Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yummy Creamy Buckwheat Cereal

What could be better than a delicious bowl of hot cereal on these bitter cold mornings?  For us it has been Organic Creamy Buckwheat Cereal, made by Bob's Red Mill. This cereal really satisfies, and gives you that full feeling you need to start the day. Did you know that Buckwheat is not a grain? Buckwheat is a fruit and one of the best plant sources of protein. It has lysine and magnesium. Plus buckwheat keeps glucose levels in check better than other carbohydrates. That makes this morning cereal a good choice for diabetics and people with sugar intolerance. 

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Just follow the directions on the package for cooking. Add some chopped fruit such as banana or apple, and some nuts such as almonds, pecans, and walnuts. You can also add some chia seeds, flax powder, or hemp seeds. Go for it and add all three! Then generously sprinkle on some Cinnamon which is helpful for diabetics too. 

Top with a tiny drizzle of Organic maple syrup, honey or agave syrup for a hint of sweetness only. Pour on the Almond Milk and dig in! Mmm warm goodness for the soul that is so good! We love this hot cereal so much that the clear bag you see above is empty and we need to buy more!

I really like Bob Moore who started Bob's Red Mill, because he runs a business that cares about the employees. So much so, that he decided to transfer his very successful business to them! He got offers to sell out everyday, but he did the right thing instead! Read all about that on his website along with a brief history of the grain business that he started with his wife Charlee. They have integrity and products you can trust. Hey! Now this IS food and a company that you can feel good about! It does happen! Go read about Bob Moore at the Bob's Red Mill website, but you MUST watch the video at the bottom by clicking on the link! This man brings tears to my eyes. After having to research so many greedy underhanded monopolies for my 'Rabbit Hole Page' this man gives me hope for the way it could be! He is an example to the world because he is following the real values of the spiritual soul and not money. He considers his employees family, and values them as other spirits equal to himself. Watch and smile.

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