Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Thug Kitchen And The WTF Cookbooks: Real Food For Real People Like You!

I am back from my Troll Cave! Yes, I am back at the ole' chopping block! Not on it I hope! Now that I have returned I want to start my blog posting with a few fun cookbooks that we should have in our crazy plant powered arsenal! Let's have a bit-o-fun! First up is the Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck! Total madness. But we are not done yet folks! As an added bonus you can buy yourself and your friends What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? WTF do you think of that? It's what you always wanted, right? These imaginative authors know how to get your attention, that's for sure. Just so you know... My sweet little self does not use that impure profanity in life... except when I stub my toe... and when the computer goes whack-a-mole.... Okay okay... you got me... I f*cking hate facebook that f*ing useless spy machine makes me so damn ... Alright now... calm down there is really good food to be eaten. Ahhhh, I just need an avocado intervention, thank you very much.

Yes, we can laugh and giggle when we read those off color words in relation to a recipe. It's unexpected fun. Hilarity will ensue, and gosh-gee-willikers everyone, we cannot get too serious about ourselves in the kitchen. After all we are just doing what comes naturally, not rocket science experiments. I know some of you say 'WTF!' when that uncooperative wayward piece of veggie material spins off the butcher block and rolls onto the floor under the refrigerator. Don't get all fancy pants on me. We are talkin' what is real. Real cookbooks, for real food people, eating real food. You are real? Oh you're not? I see, you're just the google spy-der catching my words for permanent storage into the massive database they are building in Utah with all the citizens' personal data. Well in any case these two unconventional cookbooks and their websites are really worth your time to discover and enjoy dear hungry spy-der. So did you hear the one about the drink that is a big-ass hug? Looks comfy. I think you can dig it. Take these cookbooks back to your punk-ass lair. You will learn to brunch like an effing' boss! Not sure what the hell to do with a eggplant? Thug Kitchen breaks it down for you my dear. Read that sh*t. They will let you know when it's peach season bitches. Now stop that spying on me m-effer' or I will eat you for protein!

Whoa sweet baby watermelons! That was fun! I am surely adding these highly entertaining cookbooks to my holiday list. Hell yeah! These fine upstanding cookbooks would make great holiday gifts for all the plant eaters, and non-plant eaters in your life! Feed me Seymour! This could be the sneaky way to get the unknowing 'junk foodies' into the "Good Stuff!" You know... and get them off of the chemicalized cr*p they eat everyday. We know this sh*t ain't hard! Anyone can chop vegetables... even me with my dull knife. These cookbooks are the damn truth, plus the food looks so delicious I want it in my belly now! C'mon get these swell cookbooks for your gifts, share the real food love with a smile, and then eat some m-f*ing greens people. Your immunity to colds will go up, and you just might lose that fog that the overlords want your mind lost in everyday. I have more energy now than when I was buried in the industrialized toxic fake food dump a few years ago... and my wellness factor has skyrocketed. Gotta love that!

Below is the official trailer for the Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck. I wish I made this video cuz it is so stinking creative! Just regular faces you would see on a F*ing TV commercial getting real about food habits. Everything is true and you know it! A must watch! Although do it without the kids in the room since there is explicit language.

Now go to the 'Thug Kitchen's badass recipe page. More than amusing, it's a world of food inspiration! And who doesn't like their comedy with a side of kick-ass-graphics? Just go there and do some real learning about real life and plants. Sign up. You will thank me. 

Onto your wacky infomercial Bonus material: It's the WTF website, more juicy words and tough lovin' food fun from Zach Golden. Follow the word prompts to the recipes. It is quite an unusual inventive little game. This site is for both meat eaters and veggie people. Although I recommend you flesh eaters only do that once a week, since there is a whole lot of badness going down with that sh*t. Don't even get me started in that direction. Oh my! I have got a fever! It is taking me over!

The f*cking energy in this post is exploding! We need to rock! Do yourself a f*cking favor and watch this kick ass music video about the numbing and dumbing down of America. Do you really want to OD on celebrity crap-ola, fake news, and info on useless meaningless lies. Hell yes the damn fake food-like stuff is one of their weapons of mass destruction. Sugar kills, and creates massive disease. Fake sugar products rot the brain. Turn off the f*cking TV, stop playing those idiotic games on F*cking facebook, and learn some real shit that can help us all. The corporate food paradigm is bullshit and killing people everyday. Get these handy dandy cookbooks, and make some real food from real plants. Fight the f*cking system and live! F*ck sports drinks and defy stupidity. Drink a damn organic green smoothie everyday! Get some organic food and grow it in your yard! Eat your spinach just like grandma, and rock your face off to the video below with out running out of breath.


So green bitches, I made it easy for you to buy these cookbooks by linking to the two cookbooks below at Amazon where you can read the freaking five star reviews. Get it. Got it. Good. And yes I will get 2 measly little cents from that company if you buy them from my links. Not enough money to buy fresh f*cking flax seeds though. Damn the man.

Honestly my sweet things I plan on owning these two recipe books for use in my kitchen. I also own up to my wheatgrass cravings m-effers... Cause I am that kinda gal. If I did not have grand-fraggles who would take their scissors and crayons to them... I would leave these cookbooks on the coffee table for all those people who need to get off that mindless industrialized take-out food crack. Word from the momma to my son. If you need some science to back up the fact that your convenience food is killing you just listen to this video sh*t below. A four minute video on how the right foods help people live longer. Throw that fake toxic food crap "To the ground!"

A note to my bloggy followers: Since I am back to posting on this blog after my short disappearance while creating our classical wedding music website (which you can go check out right now here... I mean it! I worked hard making that sh*t! Chopping the broccoli is easier!) I wanted to let you know that I am now working at putting together our first 'Queens Table' success story! Really exciting, lots of before and after photos! Look for that upcoming and inspiring post soon! Now I am learning some new tricks from you! 

So my dear friends this was another f*ing side of the Queen you don't get to hear from too often. Well neither do I! I kinda enjoyed myself! Ha! I think I got it out of my system for awhile. Some people get offended by the language in the cookbook not seeing it is all done in fun. Just like in our society a lot of people concentrate on the meaningless details of meaningless activities and do not see the big overall picture. The real point of this 'Thug Kitchen Cookbook' is to get people to eat real food that actually gives their bodies nutrient dense goodness, and have a good laugh. Anyway get on with 'your bad self' and check these cookbooks out! Buy them for those friends and family with a sense of humor, and a need for good whole food recipes. Save your sweet ass family from boxed food hell! Maybe they just might make you some great real food one day! We can hope. Or I'm afraid it's just the damn zombie apocalypse for real people.

Be happy, Be healthy, Be peace.


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    1. Now let me tell you what I really think! haha! People need to be waking up from their toxic daze.