Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Food Revolution Summit For Free!

It's the International Food Revolution Summit people!!! This is awesome! It's your own opportunity to listen to interviews with some of the top voices in the food movement! For Free!!! All you have to do is sign up by giving an email address, so you can get the links! There is a long list of food people involved, and it will run April 28 to May 6th 2012. 
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The interviewers are John Robbins and Ocean Robbins. Of course if you miss some of the speakers they offer a package you can buy, which is very typical for these online conference events. The package does contain some additional food info perks, if you can afford it. If you are diligent though, you could listen to everyone for free! Learn the truth about your food from experts, and take back your power! Clean food allows the body to heal. Here is the line up of speakers involved in this International Food Revolution Summit coming to a computer near you starting this weekend!

Dr. Joel Fuhrman - Eat To Live
Dr. Vandana Shiva - How To Stop Big Ag
David Wolfe - Radiant Health Now
Raj Patel - Global Hunger Global Hope
Morgan Spurlock - Supersize Me
Bill McKibben - Food and Climate
Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich - Bringing Sanity To Public Food Policy
Gene Bauer - Farm Sanctuary
Rory Freedman - Stop Eating Crap
Dr Joseph Mercola - Take Control Of Health
Marianne Williamson - Spiritual Principles
Geneen Roth - Feeding The Heart and Soul
Dr. Neal Barnard - Eat and Thrive
Jeffrey Smith - Truth About GMO's
Michele Simon - Appetite For Profit
Nicki Henderson - Healthy Food For All
T. Colin Campbell PhD - The China Study
Nicolette Niman - Righteous Porkchop
Dr Caldwell Esseslyn - Prevent Heart Disease
Kathy Freston - One Bite at A Time
Ronnie Cummins - Why Organic Matters
Frances Moore-Lappe - Choosing Courage
Dr. Dean Ornish - Simple and Proven Breakthroughs

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