Friday, February 6, 2015

The Queens Table Blog Is Now On Instagram

New! New! New! What am I doin' out here man? Well I got one of those new-fangled iPhone's so that I could take better photos on the go. Then I decided to do the Instagram thing in order to share some 'real foodie' moments with y'all. Our visual food diary.

This will show you that I really do eat plants everyday! We will happily send out our Instagram transmission to the world to get off that toxic dead food. Let's 'stick it' to the industrialized chemicalized food man by getting ourselves healthy! Transverse the inner space of the internet to our continuous photo stream on Instagram and peek at the yummies we are eating, creating, or drinking on a daily basis. Maybe when the King and I are on the road during the weekends we may share some of the food we find out in the musical netherworlds. 

The Queen's Table Blog Instagram can be viewed on your phone or on the computer. If you go to the Instagram site on your computer and use 'Google Chrome,' you might need to allow a cookie in order to see the ever changing 'Queen's Table Blog Instagram' photo header. Wow! Moves photos around by it's magical self! That's pretty far out there!

So check out our 'technological foodie-feed photo technology. I finally got the iphone even though everything in our modern world seems to be just another tracking device for the evil minions massive data collection fetish. I will use technology for good.

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