Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Tree Sap Is Rising! Our New Maple Syrup Sugaring T-Shirt's Are In The Custom Shop!

Just when it seemed like we could not take one more day of the constant frigid cold winter storms...  The Queen heard that our local Maple tree tappers were already out collecting that sweet sweet sap. Yea!

The trees know Spring is coming and after such a long and icy winter season that is really good news! To celebrate I started creating a few more "I'd Tap That!" maple syrup designs for our Queen's Table Product Shop! So turn your cabin fever around and blow off some steam at a sugar shack baby! The sap is rising!

On a personal note we are busy packing boxes for our home move this month. I am up to my you know what in boxes! Yet I just had to get some of these new sugaring designs out of my head. There will be more designs added to our custom Zazzle shops as I get time in between home duties. Since we started making these designs last year due to a request, our Maple Tapping T-shirts have been best sellers in the store! Awesome! So my dear sweet and sticky tree tappers... enjoy the new designs I made with love for you!  

Let's begin with our chalkboard typography design. Depending on the product you choose there is an actual chalkboard background incorporated into some of our items, such as the vintage poster design shown above. T-shirts and mugs as shown below have just the clean lettering imprinted on the fabric... no messy chalk on your shirt! haha Also know that many designs look great on both male and female styles and on various colors of tops too. Just play around with the ordering template that shows you the design on other options!

Clipboards are new in the shop this year which you could use to tally your syrup sales or hang like a decorative poster in the sugar shack! The design is on the front and the back of the clipboard! Rejoice in your passion for sap!

As always there are mugs available for your tree tapping friends from as far north as Canada and Vermont, and as far south as Maryland and beyondo. We know you are out there living the sugaring dream!

This design has a vintage feel by utilizing various old typefaces as well as an old tappers bucket engraving. If you look closely, along with the maple tree silo, there is a maple leaf above the word 'sweet.' 

The full wording on our new design reads "Sweet and Sticky Maple Syrup I'd Tap That."

But that's not all folks! Do I sound like an infomercial or what???? It's true I made a mess-o-designs and here are a few more items for you to peruse. I have created some vintage note cards that you can use to send old fashioned hand written notes to your syrup loving friends. You could use them as little decorations in your sugar shack, or posted on your office bulletin board.

I hope you enjoy these tiny gems my sugar babies! There are more in the QT Shop.

Now here are a few examples from the new hipster logo lettering series. These simplified t-shirt designs are available on many more colors and styles of apparel than I have shown.

Check out this t-shirt for the survivalist enthusiast. Dig that manly bush knife and don't be messing with him.

And for the outdoor Tapping Warrior and your Maple Sugar Man I made this design.

We also have bold mugs with the "I'd Tap That!" credo ready for your hot beverages during those cold Maple tree tapping days.

It's the call of the sugar shack... cause' you know sap never sleeps! 

Be sure to check out the other designs and products in the shop. I will continue to add more as I have time in between getting ready for our house move. In the near future I will open a dedicated 'Maple Sugaring Custom Shop' where everything can be found in one place for my dear Maple Tree Tappers.

In the meantime don't forget some of the popular "I'd Tap That!" designs that were featured in an informative blog post we did last year about our friends and relatives that are maple sugaring here! Plus an old friend of the hubby's is involved in sugaring at this farm! October Farm Blog posts about sugar shacks she visits with her hubby every year. Please support local handcrafted foods like maple syrup in your area of the world. It's 100% pure organic nature made sweetness. Use in place of any other sweetener when cooking.

Below are just a few of those ever popular "I'd Tap That!" designs featuring the winter silhouette maple tree with the sap collection bucket. Some of these designs are from our 'Retro-Vintage Shop' as well as 'The Queen's table Shop.'

Below is a great hoodie for staying warm when you are out tapping on those chilly days in the woods!

Customizing options are available for some designs so that you can add your friends names, sugaring camp, or your tree tapping organization.

Not forgetting the ladies, more designs for you are all ready in the works. Here is the vintage typography chalkboard design on a women's top in the Pantone color of the year we call Bordeaux.

Plus I recently added this bright vintage design to the mix as well. 

Check back to the shop for other products with this design coming soon!

Anyway... don't forget to...

So if you are a true tree tapper check out everything we have for you in both 'The Queen's Table Shop' and 'The Queen's Retro Vintage Shop!' Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Peace! 

We already know you are sah-weet!

UPDATE One day later.... This is our first day of Spring!

I think I might need some hot pancakes or oatmeal with pure maple syrup to get warm!

Is this winter done yet?????

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