying, oh I cannot handle that much fruit. I say do not be so afraid of the sweetness of fruit, as it is natural and so good for you. Perhaps you would be better to concentrate on avoiding refined sugars, mucus causing dairy, white grains, processed foods, diet sodas, and eating dead foods like meat every day. Those are the foods that actually cause serious effects in a body. Many of us have unknowingly created an acid filled human body, which then causes inflammation, which then causes problems within the cells of the body. Our entire body is made up of cells, and we want them to function optimally. We got away from eating whole foods like fruits and vegetables raw, as the main basis of our diet. We have been fooled by industrial food stuffs, and thinking we are eating healthy by following rules that have nothing to do with good vibrant health. So if you are over worried about the fruit sweetness, then just have this smoothie early in the morning. Personally we start every day with a smoothie, and certainly most of them are more green than this one. Today we are having yummy sweet fun! As this drink is made in a blender and not a juice machine, it still has all the fiber which will slow the absorption rate of the sugars anyway. Variety truly is the spice of changing up the way you eat! Have a 'real treat' and enjoy the natural alive sweetness and sunshine of fruit.

When you chop up your fresh pineapple, save the core to use in your (Breville) juicer when you make your vegetable juice later in the day! That inner hard core has more nutrients than the rest of the pineapple. Plus it is a great cancer fighting food. All ingredients in this smoothie are organic. Remember if you use produce that is not organic, please trim off the skins completely to avoid the pesticides and fungicides etc.

Be well, be happy, and enjoy everyone's differences! Peace!

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  1. That looked so good I almost licked the computer screen!!