Monday, January 21, 2013

Turkey Tail Mushroom: Immunity And Breast Cancer

Shortly after watching a Ted Talk video a few months ago, I decided to start taking Host Defense TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM capsules. The Turkey Tail is a predominant mushroom found in woodlands around the world, and it seems some of the best help for medical problems could be right under our feet, or growing on a nearby log! In a breast cancer clinical study by NIH (National Institutes Of Health), they found that organic Turkey Tail mushrooms provided by Paul Stamets, helped base immunity function. You can read an article by Paul Stamets about the clinical study and the benefits of organic Turkey Tail mushrooms here. Since I had a diagnosis of breast cancer earlier this year. I want to follow what are safe methods of treating, and preventing any dis-ease within the body, and that is by using natural methods. Especially good when these natural methods and substances are proven in scientific studies. Hello mushrooms, my new best friend.

My doctor Joel Fuhrman M. D. has also recommended eating a lot of mushrooms, greens, seeds, onions, beans, cruciferous vegetables, and berries, as part as his G-BOMB nutrition advice to prevent cancer. You can read about the G_BOMB list here on his website, filled as always with a great deal of good sound nutrition information for everyone, even if you don't have cancer. If you change your diet now, maybe you will not be the one out of every three people, who do get cancer these days.  In addition, here is an article by Andrew Weil MD also talking about mushrooms, cancer, and immunity. Yes, it seems mushrooms are all the rage in the medical community! It's a good thing I like mushrooms! I feel with their texture, they can be a good substitute for a meaty feel in some recipes. I used to have a problem digesting mushrooms, but now with my digestive system being changed by my clean eating this past year, I have no problem eating mushrooms at all.

 Below is the Ted Talk video, it's short, sweet and to the point. Give it a listen!

Now I buy fresh shitake, cremini, or portobello, mushrooms every week to eat along with my onions. Of course I have greens in my juices and salads, beans in my soups and hummus, and I have berries every morning in my smoothies. From what I have read, it seems the more unusual mushrooms have the more powerful medicinal effects, but everyday mushrooms like white, cremini and portobello mushrooms have wonderful healing qualities too. Please note that the mushrooms should be cooked, and not eaten raw. (Since the findings are not complete on the eating raw mushrooms issue, Dr. Fuhrman says to always error on the side of caution until there is enough scientific evidence to do otherwise. So he recommends eating them cooked at this time.) 

I read on the Fungi Perfecti website that you can even place sliced mushrooms out in the sun during the months of June to September for two days to increase the viability of Vitamin D delivery to your body. I am going to start doing that this summer! Guess I will have to put some netting over them.

On the days I do not have fresh mushrooms to eat, I take two organic HD TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM (vegetarian) capsules.  I plan on also trying the Fungi Perfecti Host Defense My Community  and Fungi Perfecti Host Defense Stamets 7, Mushroom Blends as well, since these other mushroom species may contain beneficial properties that may be helpful to my body as well. I sent away for the Paul Stamets Fungi Perfecti catalog, and really enjoyed looking through all the ways to grow your own mushrooms at home. I think I will probably also try do that, as it looks like a fun activity! By the way, that catalog is overflowing with all things mushroom! Love the name Fungi Perfecti!

It would be wonderful if you would check out the video below, which is an important talk by Paul Stamets about the world of mycellium. You will find that mushrooms have some amazing qualities, which could actually benefit humanity with some of the major problems we have in the world... and... even with the ants around our house! Here is a link to when Paul Stamets talked to NPR about Small Pox defense and mushrooms. This world of mushrooms is crazy cool! Paul's latest book is called Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World and goes into a greater depth of information about the information in the video below. I hope some of the people who control the world are paying attention. This is information we can use!

Wow! All in all, there is so much to learn about the magical worlds of mushrooms! I suggest you start doing some research into medicinal mushrooms, and see if they might be helpful to you too. There are mushroom products that will help improve the soil you use in your own home garden to grow your own veggies as well. If you are thinking about getting started in growing your own supply of Medicinal Mushrooms here is the book Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms by Paul Stamets to get you started. Really, don't you think Paul must be a true wizard of the Earth?!!!

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  1. thanks for sharing this Crystal!! I LOVE cooked mushrooms (hate raw) and definitely will be upping our mushroom consumption!!

    Mushrooms are EASY to grow at home--we've done it before!!!