Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vitamix Introduces New S30 Personal Blender! High Performance On The Go!

Wow! I am very excited to announce that Vitamix, a world leader leader in professional-grade high performance blenders for consumers and professional chefs just added a new addition to their product line! It's the first versatile high performance personal blender called the S30. A pro-blending product that is ideal for a single person, a couple, or a small family. I am loving its sleek looks! Beautifully designed with the famous Vitamix durability, this compact machine only takes up 6 inches on your counter-top space! The portable 20 oz. double walled BPA-free container becomes a travel cup and goes with you! Perfect for most cup holders it also has a flip top lid. Hello morning green smoothies! The S30 comes with a 40 oz container as well which is great for blending soups, making vinaigrettes, grinding grains, creating sauces, frozen desserts, and quick chopping veggies for smaller family meals. Yes, you heard it correct... the S30 comes with two containers! This S30 compact blender is built strong, as it's a trusted Vitamix product.

The small and mighty S30 has a powerful 790-watt motor, metal drive system, and the signature laser cut stainless steel blades well known in Vitamix machines. This makes for a smooth blend even with the toughest of ingredients. The S30 Vitamix machine has variable speed control and a pulse feature to effortlessly create a variety of textures. The Vitamix S30 's compact size fits under cabinets, and both containers fit easily on refrigerator shelves. The machine is perfect for the gym, office, vacation home, business trip, or anywhere you need personal blending. It's the perfect way to keep on making your healthy morning smoothies wherever you may go!

Vice President of marketing for Vitamix Karen Haefling explains," We have created the ideal machine for the on-the-go fitness enthusiast, the home chef who wants to produce small batches of sauces or dips, and the family who wants to make their own personal blends with minimal clean-up. With the introduction of the S30, we're redefining the personal blender by combining the convenience and portability with the power and versatility Vitamix machines are known for. The S30 is adaptable enough to create every meal of the day, yet small enough to accompany you anywhere." 

The Vitamix S30 comes with a five year warranty, a portable 20 oz container, a 40 oz container, tamper for the 40 oz container, instructional DVD, and a cookbook. Be sure to use my affiliate code below to get free shipping on your S30 personal blender. Visit this page at the Vitamix website to watch a video and learn more about the powerful S30.

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There are certain tools that help make eating healthy easier, and I think the new Vitamix S30 is one of them. I own a Vitamix 5200 high speed blender that I use everyday! I can absolutely say that I love my Vitamix! Now I want an S30 as well. It would be perfect for the hubby to take his smoothies to work in! Oh Yes! It would be perfect! This is not one of those cheap info-commercial cup blenders. This is a VITAMIX, so it will cost more than other small blenders. Also consider that this small blender comes with two containers, not just one cup. Plus it has a five year warranty. We saved for a year to get our Vitamix. It is so worth spending the money when you use a quality machine everyday! So I bet you are wondering what this super powered mini blender is like to use? Well I found two S30 videos for you! I like visuals. First video is from the store 'Williams Sonoma' introducing the new Vitamix S30 along with quick soup and smoothie recipes.

This second video is an un-boxing of the Vitamix S30 so you can actually see what you get.

Remember you don't have to find a store to get your Vitamix S30. You can easily go to the Vitamix website for safe online shopping and get FREE SHIPPING by using my affiliate code: 06-008976  

Happy Healthy Blending!

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